[ENG SUB] Shinhwa Broadcast Links Episode 1-29



EP.1 – SF Channel

By ShiaReagy

By Shinhwa Forever (more complete sub, with captions)

EP.2 – SF Channel

By ShiaReagy

By Shinhwa Forever (more complete sub, with captions)

EP.3 – Sport Channel, Weird Olympics

By ShiaReagy

By Shinhwa Forever (more complete sub, with captions)

EP.4 – Sport Channel, Weird Olympics

By ShiaReagy

By Shinhwa Forever (more complete sub, with captions)

EP.5 – Documentary Channel

By Jeannious

By Shinhwa Forever (more complete sub, with captions)

EP.6 – Documentary Channel

By Jeannious

By Shinhwa Forever (Gum Archery CUT from ep 4 is included here)

EP.7 – Kids Channel

By Jeannious

By ShiaReagy

By TTranasaurusREX (more complete, but still missed one part. FULL NOW)

EP.8 – Kids Channel

By Jeannious

EP.9 – Remake Channel (Family Arcade)

By Jeannious

EP.10 – Remake Channel (Family Arcade)

By Jeannious

EP.11 – Speech Channel

By Jeannious


Youtube link

EP.12 – Guest/Idol Channel

By Jeannious

By ShineeSubs (more complete sub)


Youtube Link

EP.13 – Guest/Idol Channel

By Jeannious

By Shawol

EP.14 – Guest/Idol Channel + Travel Channel (MT Special)

By Shawol (Only Shinee’s part, half of the episode)

By Jeannious (full)


Youtube ver

Download link by Shinhwa Forever

EP.15 – Travel Channel (MT Special)

By Jeannious

By Shinhwa Forever (more complete sub)

EP.16 – Travel Channel (MT Special)

By ShiaReagy

By Shinhwa Forever (more complete sub, with captions)

EP.17 – Student Channel

By ShiaReagy

By Jeannious

by Shinhwa Forever (full, good quality sub, still in the FORUM)

EP.18 – Fashion Channel-Shinhwa’s Dignity

CUTS ONLY by Axerine. or in thorpegda(?) channel in YT (cuts but better sub^^)

By ShiaReagy (FULL)

By Orangebox/Jeannious (due to copyright problem in her YT account..she can’t upload new episodes on her YT anymore..just go straight to her blog for download hardsub and softsub/streaming)


Subbed by Shinhwa Forever (3 videos)

EP. 19Fashion Channel- Shinhwa’s Dignity

Some cuts by Axerine: Wooing Grandma, Skit 2&3, Skit 5-7, Final Round, Minwoo’s Punishment.

Cut from thorpegda: the whole round 3

By ShiaReagy (full)

By Jeannious (full) – (Jeannious has made a new YT account “OrangeboxYT” but she has made all the videos UNLISTED.. you still need to go to her blog first to get full hardsub video on YT ^^)

EP.20 – Farming Channel ‘Shinhwa’s Outing’

CUTS by Axerine: Impolite Hyesung, Shinhwa’s arrival. Fashion Runway. Fishing Match. Catching Chickens. Bathing Cows. Potato Match.

CUTS by Thorpegda: Arrival. Runway and Fishing. Domestic Team Resting. Deciding Dinner Menu.

By Shiareagy (full)

By Jeannious

EP.21 – Farming Channel ‘Shinhwa’s Outing’

CUTS by Axerine: Creation of Pocheon Song, Dinner in Pocheon

CUTS by : Cooking Battle Part 1, Cooking Battle Part 2. Cooking Battle Part 3

CUTS by thorpegda: Cooking and Dinner time, Hyesung’s hidden camera,  Pocheon Song Karaoke ver.

by ShiaReagy (full)

by Jeannious (full)

EP.22 – Friendship Channel ‘The Greatest Friend’

CUTS by Axerine: Opening,  Greeting the Judge, Judge’s first decision, ep 23 preview,

CUTS by thorpegda: Balloon Boxing, Billiard.

by ShiaReagy (full)

EP.23 – Friendship Channel ‘The Greatest Friend’

CUTS by Thorpegda: Courtroom, Q&A Cut, Junjin’s Treat.

CUTS by Axerine: Court Hearing, Q&A, Shinhwa’s Precious wife, To Forgive or not, Friendship or Love, Junjin’s Treat.

BTS CUT by ShinhwaForever.

by Shinhwa Forever (full)

EP.24 – History Channel-Saeguk Olympic

CUTS by Axerine: Final Punishment

by thorpegda (full) –> re-uploaded on dailymotion

by Shinhwa Forever (full)

EP.25 – History Channel-Saeguk Olympic

CUTS by Axerine: Painters Shinhwa, Historical Olympics Prize Presentation and Punishment, Shinhwa Gyeongbins, Making of the Shinhwa Historical Song, Historical Song – Shinhwa Is Pretty MV, Shinhwa’s Love Story

MV Cuts (eng subbed) by Shinhwa Forever

CUTS by thorpegda: Drawing CUT, Story of Chunhyang, Making of History Song.

by Shinhwa Forever (full)

EP.26 – Shinhwa the Thieves

CUTS by thorpegda: ‘Rice Thief’ Cut, thieves gathering.

CUTS by Axerine: Gathering of the Sneak Thieves, Thieves Talk, [ENG] ShinBang Ep 26 Part 1, Genuine or Fake?,

by Shinhwa Forever (full)

EP.27 – Shinhwa the Thieves

CUTS by thorpegda: Thieves Convo (includes Hyesung’s Gangnam Style & Minwoo’s Special Stupid),Waterball, Bread. Punishment Cut

CUTS by Axerine: In 2 Different Waters, Min Woo is Stupid, Special Stupid MinBong, Thieves’ Gangnam Style

by ShinhwaForever (full)

EP.28 – Global Channel “Hallyu Daejun” Shinhwa-Suju

Preview by Axerine.

CUTS by Axerine (hard sub): Shinhwa Reborns, Shinhwa-Suju Talk

by NKSubs (full but only soft sub for now –> turn on the “annotation/CC” button on the YT vid.. watch before JTBC takes it down ==”). the Hard sub.

by thorpegda (full+hardsub on YT and DM.. better subbed too, with caption)

by SMTownSub

EP.29 – Global Channel “Hallyu Daejun” Shinhwa-Suju


by NKSubs (soft sub+full.. BUT there are requirements to get it.. They’ll publish it publicly in 2 days/on Monday tho..) the hardsub is in NKSubs forum.

by SMTownSub


For SOFT SUB Ep 5-15 and 17-21, you can find it in orangebox‘s blog, also streaming links on her blog . (orangebox will SKIP subbing episode 22-25..will continue in 26, dunno where is she now..kind of disappear ;;A;;)

There are also some scene cuts for ep 14-17..but I’m too lazy to post it one by one.. Just find it here and here hehehe


Thank you for all the subbers and uploaders for the hardwork



P.P.S: I deleted all ShiaReagy link cuz they are invalid anyway… They haven’t reuploaded the SB episodes they subbed in their new forum. If you want to find the forum address, you can just google it.. 🙂

UPDATE – 2017

@chajatta_tvxq uploaded this link for all subbed Shinhwa Broadcast (SF Sub has given her permision)


126 thoughts on “[ENG SUB] Shinhwa Broadcast Links Episode 1-29

    • crabbielife says:

      i’m not subbing it…i only compile the links so it’ll be easy for people to find it in one post.

      Sub for ep 20 is out already..
      usually at Wednesday/Thursday… so please try not to ask the subbers “when will the sub be out?” they’ll get mad… =]]]

  1. CT says:

    Hi. I just want to ask, where or when did Jeannious (Orangebox) mention that she will skip ep22-25? I visited her blog everyday but I didn’t think I’ve read that. Thank you. (She’s the only subber that I could get softsub for HD and that means no softsub for 22-25…..)

    • rachel says:

      Right when you enter her blogspot webpage, on the right side there’s her little logo of an orange cup with whipped cream and all, just below that there’s a rectangular yellow box labeled Note, there she says,
      ” Because of my work I’ve been too busy.. I’m afraid I can’t sub every episode, every week. I’ll probably skip subbing the ep 22 – 25.
      Thank you! ^^ “

      • CT says:

        Thank you. It’s my computer or my internet connection that made me miss the note. The part that’s supposed has the note only showed a blank box. Thank you for your reply. : )

  2. joycee says:

    wei… do you know if anyone’s subbing ep23? I’m not rushing the subbers or anything, it’s just that there’s a full subbed ep24, and there’s no 23. 😦

    • crabbielife says:

      shiareagy is subbing ep 23..
      I mentioned in previous comment that reagy (one of the subber) is moving to Beijing, she has to sort a lot of things, that’s why the sub will come out much later than usual

      • 사랑 felice ♥♥♥ (@16felice) says:

        i see…. me too,,, same here,, i’ve been waiting forever for ep 23 and they’re all cuts,, hope the subbers can sub it in full but it’s been a month now,,, do u think there are alternatives who can sub them as well???? same w/ ep 25 no eng subbed still………

      • crabbielife says:

        the reason why it took long, I already explained it TWICE in this comment section.

        EP 25 is still in subbing process..maybe with Shinhwa Forever. But they are subbing God of Victory too at the moment…They’ll make GoV as the first priority bcos it is a collaboration with 2PM’s subbers.

        Be thankful there are many sub for cuts version for now..
        Please note that Shinhwa subbers are not like the recent groups’ subbers who can sub very fast. While they’ve never been that fast. Get used to this fandom’s “way” ^^

  3. Pei Atreides says:

    Just want to let you know that SFSubs already released EP 25. Yeay! It should be listed under their Youtube channel 🙂

    I found EP 26 with Eng sub in Youtube too but I haven’t watched it so I don’t know if it’s a real eng sub.

  4. apasih says:

    do anyone know where can I get other link of eps 24 with eng sub? I just knew someone already did the sub like maybe 10 minutes ago but all the Youtube links are unavailable now. please help 😦 I really want to watch it with sub. thank you

  5. Camz says:

    can anyone tell me if there’s any facebook uploads??dailymotion having some problems and youtube links are all dead..maybe I could download them somewhere..please help thank You

    • crabbielife says:

      you can DL it from the links I posted above..

      but if you meant, I send you the direct DL links or the file to your email, then sorry, I can’t.. 😦
      The subbers already stated to DL directly from the links..and also, the files are way too big to be attached on the email.

    • crabbielife says:

      yeah..I’m also really grateful for their effort in subbing this… Feel so sad when JTBC started taking down the vids from YT/MF >_<

      P.S: I'm not the subber….im only compiling the links from the subbers..so the viewers will find the subbed-episodes easily.. 🙂

  6. The Krispies says:

    Can someone advise regarding nksub’s procedure to get ep29 with subs? I dont really understand the requirements. Sorry and thank you

    • crabbielife says:

      1. vote for Suju in MTV EMA.. the link for voting is in the link I attach above. You have to “maxed” the vote (100x votes)
      2. Take screen caps to prove you voted with “you hv exceeded max number of votes” in the screen cap.. AND you have to edit your twitter name in the pic (@yourusername)
      3. Mention @NKSubs with the screen caps you took.. You have to upload the screen caps first.
      4. follow @NKSubs so they can DM you the link

      Do that if you want to get the sub NOW.. it’s only SOFT SUB..so you can’t download it from Youtube. You can wait for 1-2 more days to get the HARD SUB WITHOUT having to vote Suju 100x ^^

      • crabbielife says:

        not might.. they are working on it… I guess they’ll release it this week or early next week…

        Shinhwa forever sub team has never been fast like other idols fansubbers…but their sub quality is good… moreover they lack of translators too at the moment and their MF channel just got suspended.

        we just hv to wait very patiently.. ^^

    • crabbielife says:

      what do u mean “official”? @.@

      if you read the post, there’a link for ep 29 subbed already… but I just got news that jtbc has removed the video too.. now we only hv to wait the subber to re-upload it/upload the hard sub version.

      you can open @NKSub timeline to find out more about it.. 🙂

  7. caca says:

    have u downloaded softsub from nksubs for ep 29. i’m late.. i already download the raw video. can u upload it somewhere for me? or anyone?

    • crabbielife says:

      sorry…i cant.. it’s the subbers’ privilege..
      if u want the srt you can google for a software that can rip the CC into SRT..
      BUT you HAVE TO keep it to yourself..don’t spread or sell it ^_^

  8. XiaoLu says:

    can you tell me another sub for ep.5? i want to download it, but Jeannious video is can’t be opened, and in Shinhwa Forever, only part 2 can’t be opened

  9. Athienna says:

    hei dears,

    This crack down by JTBC sucks. Poor subbers, working so hard on them vids. The vids from Jeannious are all blocked. IDK…this sucks!!! Anyway thanx for collecting the all the vid links here. Appreciate your efforts

    • mir$ says:

      i try to find it but all have been removed…i found ep 29 on other website but still cannot find ep 23 & 27…if u know any private link, inform me ok…TQ

      • crabbielife says:

        “Shinhwa Forever will be subbing ep 26 and 27. ShiaReagy will sub ep 23.”

        it’s written above..in the post.
        and if the subbed-vids links haven’t been updated by me, it means they haven’t finished subbing yet.

        Please read more carefully so no obsolete question 🙂

    • crabbielife says:

      I have clarified with @/NKSubs as the subber of SB 28-29, those are their subs. And the owner of the channel stole their works, turn it into hardsub without crediting them.

      That’s why I never put that link here..nor any links on youtube that are not subbed by the real subbers.

      Please respect the real subbers. Subbing is never easy and requires hard work.

  10. chimi says:

    Gosh..it might really tired for you to answer the same questions up there.
    be patience crabbielife and thanks for the link.
    fighting! ^-^

  11. M says:

    Hi, I really appreciate your effort for compiling this list but I just checked the download links for episode 16 and they are all down. 😦 Can you please help me with this? Thanks a lot in advance!

  12. Jenifer says:

    hi.. thanks for sharing either the links and the news.. I’m just started to watch shinbang, and I really hope I can get all the videos that has been subbed. I try to follow ShiaReagy twitter, but they haven’t respond it yet. I really hope if you can help me with their new forum link or please tell them. LOL x) I wont share any videos from them. Please reach me at my email jk_pisces_88@hotmail.com (for personal information).
    Thanks in advance 😀

  13. queen says:

    Hello ….. I searched for the site translated files for Korean programs did not find special shinhwa-broadcast
    Happy Together program
    I hope you can help me shred site for translation files
    Thank you helped me

    • crabbielife says:

      Shinhwa Broadcast and Happy Together are totally different program.
      There was no Shinhwa Broadcast special on Happy Together. Only SHINHWA Special episode.
      You can find the english subtitle on SHinhwa Forever forum/tumblr OR KBS WORLD Youtube Channel.

  14. queen says:

    Shinhwa Broadcast and Happy Together are totally different Thank Ali Wardak me but I know
    I mean the English translation of files like smI _ srt file
    Because I translate from English to Arabic I hope that you help me and thank you all

  15. Amanda says:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR COLLATING THESE LINKS!! Makes it really easy for a new Shinhwa fan like me to catch up on all the goodies 😉

  16. Toni says:

    can you help me? i can’t download episode 24, 25 and so on. It says that the file is no longer available… Another thing the shiareagy forum, i tried following them at twitter but it seems as if they are not updating. I found a forum invitation at google doc at their twitter but it is also broke… I don’t know where to download shinhwa broadcast anymore… please get back to me at my email please..

  17. Ineedtoknow says:

    Hi, it’s a bit HS…but i really want to watch it.
    I don’t remember the show but there’s a part where Shinhwa is in a court, the judge is Robert Holley and shinhwa member were acting like a lawyer. If someone remember the show and the episode please tell me >_<

  18. aya moyano says:

    i followed the MEGA link that you recently updated with all the subbed episodes of Shinbang..may I ask if all of them are at SD format? ep 14 is only 340mb for a 1 hr full video. Are they all like that? I just want to check as I’m looking for HQ videos. Thank you very much and I hope I dont come out as being ungrateful.. I appreciate all that you’re doing for Shinhwa ❤ Thanks bunches!

  19. seachels says:

    Hi. It seems like they deleted some shinhwa broadcast episodes. Starting from ep 1 :(((( And no videos also from Youtube. I badly want to watch all the episodes. Where can I watch it?

  20. SHOFI says:

    Halloo, can you guys please tell me where to watch Win Win (Shinhwa Episodes)? It should be 2 episodes for it, but i just found the first one. Please tell me as soon as you read this ;'(
    -Thank You-

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