Shinhwa Broadcast; It’d be Good if It was Given a Proper Farewell T_T


Eric: “We’ve always wanted a program with just the six Shinhwa members in it, and now we’ve fulfilled that dream.”

That’s what Eric said in March 15th at the press conference of Shinhwa Broadcast. Their dream and our dreams finally fulfilled. It was also the first time an idol group hosted their own variety show with their name on it (Shinhwa had ‘Love Letter’ made for them before..but the show wasn’t made with their own name) and only the idol group itself hosting the show…. The bursting pride and joy when it’s first aired, I still remember TT___TT

The show was made for six members of Shinhwa…was made to be a long-running show.. not just a promotional tool for Shinhwa’s comebacks.. Due to this show, Shinhwa successfully gained new fans.. Throughout this show, SHCJs were able to see many sides and dynamics of Shinhwa members we’ve never seen or dearly miss to see… For members themselves, this show is meaningful because it’s one of their dreams, because they said it enables them to see each other regularly even when Shinhwa didn’t have group activity, that was a luxury for them because before they couldn’t really see each other often during solo activities..

As viewers and fans.. I was, and still is, extremely thankful for jTBC who provided them with their own show.. In a cable channel, they will have more freedom (cursing and all LOL) than having their own show at mainstream channel.. Though it’s rumored that they were blacklisted from SBS because of this.. and SBS still hasn’t lifted the ban when Shinhwa promoted ‘This Love’ in 2013.. (Hope with their guesting in Running Man after promotional period ended was a good sign though ^^)…

Very thankful to jTBC who let them practically do whatever they wanted on their own show… Though sometimes I didn’t get what jTBC Shinhwa Broadcast staffs and PDs, even extremely mad and upset with them.. especially during Hidden Camera on guest (it’s SHINHWA Broadcast yo…not GUEST Broadcast) and Infinity Girls episode when they harassed Andy.. (good they apologized later tho not really sincere imo).

When it took long hiatus due to Shinhwa’s Asia Tour and back without Dongwan  and brought new concept, I was a bit skeptical about the concept tbh. Aside that it would mean the focus won’t be on Shinhwa solely, but it wouldn’t seem to be as funny as before… When it’s finally aired on November, I quite liked it though.. Granted it wasn’t as funny, but it was touching and heartwarming.. It’s always nice to see other sides of Shinhwa:)

Then Andy’s case happened…and he had to leave Shinhwa Broadcast to repent.. Though with empty spaces if there were less members (one or two), I always believed the remaining would still do their best and bring us fun Shinhwa Broadcast.. But it seemed the production didn’t think so..and decided to end Shinhwa Broadcast abruptly. While I’m surprised and sad….it was okay for me at first because I always saw Shinhwa looked exhausted lately on season 2..and they were all busy preparing solo, or Shinhwa-next-group activities, or ShinCom thingy for Eric.. But then……. :

PD Yoon Hyunjun told OSEN on the 26th, “Last year it started with all 6 members of Shinhwa. Kim Dongwan left the programme and Andy also left after going through unfortunate events, and I’ve pondered whether it is right for ‘Shinhwa Broadcast’ to go on with 4 members,”

I started to feel something was iffy when he came out with this statement.. and later with similar official cancellation statement from jTBC and Shinhwa. For me they used precious 6-1=0 so conveniently, too conveniently throw it around like that…slightly and indirectly blaming WanDy’s absence on the show for me.. I mean they weren’t 6 people in the show since last April (with Dongwan’s crazy schedule of drama and 11th jib preparation and practices), why just throw that reason NOW when 4 left?

I was giving jTBC benefit of doubt that they will at least give Shinhwa Broadcast a proper farewell... Since they called it ‘JTBC representative variety program’… I was only hoping for smallest thing like a video or whatever from SHINHWA themselves. Knowing that an episode would be very unlikely (6 of them in last ep also impossible), so I at least hope a small video….words from members’ own mouths, thanks and goodbyes or whatever.. but NONE.

I didn’t even hope much last episode will have more Shinhwa, will focus more on SHinhwa, because it’s Little Legend concept so the focus should be on them.. but until the end, we just got a mere text..and tweets from jTBC and Shinhwa Company…………. Making me wondering whether this is really a mutual decision..not only jTBC forced it for whatever undisclosed reason on Shinhwa, or otherwise? it’s like no one bothers to give a proper farewell as long as it’s done for them….. *sigh* Getting such an abrupt and anti-climax ending…… could have been should have been MORE.. I was really really really reallyyyyy disappointed *doublesigh*


Anyway..thank you for these 2 wonderful years.. I felt so pampered cause I could see Shinhwa weekly…and the show always made my weekend..

Goodbye Shinhwa Broadcast.. You would be gravely missed TT__TT

Whether Shinhwa will have another show of their own again, time will tell.. I only hope it won’t take toll on their health or their planned-solo/group-activities though ^_^

[RAW/UNSUBBED] Shinhwa Broadcast Season 2 Episode 1-10 (END)


I just make this post..because for some people apparently it is hard to find Shinhwa Broadcast RAW for this new season.. All these links are 720p video otherwise stated. Except for vimeo, you can un-click HD button on the video if you don’t want to download 720p.

Please note also VIMEO link will always come out much later due to difficulty in uploading… and the availability of the full raw on whichever portals and whatever size depends on the uploaders, not me (I can’t reupload without permission)… And no one will upload it on YOUTUBE due to copyright claim by jTBC.

Episode 1 – Dog Shelter (031113)

Vimeo PW = shinhwa


Episode 2 – Dog Shelter (101113)


Vimeo PW = shinhwa


Episode 3 – Shinhwa’s Jjajangmyun (171113)

Vimeo pw: shinhwa


Episode 4 – Shinhwa’s Jjajangmyun (241113)

Vimeo pw: shinhwa


1.18 GB >>>

2.14 GB >>>

Episode 5 – Archery (081213)


Vimeo pw: shinhwa

Episode 6 – Archery (151213)



Episode 7 – Puppet Show (221213)



Episode 8 – Puppet Show (050114)



Episode 9 – Boxing (120114)



Episode 10 – Boxing (190114)




credit to uploaders:

vimeo –> Phi_06

mega –> iloveminbong

[ENG SUB] Shinhwa Broadcast Season 2


14/04/2015– This post is updated regularly. If there’s new episode subbed, I always make sure to update it.

It’s a brand new season.., I make a new post to compile the eng sub link as well. These are the part 1 (episode 1-29) and part 2 (30-49) posts and part 3 (50-60).

This season, Dongwan won’t be participating because he’s having a musical. And personally I think it’s impossible for him to join the filming since his musical performance schedule always clashed Shinhwa Broadcast’s filming schedule and he said he wanted to concentrate on practicing and performing the musical for the mean time.

As for Andy, started from ep 5 onwards (*now still episode 3), he won’t be participating as a part of his self-reflection period after gambling scandal. I don’t know when he’ll be back, just let him be in hiatus to reflect on his mistake. Don’t gimme the crap on ‘why does he have to leave’ either. He had to. He made mistake, though he apologized, he’ll still need to pay the consequences. All celebs who got in this gambling scandal had to exit their shows. If he or anyone insisted on staying, Shinhwa Broadcast and Shinhwa will receive harsh backlash from public, and probably prolong his hiatus period and will also affect this show (could be cancelled) and Shinhwa’s future albums and promotions.

Nothing has said yet when Dongwan and Andy will be back.

and for the nth time.. if there’s no FULL ENG SUB Link you can find in either posts, it simply means NO ONE HAS SUBBED IT FULL YET. I don’t know WHEN it will be available either I’m not the subber. and YES, SF Sub is still subbing it. JUST SIT AND WAIT.

Hopefully you can read that huge sentence..and cut me some slacks from answering repetitive ‘where when is the eng sub? who will sub?’

If you want to watch’s here

Episode 1 – Dog Shelter (031113)

Preview by Axerine

by Shinhwa Forever (full sub)

Episode 2 – Dog Shelter (101113)

Preview by Axerine

by Shinhwa Forever (full)

Episode 3 – Shinhwa’s Jjajangmyun (171113)

Preview by Axerine

by Shinhwa Forever (full)

Episode 4 – Shinhwa’s Jjajangmyun (241113)

Preview by Axerine

by Shinhwa Forever (full)

Episode 5 – Archery (will be aired on Dec 8th. Dec 1st no ShinBang due to jTBC special Anniversary program)

Preview by Axerine

by Shinhwa Forever (full)

by Shinhwa Forever (*they would upload it SOON)

Episode 6 – Archery

Preview by Axerine

Episode 7 – Live Puppet Show

Preview by Axerine

CUTS: ‘A Secret Gift’ Practice’


PS: Season 2 of Shinhwa Broadcast is the LAST season of Shinhwa Broadcast. It ended with 10 episode. Why it ended? #UniverseHasGoogle U_U

[RATING] Shinhwa Broadcast Season 2 Ep 1-10 (END)


Since ShinBang season 1 (actually there are 3 seasons and now is season 4..but medias keep calling it season 2..oh well XDD) ended and the rating post got so long.. I’ll post the new one here.

Episode 1 – Dog Shelter – 1.084%  (031113)

Episode 2 – Dog Shelter – 1.137% (101113)

Episode 3 – Jjajangmyun Shinhwa – 0.725% (171113)

Episode 4 – Jjajangmyun Shinhwa – 0.783% (241113)

-On 1st December, ShinBang wasn’t aired due to jTBC Anniversary Special Program-

Episode 5 – Archery – 1.035% (081213)

Epsiode 6 – Archery – 0.674% (151213)

Episode 7 – Puppet Show – 0.587% (221213)

Episode 8 – Puppet Show – 0.512% (050114)

Episode 9 – Boxing – 0.546% (120114)

Episode 10 – Boxing – 0.569% (190114)

Credit: Mwave + tvreport + Newsen

ps: in case you don’t see the post in the front page of my blog, raw video is here and eng subbed-preview for newest episode of newest ShinBang season is here. NO FULL EPISODE SUBBED YET.

[ENG SUB] NEW Shinhwa Broadcast Ep 50~60


((pic credit on the pic))

As we all know (though some may don’t), Shinhwa Broadcast was in hiatus for a month due to revamping its new concept.

and FINALLY!!! They are back with new “Mother’s Touch” Concept. The 50th Episode will be aired on April 7th!!! The time slot is still the same, which is 7:30 pm KST.

Because it’s a brand new concept, I make a new post to compile the eng sub link as well. These are the part 1 (episode 1-29) and part 2 (30-49) posts.

and for the nth time.. if there’s no FULL ENG SUB Link you can find in either posts, it simply means NO ONE HAS SUBBED IT FULL YET.

I will no longer answer questions regarding this.


Preview by Axerine

by forever changjo (not full yet, still part 1-3 only)

by Ines (still not full yet..only 1.. SOFT SUB)

by Shinhwa Forever (full)


Preview by Axerine

CUTS by Axerine: Hit the back GAME,

by Shinhwa Forever (full)

Episode 52

Preview by Axerine

CUTS by Axerine: Opening Part,

by Shinhwa Forever (full)

Episode 53

Preview by Axerine

by Shinhwa Forever (full)

Episode 54

by Shinhwa Forever (full)

Episode 55

by Shinhwa Forever (full)

Episode 56

by Shinhwa Forever (full)

Episode 57

preview by Axerine

by Shinhwa Forever (full)

Episode 58

Preview by Axerine

CUTS by Axerine: RicSyung Meeting, Angry Panda and Frustrated Kangaroo

by Shinhwa Forever (full)

Episode 59

Preview by Axerine

by Shinhwa Forever (full)

Episode 60

by Shinhwa Forever (full)

[COMPILATION] Shinhwa Broadcast Rating From Time to Time

Basically I wanna do this only to keep myself updated about Shinhwa Broadcast rating hehe..

For those who may not know.. Shinhwa Broadcast is aired on jTBC which is a cable channel, people have to pay to subscribe, that’s why 1% rating is already considered very good. Even a highly popular drama like Reply 1997’s rating was also around 2%.

Looking at these tables, I’m proud and happy on how far Shinhwa has gone through… Hopefully Shinhwa Broadcast can last very long, just like they wish…

Though lately I’m not sure anymore with what the ShinBang crews and PDs want @__@ oh well..just wait for another 2 weeks to find out what they really want..


Ep 24 ratings (TNmS) are 1.387. For reference, AGB Nielsen ratings are generally more ‘recognised’ but it all boils down to two sets of counting systems being used, thus resulting in different numbers. In any case, as a guide the difference between AGB and TNmS figures range from 0.3 to 0.5 (with TNmS being higher), so in terms of AGB ratings, Ep 24 could have been anywhere between 0.9 to 1.1.

Ep 25 ratings are apparently lower than Ep 24, probably between 0.7 to 0.8.

Ep 27 ratings: No figures available, but lies between ratings for Ep 26 and Ep 28

Source: absolutshinhwa


source: wikipedia. Most of the ratings are taken from enews articles.

From those we can see.. the highest ratings achieved when Shinhwa members were all by themselves.. (well..even though for Private Tutorial, there’s still the master.. but at least, it was shinhwa members alone who learnt and have fun XDD).

P.S: No rating updated yet about ShinBang 47. This post will keep updated


Episode 47 – 10 February – Hidden Camera on the Guest – 1.173% (+0.261%)

Episode 48 – 17 February – Still, Hidden Camera on the Guest – 0.931% (-0.242%)

Episode 49 – 24 February – WBC Special with Gag Concert Members – 0.964% (+0.033%)

Shinhwa Broadcast will go on 1 month hiatus.  Will be back on APRIL.


Episode 50 – 7 April – With MBLAQ’s Mir Family – 0.942% (-0.022%)

Episode 51 – 14 April – With Christina’s Family – 0.897% (-0.045%)

Episode 52 – 21 April – With Park Jun Gyu’s Family – 1.035% (+0.138%)

Episode 53 – 28 April – With Lee Jung Ryong’s Family (Mideum+Maum’s father..the kids who appeared on ShinBang KIDS Channel before) ^_^ – 0.737% (-0.298%)

Episode 54 – 5 Mei – Race to Find Mom – 1.076% (+0.339%)

Episode 55 – 12 Mei – With The Comedian Twin 0.697% (-0.397%)

Episode 56 – 19 Mei – Race to find mom – 0.69%

Episode 57 – 26 Mei – With family – 0.738%

Episode 58 – 2 Juni – Infinity Girls – 0.941 % (+0.203%)

Episode 59 – 9 Juni – Infinity Girls – 1.042% (+0.101%)

Episode 60 – 16 Juni – MT Episode – 0.831% (-0.211%)

================Then ShinBang was put in HIATUS until November 3rd=================


[ENG SUB] Shinhwa Broadcast Links Part II (Episode 30-49)

“shinhwa” @Shinhwapedia

-picture credit on the pic-

Because the first post is too long already… So from now on, I’ll move the newer ShinBang-subbed Eps here.

Ep.30 – “Fashion Channel”

CUTS by Axerine: Shinhwa Fashion Talk, Shinhwa the Top Model, Models Shinhwa, Shinhwa Couples Runway, Shinhwa Unofficial Fashion Show,

CUTS by : Shinhwa Catwalking

CUTS by thorpegda: training CUT.

CUTS by TTranasaurusREX:  Runway Skit

by Shinhwa Forever (full)

Ep.31- “Fashion Channel”  Part 2

Preview by Axerine

CUTS by Axerine: Tofu Catwalk, Picking Runway Partner, Fashion Show Preparation, Andy Fighting, Shinhwa Runway Show,

CUTS by thorpegda: Runway & Gangnam Dance Cut,

by Shinhwa Forever (full) –> BUT you have to follow what they write in the link… if u r confused or have questions regarding this project, don’t hesitate to ask me:)

Ep.32- “Best of the Best”

In this episode, basically they only re-aired the TOP 3 Channel the picked (#3 Shinhwa’s Dignity 18-19, #2 Sport Channel ep 3-4, and #1 MT Channel ep 14-16), so you won’t need any subtitle to watch the whole episode.. except for the small parts where Shinhwa members introduced the channels.

Ep.33 – New Shinbang Format: ANIPANG Channel

Preview by Axerine.

CUTS by thorpegda: Meeting Cut

by Kshownow (full)

by Shinhwa Forever (full)

EP.34 – Acting Channel Part I

CUTS by Axerine: Shinhwa’s acting track records, Room of Rage, Tortured Acting, Villains Shinhwa,

CUTS by thorpegda: Interrogation CUT, Meeting CUT, Anger CUT,

by Shinhwa Forever (full)

EP. 35 – Acting Channel Part II + Ballet Channel

Preview by Axerine.

CUTS by Axerine: Outrageous Taxi Sitcom, Shinhwa Skit, Hyesungie Master of Awkwardness,

CUTS by thorpegda: Junjin and Taxi Act CUT, Battle of Best Disciple, Ballet Lesson Cut.

by Shinhwa Forever (full)

by Shinhwa Survivor (full)

Ep.36 – Ballet Channel

Preview by Axerine

CUTS by Axerine: Mischievous Balerinos, Turning and Jumping, Ballet Mime, Birth of Black Hole Shin.

CUTS by thorpegda: Mime,

by Shinhwa Forever (full)

Ep.37 – Dubbing Channel

CUTS by Axerine: Confused Shinhwa Dubbers, The Changing Voices of Shinhwa, The Birth of Shin Brief,

CUTS by thorpegda: impromptu dubbing cuts,

by Shinhwa Forever (full)

Ep. 38 – Lesson how to be Lazy?

Preview by Axerine.

CUTS by Axerine: Ideal Types, Life on a Bed, Living Solo Competition

by Shinhwa Forever (full)

Ep.39 – How to Entertain Guests in a Dinner Show

Preview by Axerine

CUTS by Axerine: Shinhwa Alcohol Tolerance, Back up Singers, Shinhwa Company Fighting,

by Shinhwa Survivor (full)

by Shinhwa Forever (full)

Ep.40- How to Entertain Guests in a Dinner Show (Part II) (Shinhwa Broadcast didn’t air on 16.12.12 due to presidential debate so episode 40 was aired on 23/12/12 )

Preview by Axerine

CUTS by Axerine: KTV Food, Eric KTV CUT, Minwoo KTV CUT, Hyesung KTV CUT, Andy KTV CUT, Junjin KTV CUT, Dongwan KTV Cut

by Shinhwa Survivor (full)

by Shinhwa Forever (full-still in the FORUM)

Ep.41- Face Reading

Preview by Axerine.

CUTS by Axerine: Presents for Shinhwa, Nose=Chili, Priest Shinhwa,

CUTS by Thorpegda: Meeting Cut,

by Shinhwa Forever (full but still on the FORUM)

Ep.42-Taming Reptile

Preview by Axerine

CUTS by Axerine: ShinPets,

by ShiaReagy (full)

by Shinhwa Forever (full. captions subbed)

Ep.43- Cheerleading

Preview by Axerine

CUTS by Axerine: Blushing Little Prince

by Shinhwa Forever (full)

Ep.44 – Speech Class

Preview by Axerine

CUTS by Axerine: Shinhwa’s words of wisdom

CUTS by Shinhwa Forever: Members’ Individual Speeches

by Shinhwa Forever (full+Minwoo speech CUT)

Ep.45 – “I Love You More Studio” (Sistar guesting)

Preview by Axerine

CUTS by Axerine:  Wae-ric, Eric Says NO, Intro of Bora, Intro of Dasom, Intro of Soyu, Intro of Hyorin, Filial Son Junjin, Model Husband Hyesung, Fickle Minwoo, Cunning Dongwan, Angry Andy

BTS CUTS by Shinhwa Forever

by ShiaReagy (full)

by Shinhwa Forever (full)

Ep.46 – “I Love You More Studio” (Sistar guesting)

Preview by Axerine

BTS CUTS by Shinhwa Forever

by Yubisubs (full)

(NOT SHINHWA broadcast in my opinion. Hidden cam on guest? 3/4 preview text was on the guest? The close ups during episodes were mostly on the guest? This is the first time I feel terribly disappointed to Shinhwa Broadcast PDs and crews. I understand that if there’s junior guest, the focus will be somehow shifted to the guest…but this episode it TOO MUCH.. too much I couldn’t understand and couldn’t say I’m ok with that. I really don’t approve what ShinBang crews done to this ep. HELLLOOO this show is called SHINHWA BROADCAST for a reason..that focus should be on Shinhwa, that the sole strength behind it should be Shinhwa. This is also the reason why SHINHWA chose you, JTBC!!! This is the reason why they refused offer from other TV station which offered them to host a show with a weekly guests! Now where do you wanna take ShinBang to? Idol guesting 4 episodes in a row? Sudden change from the ‘private tutorial’ format? Is it bcos it’s CNY special? If so, why don’t air the KUNGFU channel we knew Shinhwa filmed it but never get aired instead of having a ‘special’ with focus on the guest? Even you, PD-nim, admit that with Shinhwa members only on the show is more fun and interesting. That’s  also the reason why viewers (*NOT most international fans who only watched when their idols guesting) watch this show. Why don’t u keep doing so instead of doing like what you do in this episode? I don’t understand. Not to mention in this episode Shinhwa gets called NAMES and being bashed for being too ‘harsh’ on hidden camera on the guest.. Sorry but, hidden camera on Eric was much much more harsh and no SHCJs complained or whined or even bashed other members for agreeing and even suggesting for that.  I try to trust ShinBang crews to do what they want to make this show become long-lasting like what Shinhwa wants. But for now, I don’t think I can trust them. Let’s see what’ll happen in episode 49 later. Sorry for my rant, too.. I just have to let it out.)

CUT by Axerine: Shinhwa dance and Cheer

by Shiareagy (full)

by Kshownow (full)

by Soshisub (full) –> YT link is blocked.. so just go to their forum (I dunno where and I don’t want to know where either…so don’t ask, just google it :p)


by Kshownow (full)

Ep. 49 – WBC Special with Gag Concert Members

Preview by Axerine

CUTS by Axerine: Andy Army Life, Andy Epic Win,

by Shinhwa Forever

by Inesh Ikasari (softsubnot finished. she has uploaded the hard sub until part 2..check her description box ^^) there’s the hardsub here.

P.S: If you can’t find the FULL ENG-SUB link anywhere, it simply means it hasn’t been subbed yet:)


NOTICE (241212):

For ep 35 onwards, the download links can only be found at Shinhwa Forever forum:

1. Register to the forum if you haven’t. But SF only opened registration on certain dates like members’ birthday or Shinhwa’s anniversary.

2. Go to “SF Sub video” thread

3. Reply the thread video you want then you can see the download links.

For now it’s available until episode 38. But as their rules said, DON’T POST IT ANYWHERE UNTIL THEY SHARE IT ON PUBLIC. Thanks.


NOTICE (250213):

Shinhwa Broadcast will go on hiatus for a month due to concept changing preparation. The last episode before hiatus is episode 49. 

will resume its broadcast on APRIL with new concept/format. And, no, the hiatus is NOT because Shinhwa’s concert or comeback preparation. JTBC will air WBC special and Shinhwa Broadcast will hv to pause airing for about 2 weeks anyway, so jTBC Shinhwa Broadcast crew took this opportunity to prepare the new concept/format of the show. They need approximately a month to finish all the preparation. Here is the full news.

So please read this and don’t ask “WHERE IS THE SUB FOR EP 50?????????!!!!!!! BEEN WAITING FOREVER!!!” later. THANKS.

FOR the NEW SHINHWA BROADCAST format please go here


SHIAREAGY’s new web was blocked, again. So they decided to make a forum and put all download links there. They FORBID the link of their new forum to be posted in public. So you can follow their twitter to find out where is the forum or ask people who know where is the forum via PRIVATE MESSAGE/EMAIL. Respect their decision to not share the forum address on public.


[ENG SUB] Shinhwa Broadcast Links Episode 1-29



EP.1 – SF Channel

By ShiaReagy

By Shinhwa Forever (more complete sub, with captions)

EP.2 – SF Channel

By ShiaReagy

By Shinhwa Forever (more complete sub, with captions)

EP.3 – Sport Channel, Weird Olympics

By ShiaReagy

By Shinhwa Forever (more complete sub, with captions)

EP.4 – Sport Channel, Weird Olympics

By ShiaReagy

By Shinhwa Forever (more complete sub, with captions)

EP.5 – Documentary Channel

By Jeannious

By Shinhwa Forever (more complete sub, with captions)

EP.6 – Documentary Channel

By Jeannious

By Shinhwa Forever (Gum Archery CUT from ep 4 is included here)

EP.7 – Kids Channel

By Jeannious

By ShiaReagy

By TTranasaurusREX (more complete, but still missed one part. FULL NOW)

EP.8 – Kids Channel

By Jeannious

EP.9 – Remake Channel (Family Arcade)

By Jeannious

EP.10 – Remake Channel (Family Arcade)

By Jeannious

EP.11 – Speech Channel

By Jeannious


Youtube link

EP.12 – Guest/Idol Channel

By Jeannious

By ShineeSubs (more complete sub)


Youtube Link

EP.13 – Guest/Idol Channel

By Jeannious

By Shawol

EP.14 – Guest/Idol Channel + Travel Channel (MT Special)

By Shawol (Only Shinee’s part, half of the episode)

By Jeannious (full)


Youtube ver

Download link by Shinhwa Forever

EP.15 – Travel Channel (MT Special)

By Jeannious

By Shinhwa Forever (more complete sub)

EP.16 – Travel Channel (MT Special)

By ShiaReagy

By Shinhwa Forever (more complete sub, with captions)

EP.17 – Student Channel

By ShiaReagy

By Jeannious

by Shinhwa Forever (full, good quality sub, still in the FORUM)

EP.18 – Fashion Channel-Shinhwa’s Dignity

CUTS ONLY by Axerine. or in thorpegda(?) channel in YT (cuts but better sub^^)

By ShiaReagy (FULL)

By Orangebox/Jeannious (due to copyright problem in her YT account..she can’t upload new episodes on her YT anymore..just go straight to her blog for download hardsub and softsub/streaming)


Subbed by Shinhwa Forever (3 videos)

EP. 19Fashion Channel- Shinhwa’s Dignity

Some cuts by Axerine: Wooing Grandma, Skit 2&3, Skit 5-7, Final Round, Minwoo’s Punishment.

Cut from thorpegda: the whole round 3

By ShiaReagy (full)

By Jeannious (full) – (Jeannious has made a new YT account “OrangeboxYT” but she has made all the videos UNLISTED.. you still need to go to her blog first to get full hardsub video on YT ^^)

EP.20 – Farming Channel ‘Shinhwa’s Outing’

CUTS by Axerine: Impolite Hyesung, Shinhwa’s arrival. Fashion Runway. Fishing Match. Catching Chickens. Bathing Cows. Potato Match.

CUTS by Thorpegda: Arrival. Runway and Fishing. Domestic Team Resting. Deciding Dinner Menu.

By Shiareagy (full)

By Jeannious

EP.21 – Farming Channel ‘Shinhwa’s Outing’

CUTS by Axerine: Creation of Pocheon Song, Dinner in Pocheon

CUTS by : Cooking Battle Part 1, Cooking Battle Part 2. Cooking Battle Part 3

CUTS by thorpegda: Cooking and Dinner time, Hyesung’s hidden camera,  Pocheon Song Karaoke ver.

by ShiaReagy (full)

by Jeannious (full)

EP.22 – Friendship Channel ‘The Greatest Friend’

CUTS by Axerine: Opening,  Greeting the Judge, Judge’s first decision, ep 23 preview,

CUTS by thorpegda: Balloon Boxing, Billiard.

by ShiaReagy (full)

EP.23 – Friendship Channel ‘The Greatest Friend’

CUTS by Thorpegda: Courtroom, Q&A Cut, Junjin’s Treat.

CUTS by Axerine: Court Hearing, Q&A, Shinhwa’s Precious wife, To Forgive or not, Friendship or Love, Junjin’s Treat.

BTS CUT by ShinhwaForever.

by Shinhwa Forever (full)

EP.24 – History Channel-Saeguk Olympic

CUTS by Axerine: Final Punishment

by thorpegda (full) –> re-uploaded on dailymotion

by Shinhwa Forever (full)

EP.25 – History Channel-Saeguk Olympic

CUTS by Axerine: Painters Shinhwa, Historical Olympics Prize Presentation and Punishment, Shinhwa Gyeongbins, Making of the Shinhwa Historical Song, Historical Song – Shinhwa Is Pretty MV, Shinhwa’s Love Story

MV Cuts (eng subbed) by Shinhwa Forever

CUTS by thorpegda: Drawing CUT, Story of Chunhyang, Making of History Song.

by Shinhwa Forever (full)

EP.26 – Shinhwa the Thieves

CUTS by thorpegda: ‘Rice Thief’ Cut, thieves gathering.

CUTS by Axerine: Gathering of the Sneak Thieves, Thieves Talk, [ENG] ShinBang Ep 26 Part 1, Genuine or Fake?,

by Shinhwa Forever (full)

EP.27 – Shinhwa the Thieves

CUTS by thorpegda: Thieves Convo (includes Hyesung’s Gangnam Style & Minwoo’s Special Stupid),Waterball, Bread. Punishment Cut

CUTS by Axerine: In 2 Different Waters, Min Woo is Stupid, Special Stupid MinBong, Thieves’ Gangnam Style

by ShinhwaForever (full)

EP.28 – Global Channel “Hallyu Daejun” Shinhwa-Suju

Preview by Axerine.

CUTS by Axerine (hard sub): Shinhwa Reborns, Shinhwa-Suju Talk

by NKSubs (full but only soft sub for now –> turn on the “annotation/CC” button on the YT vid.. watch before JTBC takes it down ==”). the Hard sub.

by thorpegda (full+hardsub on YT and DM.. better subbed too, with caption)

by SMTownSub

EP.29 – Global Channel “Hallyu Daejun” Shinhwa-Suju


by NKSubs (soft sub+full.. BUT there are requirements to get it.. They’ll publish it publicly in 2 days/on Monday tho..) the hardsub is in NKSubs forum.

by SMTownSub


For SOFT SUB Ep 5-15 and 17-21, you can find it in orangebox‘s blog, also streaming links on her blog . (orangebox will SKIP subbing episode 22-25..will continue in 26, dunno where is she now..kind of disappear ;;A;;)

There are also some scene cuts for ep 14-17..but I’m too lazy to post it one by one.. Just find it here and here hehehe


Thank you for all the subbers and uploaders for the hardwork



P.P.S: I deleted all ShiaReagy link cuz they are invalid anyway… They haven’t reuploaded the SB episodes they subbed in their new forum. If you want to find the forum address, you can just google it..:)


Where to Find Shinhwa Eng-subbed Videos? CERTAINLY NOT ON KSHOWNOW =))

gif not mine😄

Shinhwa has their sub team called: ShinhwaForeverSF.

You can find them in the forum, Youtube 1, Tumblr, Twitter, Youtube 2, DailyMotion.

Please don’t click any links from kshownow or daebaksubs or whoever it is who posted the links for shinhwa videos with simply bcause it’s NOT their hard work.. They only “steal” links from original subbers and make money from it ^^

For Shinhwa Broadcast…….

You can find episode 1-3, 5, 16 in Shinhwa Forever YT or TUMBLR. They use to fund their future Shinhwa Project… Beside, it’s their own hard work..

or in ShiaReagy (1-4, 7,16,17) who sometimes subs other shows of Shinhwa too…

or in Jeannious128 YT Channel for ep 5-15 FULL subbed, and some other Shinhwa Shows as well.. She also has a blogspot for soft sub srt for RAW video.

For Shinhwa Old Shows and most recent 2012 shows……..

Infinity Challenge and ALL Shows Shinhwa were in for 2012 promo period are available on Shinhwa Forever forum or tumblr.

For Invincible Youth2 Shinhwa (ep 20) is here.

And Invincible Youth 2 ANDY only (ep 26) here..but you must register first.

Some are here

and here

and here..

and here..

Sadly for Love Letter and XMAN.. I dunno where to find it >_<

If anyone knows..please tell XDD

Please support the original subbers or free re-uploaders…… \o/

p.s: If you want to watch Shinhwa RAW videos SOON after the show is aired… it’s here: o1luvsh or SERA0216