On 2AM’s “Unofficial” Disbandment

Dumbstruck. That was my reaction when I read the headlines. Must be a rumor. That was my initial thought. And, indeed, JYP Ent refuted the claim that they have disbanded even though the members have gone to separate agencies for solo activities. Still..I'm saddened since I have been stanning these boys since Can't Let You … Continue reading On 2AM’s “Unofficial” Disbandment


[FANPICS] 2AM ‘Nocturne’ Concert in TAIPEI 211213

I just have time to upload this.. Most of my pics are not decent or masters' fanpics quality...and I took them from far away with camera pocket XDDD These are the most decent ones =p   DO NOT TAKE OUT WITHOUT PROPER CREDIT DO NOT EDIT OR CUT WATERMARK

[FA] 2AM CONCERT in Taipei “Nocturne” (211213)

First of all, the setlist is pretty much the same with 'Nocturne' in Seoul.. Except that Kwon sang 'ANIMAL' instead of 'VOGUE' by Madonna... and there's additional Mandarin song from Mayday (纒豆) they sang especially for Taipei stop. OH!! and they had double encore.. they also sang a XMAS song idk what's the title but … Continue reading [FA] 2AM CONCERT in Taipei “Nocturne” (211213)