S4 Ch 46


S4 Ch 46


Season 4 Chapter 46 – Mirror (1)

Continuation from the last chapter when Seol said she feels good…”I feel good but…”  *scene shifts to the classroom* group member 1 sleeping, group member 2 is Seol, and 3 others are absent #Relateable =)) She mumbles, “All ruined” and texts the group members that tonight they must ‘meet’ on the chat room. She thinks that she’s not actually looking forward to that and once again says that it’s all ruined. She then goes home and gets squashed inside the subway. She helps at the family restaurant and wonders what Joon would be doing from now on. She remembers Joon came to her in despair, asking what should he do now…to which she replies that he should just go back to the USA. Happy-go-lucky Joon then asks Seol to eat ramyun together with him…seeing him being all happy and cute, Seol just says ok while ruffling his hair. Joon says that nuna should not worry about him anymore, cuz he’ll be working hard from now on. Seol grimaces, wondering if he meant in study or work…but still keep her smiling face anyway.  She narrates even though she keeps the troubles away, anyhow he’s still the cute dongsaeng…until the end, if there was a cute friend… (I think what she meant by “cute” here is like…no matter what mistakes a dongsaeng is committed, s/he still looks cute in one’s eyes and can forgive anyway, cuz they’re siblings…but for friends, it’s hard to give the same treatment)

At night, she opens 2 chat rooms, one for classmate and one from group members. She narrates that it is like a given when the group members do not appear on the group chat *pats*. Seol looks haggard while typing at the group chat for group members: why aren’t you guys here…arent we supposed to be talking… then one member just replies with ??? *pats Seol*. Meanwhile her friend called Yoonie, writes how disappointed she is about Seol who adamantly refused doing blind date (or refused to set Yoon up for blind date? idk haha) “what’s the problem in that? Do you also say so to Mona??” Seol replies to Yoonie, “I didn’t say anything.” and a group member replies her, “anyway we’ll fail, no?”. Yoonnie still insists her case and the group mate asks whether they should just end the convo here. Finally,  Yoonnie says something about Seol’s boyfriend..to which Seol furiously replies both”DONT CALL” to Yoon and “YES. GOOD NIGHT” to the group member then slams her laptop shut HAHA. She then sighs “AH HOW REFRESHING” =)) She thinks “I won’t do it. Also won’t come to the classmate’s get together.” She grimaces and decides to start studying for her own exam…only to be interrupted by Inha’s text who asks for recommendation for an exercise book. Seol was like, “Oh wow” HHAHAHA. She then replies that Inha can go find secondhand materials when Hakwon registration opens. Seol yells in despair after, “Arrgghh I’ve got hell to fix…wth is this!!!” She then wonders if she’s doing the right thing…not telling sunbae and doing as she pleases..until when she won’t tell (him)… but if she tells about it, she’ll receive stress like back then…she doesn’t want to obstinately cause another pain for a person who’s adapting to the surroundings. She narrates that even if she was definitely overwhelmed by anger at that time (when she heard Inha tattling about Jung), even if without reason she said those things to Inha (instilled by her anger), those mistakes won’t disappear either (as in Inha’s mistakes). She thinks that it won’t resolve Sunbae’s trauma either…that Baek Inha-ssi all these while has been tattling on Sunbae… She narrates…for Jung, though she doesn’t know the best way to solve it yet, she at least contribute a little bit to Inha’s journey to find her own path, thus, she thinks that it’s the best thing she could do. Meanwhile, Jung suddenly texts her that he can’t meet her next week due to the end of accounting term and wishes her best for her exam. She sighs and sinks deep in thought.

The next morning, she determinedly dresses herself and packs her books and laptop, heading to Jung’s place. In Jung’s place, his phone rings while he is still sleeping. It’s Seol. He picks up and asks her what’s up. She tells him she’s in front of his door already, to his surprise, “WHAAATTT???!!!” Seol hears him scrambling around, making noises lol. He is panicking and asking her to wait a bit, he’ll open the door for her. Seol was like, “Uhm…are you okay?” But Jung was too panicked to answer her LOL. Anyway he opens the door, with his totally disheveled hair (to Seol’s surprise haha), “Seol-a!! How…” Seol just stares at him, sighs in relief, and lets herself fall to his chest. Jung was confused, but still hugs her. Seol asks whether he has any appointment, stating that she comes there on her free will (without checking with him first). She continues that even if he has an appointment, that’s fine. She says she just wants to see his face for a while then study at any cafe nearby…or if he doesn’t mind, can she just study at his house. Flustered Jung says he’s got no appointment and even if he has, he’ll cancel it for her, and tells her not to go, “don’t go”…while holding her hand and asking her to come inside. He bombards her with questions next, “It’s cold outside, isn’t it? Are you coming here by the subway? Have you had breakfast? Ah you must hv had it at home… The ahjumoni… Ok, now sit down first. Gimme your bag.” Then he goes fussing while walking around busily, “Should I start from coffee? Ah exam!! Study for exam! My books are put away already. Just wait  a little. Ah…I need to wash up a bit…” Seol watches him like that, then she giggles, “It’s okay. Anything is fine.” Jung is like, “Eh?” then he laughs also. She asks whether he was really shocked haha.  The next scene was them both having their laptop on. Jung said he has things to do as well. Seol says, “let’s just do this together.” Basically, they do their own thing. Jung ends up staring at serious Seol, smiling warmly. Seol looks completely absorbed and he tries to peek (so cute haha), but she just ignores him hahhaa. He is like, “Really only come to study…” He stares at Seol again, smiling. Chapter ends with him staring and smiling at her like that.


s4 CH 45


Season 4 Chapter 45 “Goodwill (2)”

Continuing from where we left off last chapter.  Inha threw tantrum, cries that she doesn’t need any bastards (men) while pulling out Jaewoo’s hair (poor him). Seol recalls that Inho cried yesterday and deducts that it is because of Inha. She also recalls of what Inha just said in her drunken state about Jung, that it’s fun for her to see that bastard’s father tramples on that weird bastard (Jung). She remembers Jung telling her in his apartment (S3 Chapter 70 smthg) about his relationship with Inha and how he got along with her prettu well. Recalled how Jung said, “I don’t like everything” (I forget which chapter is this); and how Jung told her (after his fight with Inho) how his father always scrutinized him and saw him as a weird person (and how he obviously hurt because of that). She then recalls how Jung waited and called her name with a warm smile. There’s more flashback when Jung told her how annoying was the Baek siblings (season 2/3…around Minsoo’s happening iirc..definitely happened after they fought about something). Seol’s expression visibly darkens (Oh how this look resembles Jung’s). At the same time, Jaewoo asks Inha to just spill her hardship.  Just then, Inha notices Seol’s presence and called her, “Yoo Jung’s gf” then starts rambling at her, “Ya! Your boyfriend and my brother shouldn’t hv done this to me. Ah, spare my brother! Anyway, tell that bastard that he shouldn’t have done to me. Both Baek Inho and that bastard. You also.” and claiming that she’s the innocent party in this. Then she continues tattling on Jung “You dunno what kind of person ur bf is,” calling him cunning and ve~~ry scary and reaallyy weird. Seol looks mad. Jaewoo sighs, saying he doesn’t know how to converse with woman lol.

The next morning, Inha is being waken up by a phone ringtone, a call from Seol who’s calling herself, “Yoo Jung sunbae’s gf”. She asks Inha to come out of her house NOW. Inha then remembers her rattles about Jung last night and how Seol stared at her during those times, to her horror. However, she ran outside while reprimanding Seol, “how dare you” Seol just replies calmly, noting that Inha was sleeping and looks tired. She mentions coldly that she needs to go to university also (aka no time for Inha’s shit). Inha was angry and pulled Seol’s hair while reprimanding him. Seol glares at her. Inha threatens her and demands an apology. Seol then swatted Inha’s hand and said calmly, “Go study.”(to Inha’s surprise). Seol asks her to study data processing, go to schoolm and study diligently; she mentions that she’ll receive Inha’s gratitude later. She kinda threatens her to tattle everything she heard last night to Jung, if Inha doesn’t do as Seol says. She asks Inha to go to Hakwon (course) too and offers to go together if Inha wants. If Inha doesn’t have money, Seol advises her to look into student loan. Inha looks so flabbergasted during the whole conversation. Then she laughs at Seol, “what are you trying to do here?!! are you really threatening me?!” Seol replies calmly that she follows what he (Jung) usually does…is that even funny?…if it’s the same laughable way, then Inha can just disregard what she says. Inha stops laughing, “Wait…erm…Hong Seol…wait…” Seol continues calmly, asks Inha to think about it carefully, Inha thought of Jung as a scary and weird man, right?…that Inha ever told Seol to back off since she knew Jung since childhood time and had long history, so she knew Jung well…if Inha hurts Inho and hurt that scary Jung too, what would he do then (damn smart girl XD). Inha sweats and asks her not to tell…she’s not joking… She even threatens Seol, “If you tell, I’ll….(to you).” Seol cuts in, “That’s why. Please think about what I said. Understand?. University, Hakwon, thank me. If you don’t want, don’t do it.” Then she walks away coldly, to Inha’s despair. She narrates that she must grab all lucky opportunity that benefit her expectation (sort of..?).

Scene shifts to Euntaek piggybacking Bora around and Seol follows them; while Dayoung walks alone and Sangchul calls her out.  He gets all violent demanding answer why the information she gave were not in the exam. Dayong replied flatly, “when did I?…Do you have any evidence? (that she does give him that info I guess).” Sanchul lost for words. Seol narrates that she can’t be sorry for every mistake that’s been done by her surroundings. Bora says that she’ll do anything she wants before Euntaek enlists. Seol says she’s going back hometown. Bora says she too. Euntaek says he’ll go with Bora to study. They g separate ways while cheering each other for the exam. Euntaek says (with arms around Bora) that they should go on a date after the exam is done, to which Bora agrees. Seol recalls the time when Bora cries due to the enlistment and she consoles her, asking her not to take it too hard and they just need to wait for Euntaek together. Bora cheered up and agreed with her. At the present time, both Bora and Euntaek stroll together happily while Seol is watching them. She narrates that she now can handle her surroundings and she feels great about it (damn that last smile of hers mirror Jung’s hahaha).

S4 ch 44


S4 ch 44


Season 4 Chapter 44

S4 Ch.44 “Goodwill (1)

Continuing right from the previous chapter. Inho seems to realize that it’s all Inha’s faults and has a breakdown. He keeps calling Inha’s name and asking “Why, Inha?? What’s this?? Nuna….” T_T Scene shifts to Seol walking back home and spotting Inho standing while crying. Inho sees her and walks away. Seol just looks at him and recalls the time when she saw him crying and sheltered him under the umbrella. She muses that many things have changed since then, that she is no longer able to console him, that even Baek Inho will obviously avoid her. She narrates that even if sometimes the small ripples happen in everyday’s life, it’s all given, that Baek Inho will also be able to tolerate it.

Scene shifts to Inha opening door to Inho (sitting with heads down on the chair), asking when did he return. Inho glared at her and she was taken aback.

Scene shifts to the next morning. Dayoung texted Sangchul, saying that what he’s saying is right and wishing him luck in exam. Kyunghwan and Jaewoo (busy studying) walk pass him and he sneered at them, but greets them with fake-cheerful grin and asks them whether they can do well on exam. Kyunghwan trembles and says his gastritis seems to be acting up (cuz of SC lol), to which Jaewoo advises him to ignore SC. Later at the exam, SC sits down confidently (cuz he thinks he got a cheat), but it turns out every question was different LOL #servehimright. He breaks in cold sweat and thinks that it’s sure that Dayoung has given him the cheat.. Narration in box kinda tak about how further the expectation from other party shall continue. Then a text between Kyunghwan and Seol revealed. She wishes him luck for the exam and Kyunghwan thanks her and seeems like saying that it’s a pity Dayoung’s information didn’t get thru (tho anyway he did well). Seol replied that he shouldn’t worry since he studies anyway (so naturally will do well). Seol walks and recalls her interaction with Dayoung (guess it’s recent?). Dayoung ran away when seeing her. Seol called her and stopped her from running away. It seems like she explains things. She said that she thinks even if the culprit most likely is Sangchul, unfortunately she’s got no evidence. She also apologizes for this matter. Dayoung yells, “and you ‘re just gonna let it be?!” Seol says she’s been mulling over on how to resolve this and quibble with SC and she says that if SC got mad instead, all was over. She lamented that it was crazy until even Yoo Jung got hurt. Dayoung was surprised and so angry with Sangchul. She said she wouldn’t let it go and get back to SC no matter how. She even proceeded to confront her directly, but was stopped by Seol. Seol asks her to think about it more, there are no evidence, so if she keeps going on about it, people would get tired of it and ask them to stop. Seol asks, “Don’t you already understand about it?” and got flashback to Minsoo’s case where people talk about them and Dayoung fiercely defended Minsoo. Dayoung looks guilty. She still wants to do something to SC, though. Seol whispers her something and Dayoung nods to that. Flashback to the scene when SC came to Jaewoo, Kyunghwan, and Seol saying that he got high-leveled information from Dayoung. Return to the present, Dayoung walks past Seol and nods to her. She narrates in the black box that there are people who do exactly as they are expected.

Scene shifts to Ahyoung and Jaewoo. Ahyoung questions why that unni (Inha) is not coming even though it is the last day of exam. Then suddenly Inha came with a blast lol. She wears shade and asks them whether it was their last day of exam and they confirm it. Jaewoo notices something is off with her, though. After exam, they go drinking together…or more like, Inha’s drinking and Jaewoo is busy calming her down. The black box kinda says that this woman hasn’t been able to learn something from her dongsaeng, hasn’t she (sort of?). Jaewoo asks her to drink slowly and what was the matter with her, but she just asks for more drink. Jaewoo recalls Inho asked him “Is my noona laughable?” I’m not really sure what Inho’s saying..but he kinda says something related to Jaewoo who’s liking Inha first and what does he need to do with it? Jaewoo looks thoughtful. Meanwhile, Inha recalls her convo with Inho the night before. Inho says she wouldn’t answer anything related to what she’s done to Jung…that she’d be left to her own device from now on…and that he’s leaving now. He says that he’s been mulling over to bring her along or not, but anyway, her answer seems to be clear. He further states that even if he leaves, the rent would go on for another 6 months, but after that, Inha should take care of it herself. He asks her to live like a real person…and this is the las time he’ll do something for her. Inha breaks down, “Didn’t you say to live togeher forever? I’d like that also…but you’re the one who ruined it first.” Inho stays silent. Inha says that she knows he’d be like that..that again, he’s throwing her away and leaving her…”because you’re that kind of bastard!!”…that he only cares about his piano and his own thought. She yells that she’d do anything to be approved (or receive some kind of affection?) from the chairman…that she has no choice but acting pitiful (more than him). Inho just said, “Got it. So from now on, please live like a pitiful person.” and he leaves Inha like that. Back to the present, Inha keeps mumbling, “All ruined,” to Jaewoo’s confusion. She goes on about something..dunno directed to whom..Jung? She was dropped drunk and Ahyoung came in with Seol. It seems that Jaewoo called them, because he’s busy with his study. The black box narrates (Seol’s pov?) that she’s curious what kind of expectation would she has related to that woman (aka Inha…).

P.S: Sorry for a very late post, but I was just back from Thailand last Tuesday and work happens…I’m barely able to breathe these 2-3 days HAHA.


S4 Ch 43


S4 Ch 43


Season 4 Chapter 43 – Relationships’ Whereabouts (3)

Continuation from the latest chapter where Inha ran after Jung to offer an apology on behalf of Inho. She basically said that if Inho was the one who made mistake, Jung didn’t need to ignore her too (err..I take back what I said about her being pitiful last week. She’s a totally heartless, opportunistic, and self-centered b***h lol). She begged Jung that she’d do anything Jung and Chairman to do and obey them. Jung was like “wth are you doing”. Inha then admitted that in order to receive recognition to be at Jung’s side, she must follow whatever Chairman said, as it’d be advantageous. She then said, “Just a little more…let’s be manipulative” because anyway in the future, Jung would take Chairman’s place, that’s why by complying Jung, she’d be able to live…right? (TCH). She smiled (kind of smile when one tries to win a favor). Jung sighed and kinda rolled his eyes haha. He then narrated in the black box that this kind of idea is quite laughable, but it’s not bad..that I’ve (Jung) always been in a good r/s with your nuna…that Inho would never do things to such extent like Inha (kinda… maybe he meant that Inho wouldn’t be as shameless/manipulative as Inha in the r/s with Jung’s father haha).

Scene showed beaten-Inho looking fierce while the students whispered about him being ‘awesome’ (as in awesomely shameless. It’s a sarcasm) and obnoxious. Scene shifted to Jung being called by his classmate to talk about Inho’s fight all the time…shouldn’t Jung tell someone…the classmate mentioned that if this continued, he’d (Inho) be finished (get into trouble). If I’m not mistaken, Jung only said it’d die down/he’d keep silent. The piano kid then bashfully approached Jung to ask him listening to his piano play, though he’s not that good. Jung agreed.

Scene shifted to piano kid crouching down in front of the piano studio, while Inho was playing the piano. He even closed his ears in despair while mumbled by himself. Jung was approaching when he was at that state and asked why he was like that…didn’t he call Jung to hv some talks? The kid was so taken aback and panicked, asking Jung to pretend he didn’t see anything. Jung consoled him by saying no need to be agitated nor embarrassed…that if he’s upset about anything, he could always tell Jung if he wanted to do so.

*Back to the present*

 Jung says to Inho that even Inho seems to like that kid…but he seems oblivious to what the kid actually feels/thinks.

*Inho’s flashback to high school*

Inha panicked…saying the situation couldn’t stay like this…even if (they/she) reconcile with Jung to the point they’ll go to different university…(Jung?) would keep making fuss about getting a revenge (not really sure about this part tho). Ranting about how wanting to hear ppl call them orphans…”because that bastard (not sure whom she refers to here) would spill everything!!”  Inho was only like, ‘-_-‘ watching her #lol.

Then she begged Inho to go find that disgusting kid (aka piano kid) cuz she felt uneasy the kid kept hanging around Jung…suspected that kid would somehow replace their position…begged Inho to look into it. That kid seemed to hear Inha’s cry. But he just told Inho to go and talk to him after the class finishes. Inho replied that he also wanted to see the kid. Inha was like “look look at this bastard!!” (Please not that both behave and talk rather rudely to the kid here). The kid said something (not sure..smthg abt announcing publicly?), to which Inha replied, “Waah..wth with that bastard…wanna fight?!”

Scene shifted to Inho walked alone and wondered that the kid spread everything, then he came across Jung with friends circling/walking around him. They talked how Jung must hv been a hard time cuz of Inho all these while. Jung kinda appeased them…saying that it was a very close warning sign, but they should just let it be. He also asked them not to make it more stressful for Inho, his friends said they aren’t those kind of ppl. Inho left…while having flashback (yes, flashback in flashback) when Jung was asked about Choi SungJo…then several other occurrences between Jung and seniors/friends (it’s in Season 3…latest parts)..then he remembered about Inha’s warning about the kid being around Jung. He muttered, ‘betrayal…’ He looked at Jung’s back while wondering, “don’t tell me…this time…” while clenching his fist.

He watched the kid and Jung closely. When both exited the class at the same time, he followed. He was wondering was with those two..whether they’d meet…and why they met. But it turned out that Jung was meeting a group of ppl downstairs, while the kid entered a room (same building level with Inho). Confused, Inho turned back, scratching his head. He decided to just stop thinking too much. He decided to try talking to the kid. Flashback to a scene of fight between both of them. Inho also decided to find out who’s the kid name (#HA I also dunno the kid’s name =))). Then scene shifted to the time when he was greeted by a group of people…whom later caused his hand injury.

*back to the present*

Inho is in deep thought. He flexes his hand then goes back to his usual easy-going demeanor. Saying that there’s no good point in talking about the past…anyway everything is ruined (including their r/s) and it is too late. Whatever happened, for Inho, Jung is always the one who smashed his hand. While to Jung, Inho is always the fake friend. Jung rolls his eyes LOL. Inho continues that he only calls Jung to tell him he’s leaving not for this or that.. He even teases Jung… “Baek Inha, please…” Jung freezes, probably thinking Inho would ask him to take care of Inha. Inho continues while smirking, “Nah wouldn’t ask you a favor on that. Don’t worry.” HAHA. Then he unexpectedly wish that Jung and Seol to live well, “I only want to say that.” Then he nags, “if you live well, you won’t do this and that…please stop doing those things… at least in front of Dog Fur”.. Jung tries to interject, but Inho still rants, “If you’re gonna say what say I hv in this…” He further admitted that he did approach Seol fully aware that she is Jung’s girlfriend..wanted to tear everything apart. He claimed that Jung himself (and everyone) also had that kind of bad thought sometimes, right? Jung’s face hardened. Inho continues..at least if Jung feels some regret, from now on, in front of Seol don’t do the same things. He asks whether things will end with Sangchul once he gives the compensation… Jung asks whether he actually wants to ask about those things and leaves… Inho sighs..lamenting it’s true that he’s the idiot one lol. He suddenly remembers his dream where Seol cried (after his fight with Jung). Anyway, he won’t interfere in Jung’s business. He also understands today that Jung holds grudges for a long time. He says that because he also had some shares of mistakes, it’s better for them to just say bye bye to each other.

Inho leaves the cafe. He reminisces the convo with Jung about Sung Jo. Another flashback to his past with Inha. He told Inha something. Then he saw Inha talked to Chairman. After that he asked Inha whether she told Chairman strange things, to which Inha denied. He thinks back on Inha’s ‘apology’ to Jung. There’s a dialogue bubble saying, “you’ve been mistaken about something for some time…” but I’m not sure who says this? Inho? Jung? Inha? and When? *confused reader*😄


Baek Inha’s image flashes by.

Inho looks stricken.

“Baek Inha.”

-Chapter Ends-





S4 Chapter 42 – Relationships’ Whereabouts (2)

Continuing from the last chapter where Inho wondered what Jung was saying about him.

He had flashback to when Jung asked him to keep his line (here) and concluded “That’s why he suddenly says such things… because he thinks I tattle on him??”

*flashback to high school time*

Inho called Jung to talk to him about the “yesterday thingy” (refer to that night when Jung asked him to keep the line), but Jung looked cold. Inho chickened out and just asked him whether he’d come to the concour tomorrow and Jung coldly said he has something else to do. Inho was surprised then angry “whats wrong with that bastard” lol. Scene then shifts to the convo inside their class about the currently sick classmate (in previous chapter+season 3), Choi Sung Jo. Inho caught Jung wished Sung Jo can recover soon and laughed by himself (I guess cuz he suspected that Jung somehow caused Sung Jo to be in hospital). Jung saw that, so does Inho (he noticed Jung’s expression). He wondered, ‘wth was that’

*back to the present*

Inho surprises that Jung’s father knew about So Jung. Jung is like, “how convenient that you forget so easily.” Inho says Jung might be mistaken (on him tattle to the father). Jung is not convinced. He further says Inho is mistaken, thinking Jung is mad because Inho steals his father’s affection. He narrates, “It’s not because of that”

*another flashback to the past*

-High school time, prior to concour-

Jung asked his father whether he’s got time to dine together tomorrow. Father asked “what’s the occasion?” Jung answered that the next day, his mother came home. If I’m not mistaken Jung said both parents fought before she departed, thus, he thought they’d better dine together once she came home. His father was indifferent, “It sounds good. But tomorrow Inho’s got concour. You go pick her up at the airport, k?” Then turned his back on Jung to continue talking to his secretary to make sure reporters would come to Inho’s concour, restaurant must be booked, and OF COURSE there must be a celebration party. Jung heard it all.

The next day, Jung noticed his schoolmates were whispering while looking at him. He wondered why until a friend/classmate approached him, asking whether he’s heard the story about Baek Inho. People stared and whispered, Jung looked blanked out in shock while walking among them. He caught someone said “How pitiful” to him. He broke down and shook in anger. He narrated “I don’t understand…those two…eventually come this point…” Inho ran to him and said, “No… I…” (The next scenes are connected to the previous chapters in season 4, when Jung burst in anger at Inho). Jung continued to narrate that if keep being nice…continue being nice…you do this and that, not knowing where to end.

*Back to the present*

Jung explains to Inho that since then, his thought changed. He further says that whether the siblings come or not, his father oppressed him already, anyway. Inho then asks, “Then why…to us..” Jung retorted that Inho should answer him first…why did he say such thing regarding his relationship with Jung’s father.  Inho starts, “That’s…” Jung interjected, “That bastard’s family…” Inho shuddered. Jung said that even if his father (I think he was talking abt his father here) told Inho to consider him as Inho’s real father, he had no affection..Inho  did not trust him either yet he wanted to believe what father said. Jung continued, “That’s why your statement came out. You don’t care about how other people might perceive it.” Inho gritted his teeth. Jung further says that he knew very well that his father is a hypocrite, but he can’t stand one thing: how the siblings faithfully follow his father’s act…increasingly became his tools (I’m not really sure on this part though haha).

*flashback to highschool*

Jung narrated that since then, he put some distance with the siblings because he was sure, they’d tell on him to father…as a mere high school student, that’s only what he could do. Scene shifts to the piano kid (who was his name again?) came to Jung hesitantly, he asked whether it is true that Inho received sponsor from Jung’s family (iirc this came up in Inha’s flashback several in S4 Ch.24 or 25?). Jung was taken aback. The kid then explained that not long ago, Jung’s father came (to school?) and talked about Inho (the kid didn’t make it to concour and felt disappointed). I’m not sure what he was talking abt..but it’s along the line of not needing to win big prize to get his sponsorship and he assured the person he was talking to not to feel burdened. But I’m sure he was talking about “son”(refers to Inho…someone needs to clarify?? haha). The kid seemed to say that Inho is also close to Jung…and that’s why such rumor was spread. The kid then asked whether the rumor is true. Jung took a deep breath and asked the kid to “try look into it.” Next scene shifted to convo in class about Inho receiving sponsor. A classmate approached Jung to ask him why he didn’t say anything about it. Jung just smiled and his friend kinda “wow he’s a Budha!”.

Next scene was Jung’s father asked Jung to ‘talk’ (more like he’s preaching). He’s talking about Inho and how the r/s between three of them worsen because of the rumor. Father then asked Jung to “understand”…since the rumor was not true anyway and it damaged the siblings more than Jung…and ask Jung to understand. Jung looked down and had his crazy-eyed (the ones appeared when he was mad haha). The father kept talking on how he initially planned to send three of them studying abroad (but now couldn’t), but if Jung still wants to study abroad, he’d find another info. Jung rejected the offer and said he’d just study in Korea. Father was surprised and tried to console-self, saying domestic uni also not bad, etc etc. Jung said father only does whatever suits him…he further probes that if he left, father must be worried…what kind of trouble might be caused/might get into by “father’s son”… (not sure what he said at last, but father couldn’t answer him).

Next scene showed Inha ran frantically toward Jung and asked him to “talk” to her. She apologized, saying all are her faults. Jung asked her coldly, “What (is your fault)?” Inha replied hesitantly, “…..all. Everything.” Jung said it’s all because Inho’s reckless mouth during concour, not Inha’s fault. Inha insisted, “And also what my brother said to Chairman about you, too. I’ll apologize instead!”

-Chapter Ends-





S4 Ch.41 The relationship’s whereabouts (1)

~literally, but I think it could also be interpreted as the current state of the r/s

First thing first, this chapter is really difficult for me to understand, let alone translate it correctly…so I may skip some parts I don’t understand at all. Also, it’s Eid holiday here…so I’m rather busy to decipher the webtoon properly this week.

Starts where Inho says Jung wasn’t weird at all. Jung was taken a back, but he smiles. Relieved. Inho continued blabbering that Jung shouldn’t be a pushover anymore. Jung laughed out loud, to Inho’s surprise (I think Jung somewhat felt relief and glad Inho, who was his closest friend, didn’t judge him like his father did). Inho reminded Jung to come to a certain concert. Jung narrated that a person’s heart is rather cunning…he kinda knew the Baek siblings hv to (kinda) please Dad by doing what he wants, cuz he’s the one paying for their lives now. He said he didn’t like them, but he didn’t hate them at either…remarked that this kind of thought is very new for him. Scenes showed three of them play basketball (Inha is at the side, cheering). Inho fell and Jung offered his hand to help Inho up, smiling (aww Bromance). Inho’s hand got bruised and Jung reminded him to be careful with his hands. Inho smiled at his reminder. They were then off to buy ice cream… Their r/s was good. Next scene showed Jung got a music score signed for Inho, saying his name was Inho (T^T). The narration went like “that’s why..tried best to offer them kindness”. Back to the present, Jung says, it wasn’t like that (for Baek siblings). He says something abt studying abroad and how Inho would keep tabs on him even during that time. Inho was taken aback.

Flashback to Inho and Jung’s Dad. Dad seemed to be considering several options for Jung’s further study…Inho asked whether Dad considered sending Jung overseas. Dad said he’s still considering and asked abt Inho’s plan. To Inho’s surprise, Dad seemed to be intending to fund his study, even overseas (with Jung). Inho excitedly, he’d reallyyy like that, said he’d do his best …that Dad shouldn’t be worried abt Jung since he’s the hyung and he’d watch over Jung, and that three of them going abroad together seemed like a good idea. Back to present (I know, many flashbacks U.U), Inho was like “u were there at the house?” Jung said something I didn’t really understand…abt Inho talked to Dad abt studying abroad, I guess. Inho was like, “what? Wth r u saying?” Inho defended himself that him going abroad was Chairman’s idea and he was just followed along (didn’t try to leech him off for living expense). Jung said it was strange. Inho still didn’t get what’s he trying to say. Jung said that Inho’s expression seems like an acting, wondering if Inho realllyy didn’t remember at all… Jung then says, at that time (high school time) actually the only person who regards Jung as weird was Inho, and only Inho. Inho seems a bit angry. There’s another narration from Jung that his father has been watching and putting ‘surveillance’ on him thru ppl around him (he knows)…and the rest of the narration isn’t really clear for me. The scenes show Jung overhead his parents argued abt him. Dad said he’s being weird (it’s after his fight with the seniors in High School, I guess… It’s in Season 3), Mom kinda said that Dad putting surveillance around Jung is /MORE/ problematic (than Jung being weird/what’s he done to the seniors/friends). Dad also mentioned abt putting Prof.Baek’s grandkids at the same school to “watch” Jung.

Back to present. Jung insisted that Inho was the only one that perceived Jung as a weird guy and tried to confirm that Inho did see it that day. Flashback to the highschool where teacher announced that a classmate (who always messed with Jung…full story in prev season) was in the hospital. Jung smiled at that news and Inho caught it, wondering why did he smile and thought that it’s weird. More flashback to the fight (won’t translate it as iirc it was in the last season). Then back to Inho inside the class who’s having a flashback on his convo with Dad (I know, it’s a series of confusing flashback lol) where he thanked Dad for thinking abt his study (and watching over him like a son) and Dad mentioned that as a familyofc must defend(?) each other. Inho inside the class then concluded happily that as a family, he should defend Jung (kinda) though he couldn’t really understand him nor understand what he’s thinking. Another flashback to Jung smiled at Inho while doing smthg. Inho noted that there’s something abt his smile…he talked to Inha abt it, mentioned it’s a bit awkward and he didn’t seem to like Inho and Inha (he said something else, but I couldn’t really understand). More flashback to them laughed together, Jung offered his hand, they watched fireworks and Jung laughed out loud. Inho seemed to be thinking Jung is finally quite sincere to them and that’s not a bad thing at all (aw he’s smiling contentedly while saying that). Back to the present where Jung said from now on, they shall not expect anything from each other or looking out one another, “let’s just go on our ways”. Inho is stunned. He’s thinking that he doesn’t really get what Jung is saying since the beginning of their convo. He remembers Jung once asked him whether Inho really considered him as friend (season 4 ch. 20smthg). Chapter ends with Inho thinking and wondering abt that…





Ch.40 All Relationships (3)
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Inho says he’s leaving. He further explains to Jung that this time, he doesn’t want to run away. He wanna conclude everything nicely, instead of running away (like before). Jung asks whether he comes to find him before leaving, greeting ppl one by one. Jung then asks Inho, “ytd, you saw, right?” (saw Jung and Sangchul) “Will you meddle? About Seol too?” Inho shouts that he won’t (three times lol). He says he also says goodbye to Seol already. He says he wanna end everything and stop getting involved with each other, between Jung, Inha, and himself. All. He sneers that Jung must be happy that the annoying kid will be leaving. He laments that he’s tired being here anyway. Jung was like “What? Ends? Runs away? Tired?” He remarks that Inho hasn’t changed at all. If he’s gonna leave, he should guarantee all of these annoying problems won’t be repeated. Saying that during high school, all problems were Jung’s faults (as in he put Jung to blame) and he just left. Jung asks Inho to set him free (of guilt?), so he can also let Inho free. Inho laughs while saying Jung is being smart-ass, “what’s to set free?”…kinda saying what Jung knows abt what’s on his mind. Jung says he might not know, but Inho’s better live like a normal person from now on. If he plans to study abroad, just tell Jung’s dad. If not, just go and mind his own business. Inho gets angry and slams the table. He says why Jung never seems to listen…is he deaf or whut lol. He was like “as if you live normally too…you always do whatever you want.. Do it properly!!” then Jung says that he already said Inho’s hand wasn’t his fault repeatedly and that Inho always misses his points and Inho should be the one who cleans his ears lol (aka listens properly). He asks why Inho was angry at him and not to that kid (the one who actually hit his hand)…why at that time he asks Jung not to go(???)… Inho is stunned. Flashback to high school. Jung talks to a girl (Inha?)..and the dialog said smthg abt how he lives (idk sorry).. More flashback to his childhood. Jung’s dad told him to be nice to the pitiful kids .

He narrates “Nope. Not that they’re pitiful… I also know very well…why I was summoned I also know very well… Quietly follows along… Cuz no harm in doing so anyway… cuz they’re useful, too…” At the end of this chapter, Inho told Jung, “Of course!!! You’re not weird at all tho…”





S4 Ch.39 All Relationships (2)

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-Inha and Inho-
Inha is in the police office. She seems drunk and doesn’t respond to the police’s enquiries. The police asks whether she’s a student in A univ, but she doesn’t seem like it. Inha mumbles about “now even the cheque card too” (seems like she wanna buy smthg but it gets blocked). She then imagines her grandpa smiled, then turned away and left her. then Jung’s father, too…smiled and turned away. then Jung who greeted her while smiling at first, but turned away and tell her not to delude herself later. Another flashback for Inha (seems very recent). She answers the call from someone (I assume it’s Inho based on the familiarity they use) who asks whether she lives well. She replies that if she knew it’s him, she wouldn’t answer…didn’t she tell him not to call her. The person in the phone grumbles that it’s been a while since they call each other, so pls watch her words. Inha is on the road. There seems to be an accident? (Ppl with two cars seem to be arguing nearby). The caller asks where is she and she says she’s busy. She says the man she was with, bump into another person’s car by mistake. The caller yells that didn’t he warn her not tk drive…was she drunk-driving?!! Then she just says “bye. From now don’t call” and hangs up. She walks away humming (seems like she’s lying? cuz if she’s involved in the accident, she won’t be able to leave the place). Next scene, Inho is calling when Inha is with someone. She doesn’t pick up and says she doesn’t need to. The person she’s with asks whether she has another man. Two texts come in (from inho?). I think both kinda asks her whether she lives properly. Inha answers that man anyway, saying that they’re all just pushovers.
Back to the police station. She giggles by herself. A purple-haird girl signals that Inha is crazy. Inha glared at her and swore at her “u say I’m crazy?!” she threatens she’ll turn that girl upside down (scary haha). The police tries t stop her. She mumbles that ppl tell her that she’s the only one (that they only hv her). She says, then if they say so, they shouldn’t hv done this to her (flash back to bruised Inho choking her up <I think it’s in the past>…then said he’s sorry <few chapters ago>)… She has flashback of Inho leaving her “Still…I was thrown away again. AGAIN, ME!!”. Next scene, she is outside and Inho stands before her. Seems like he wanna scold her but hold himself back lol. He just says “let’s go” after a sigh haha. That purple-haired girl comes out and insulted her that her coat is so last season anyway. Inha swears…Inho warns her “just stop” and pulls her away. He says he paid the bailout bill already. Inha thought he’d yell and call her names after (in her imagination lol)…but in reality, Inho just asks whether Inha has thought about what he said previously (few chapters ago), He starts, “I thought…” but stops himself. Inha looks stricken and down.

-Seol, Kyunghwan, Jaewoo-

Meanwhile, SC greets Kyunghwan, Jaewoo, and Seol who are studying together. (Seems like he’s trying to get away from paying Jung’s compensation by appealing to Seol. Tch). Kyunghwan gets goosebumps at SC’s cheerful greeting and asks whether he has already apologized to Seol. He said that’s why he’s here. Then he tells Seol (acting as if he’s sharing a huge secret) that he got a high-leveled info from Dayoung. I guess it’s about certain exam. He tries to appeal them by saying if they hv that info, they don’t need to study, etc etc. Kyunghwan seems interested, Jaewoo keeps mum, Seol looks indifferent lol. SC acts as if he only wanna share the info to Hong hoobae. But Seol flatly says she took that exam last year lol. Panicked, he tries to appeal to Kyunghwan and Jaewoo, but both shoo him away hahaha. Kyunghwan is curious what info he’s talking abt tho, he’s wondering whether he should find out and later share info with Jaewoo. But Jaewoo says he doesn’t need it. As long as he studies well, it’ll be enough.

-Jung and Inho-

Meanwhile, Inho and Jung meet up awkwardly. Jung just stares, deadpans. While Inho glances sideways, can’t even look at Jung lol. Ppl at the cafe stare at them though.. Inho says meeting him like this feel so weird for him. Jung is like, “Aren’t you the one who calls?” :)) He then affirms the feeling is mutual (as in he doesn’t feel good meeting up with Inho either), so if Inho has something to say, just quickly say it and both can go. Inho looks at his bandaged hand, asking if it hurts so much. Jung replies that since the gips has been removed, it’s not that hurt…. Then after a while, Inho finally says, “I’m leaving”

-chapter ends-

Inho S4 Ch 37



Inho S4 Ch 37

S4 Ch.38 All Relationships (1)

It’s gonna be a brief one since I hv many things to do T^T Also, this chapter doesn’t really provide much development.

Seol is on the phone with Mona. Seems like Mona confessed she had a hand in Euntaek and Bora’s r/s (I guess the part where she and ET joined hand to make Bora jealous?). Seol is kinda upset and Mona plans to apologize to BR and ET. Seol told her now BR and ET are fine but ET is going to enlist. They talk abt lots of thing…one of them is the recent rumor that Seol is dating a chaebol lol. Seol was shocked. She thought it was triggered by Jung’s appearance on her meeting with friends (S3). She then remembered what Jung told her about outsmarting others (not to be on the lose side in life).

Next day, Seol goes to uni and Daeyoung avoided her, but Seol thought Daeyoung is just busy rushing to her class. Meanwhile, Bora decided to wait for Euntaek. They hugged dramatically, witnessed by Mona and Seol xDD Mona didn’t apologize at the end…She tries to get away stealthily, but Seol catches her and asks her to treat Seol a meal lol

Next scene shows Hong Joon comes to visit Inho to help him studying (for GED, remember?). They talk abt smthg and Inho recalls his recent meeting w/ his friends (ppl from his construction work? I can’t recall).

Afterwards, it’s shown that Sang Chul is being stressed out over the compensation Jung asks for. He considers taking part time jobs, but he’s too busy with graduation prep… He couldn’t come up with solution. He then sees Dayoung avoids her friends. They talk and Dayoung confides that her friends left her (I guess due to the exam note incident?). He accuses them not having loyalty #uhm. Chapter ends with Sangchul offers himself as someone to confide in (kinda) to Dayoung if she has a hard time. -End-

S4 Ch 37



S4 Ch 37

S4 Ch.37 Others’ Path(4)

Continue from last week’s chapter. SC hurriedly says he’ll apologize to both Jung and Seol (probably hoping he won’t hv to compensate the watch). Jung said, “Ok. Apologize and compensate the watch.” He bids goodbye but SC calls him out, saying he’s too much, where’s his morale. Unashamedly saying he didn’t see his watch that day, that he has to earn money for his tuition, etc etc (I hv no time to summarize his bullshit tbh). Jung reprimanded him that making ppl hurt and break their things, isn’t giving compensation a common sense? SC then accused him blackmailing #uhm. But Jung calmly answered that everything happened that day was recorded in his car’s black box+cctv. SC asked what does Jung want. Jung replied only compensation, asked SC to choose, and left. Meanwhile, Inho witnessed all of that nearby (earlier, he saw SC and wanted to beat him up. But Jung was there first to greet SC). Scene shifts to Seol greets Jung cheerfully. Jung asks her to eat together and says he brings no car today. They leave the campus holding hand while talking happily #whysocute. While eating, she told him about Bora and Euntaek’s situation. Jung remarks that she has to worry abt many things while exam is coming *lol top students’ priority*

Then Seol narrates (inside her mind?), “Sunbae. Just now when I was waiting for Sunbae, suddenly those kind of thinking go through my mind” She thinks that no matter how much she likes Bora and Euntaek, she realizes that being in the middle of them, she couldn’t do anything (to help them). She thinks that being alone is so hard ..she’s trapped in her own mind. She thinks that all this while, towards her surroundings, she’s kinda…behave superficially with the mindset that she wants to do well. She thinks she isn’t a bad person, but she’s also not too good. Though she wanna be a good one…she thinks she doesn’t hv any confidence and kinda wanna forget that (of wanting to be a good person/to do well?). She thinks whether all of those are only excuses. She thinks she dunno what’s to come as senior student(?).. What if she gets scared of others’ scrutiny, what should she do, and…(she looks at Jung). During her thinking process, the scenes show them walk around and ride subway together. Jung looks back and asks whether she had lunch (him and his obsession about her eating or not lol). She says she didn’t just many things happened and she forgot. He says she has to make sure she eats, holds her wrist, and says she’s skinny. Seol blushes happily lol. The scenes show their rides (talking, being playful, and all cute lol). Seol writes on his bandage “stupid” HAHAH. Jung then says he’s awed. It’s the first time he rides subway with her, cuz he usually drives her around. He thinks why takes so long to ride subway together with her like this… He says now he’s working and she’s busy studying for exams, that they’re all busy. He regretfully says that their time together in university is too short. He wonders why…why he didn’t do it since before… He tells her that recently he always thinks about that…whether he and she are similar… He thinks that rather driving around comfortably, should they just ride subway together like this and walk longer together instead… He says he should’ve done this since the beginning… He looks at Seol’s scribble and affirms that he’s indeed stupid #HA. Seol puts her hand on his head, plays with his hair. She says she usually just studies while riding subway, nothing special. That’s why she likes today so much. She asks him not to worry to much as usual…his hand will heal soon and spring is coming, too. “Let’s just laugh together…”