CITT S4 ch 35


CITT S4 ch 35

Season 4 Chapter 35 – Others’ Paths (2)

Chapter opens with Inho saying exactly the same thing like last chapter. Seol’s expression was rather surprised. Then she seems rather dejected? She still thanks him  for his help and apologize cuz he was getting angry at that time (during SC incident I guess?). She then bids goodbye rather awkwardly, wish him strength for concour prep and she says she’s also heading to class. She says, “You’ll do well, right?” He answered, “Of course.”

She walks away while thinking “Now it’s done.” She narrates that it’s not her duty to be close like a family to someone she doesn’t like. Though it seems like that person (Inho) hasn’t finished arranging his feelings, the decision seems to be set; thus, I too, have nothing to say anymore. She thinks, “Anyway if I get really close to Baek Inho-ssi, I’ll always develop a conflict with Sunbae. Though I hope those two loosen up amicably (aka not always fighting).” She also thinks that there’s a limit for her to keep interfering in those two’s personal history. BUT she also thinks that Baek Inho-ssi isn’t just someone from sunbae’s past, he’s also someone she has relationship with (she literally meant ‘human relationship’ not THAT ‘relationship’), so she isn’t used to be this awkward with him either. She feels rather empty… She thinks back how he calls her ‘dog fur’ and thinks that wherever Inho goes (or rather…whatever path he takes?), how nice it is if things go well for him.

Next, she is greeted by panic-Bora hahaha. Bora was like running and crying toward her and her reaction was like” Whatt? Don’t you have class?!” (this girl is totally a model student…ahhahaha).

Bora: “Hooooonnnnnnggg~~ T_T”

Seol: “Why? What happens?”

Bora: “Euntaek-i…”

Seol: “What’s with Euntaek-i?”

Bora: “We’re dating but…”

Seol: “WHAT?!”

Bora: “He’s going to military! T_T”

Seol: “WHAAAAT??!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

((haven’t they told her they’re dating? Poor Seol seems to be getting double heart attack lol))

She’s rambling that he confessed, yet he applied to enlist already, and he couldn’t cancel the application *pats Bora. Seol is just like “wth is this… what…WHAT NOOOWW??!!?!?!” to everything Bora said hahahha. She goes to class with a totally blank mind (poor girl having mental breakdown lol) and keeps doodling on her note book “Bora..Euntaek…Bora..Euntaek…???” LOL. She recalls her latest encounter with Bora. Bora cries and asks her what’s she supposed to do now… Seol replies that since Bora has class now, she needs to calm down, don’t cry, and let’s talk later… #priority. Class starts and she sees Euntaek sitting in front row and was like ‘he just comes now -_-” She then concentrates to class and scribbles some notes…but she feels like someone’s staring from her back… She turns around, and it’s Jung (THIS GHOST LOL). Both seems to be equally shocked =))) He waves at her with bandaged hand and she asks him ‘how’s his hand?’ (silently, since they hv class and he sits rows apart), Jung cutely gestures that it hurts HAHA. He then moves to sit beside her and cutely greets her, “Hi to which she angrily replies by scribbling notes for him, “Why your hand is like that? Yesterday you didn’t say anything (maybe she meant that ytd he said he was ok).” He is leaning toward her to see the note while saying “Writing convo with Seol-i…first time” and she is like “psst” SO CUTE. He writes that it’s not severe, only hurt a little; he’s here not just because his hand is in this condition but this professor is sensitive about attendance rate; today he asks the consideration from the company; that he still needs some grades to graduate. He even brings a present to the Professor :)) He smiles and rubs her hair ❤ She writes down something, and he’s like “again?”😄. She writes, “Are you really ok?” (aww she’s still worried). He replies that he’s really ok and let’s just pay attention to the class (lol these two are similarly model student). She replies again and asks him whether his family is worried since he gets hurt again. He gives her  a cryptic smile, she stares, then he gives her a bright smile.

Flashback to his call with his father. His father chides him that last time it was his face that got messed up, and now his hand…what kind of univ student behave to such extent…worse, does it raise suspicion/curiosity from the intern ppl (dad, priorities… -_-)…asks him wth is actually happening…and suspects him doing ‘something’ again… grrr. Jung just listens to his father’s nagging, thinking ‘just slightly go over the limit’…then repeating ‘affection…saving face…affection…saving face, saving face, saving face…’ inside his mind. He thinks, ‘hypocrisy’ (refer to his father?). He has a flashback of his father saying, “If that person (whom I assume one of his group members) can’t do his/her part for group assignment, you can just do it, right? You don’t need to keep getting angry about such trivial stuff” , “there’s that kind of problem? But you’re just the class president, so you need to understand and work hard, right?” Then scene shifted to his father asking him to greet someone (father’s colleague?) while chided him that he’s not a kid anymore. Flashback to another scene where his father asked him to come with him visiting a Professor who’s sick. Jung said he had a assignment that day but his father insisted that he should come, while preaching that in this life, though assignment is important, but there are things (like greeting someone’s important) that’s also important and asked Jung to change his clothes quickly. Seems like he was visiting Prof. Baek because he addressed that sick person as “Professor.” That professor that he just witnessed a kid cried when a grandma passed away and it made him felt uneasy. It made him worried about his grandkids and asked Jung father’s help. Naturally, Jung’s father said yes and assured him not to worry. He said his heart did not feel good (abt the left-behind grandkids? Or the dying Prof?) and he’d also take responsibility of his grandkids until the end. Jung eavesdropped everything from outside of the room. After that, Jung left the room and sat alone at a hospital bench, he wondered by himself, what kind of professor was that person, can’t be asked for a favor(I am actually confused here because it was Prof Baek who actually asked for a favor, not the other way round??). Then he thought that he doesn’t like dealing with many people, nor receiving anything…but he’s told he can’t express the dislike…he doesn’t know why it has to be like that though. Another flashback? There are Jung’s father images but I guess he was saying those things to Jung. Basically, it goes like (it’s not an actual translation, only like the gist?): from now on, whatever happens, if (he) wants something,  he should coolly reveal his weakness once and when that happens, people will sympathize once, then  use it to ripe you off, see you as pitiful person, or treat you as a weird person. At the end, Jung looked dejected (probably from recalling the memory), sitting alone. Not far from him, there was a little girl sleeping on the bench (I think it’s Seol…because the Professor mentioned something about kid’s crying and a grandma passed away).

Back to Jung’s phone call with his dad, as he hears no response from Jung, father is like “Do you even listen to me?”. Jung seems to say cryptically that many things happens…one by one… His father was like “what? You, really…” Jung then says that once he graduates from univ, he needs to be a perfect adult right…isn’t he now doing this and that…before graduation…one by one…he wants to tear everything of (wtf is he saying).

Chapter ends with Jung’s scribble to Seol, telling her “Of course (my family is) worried.”

WHY DID HE NOT TELL HER MORE ABOUT HIS DAD *angry flips* *strangles Jung* asjkkasjdasda




CITT S4 ch 34


CITT S4 ch 34

S4 Ch.34 Others’ Paths

Chapter begins with Inho looking at his hand (In drama this kinda scene took up the whole 5 mins *stilltraumatized*). He remembers abt Jung hurts his own hand to protect Seol earlier that day. He then looks at his own hand angrily(? Idk he looks mad imo). Then Inha arrives and asks what he’s doing…seems like he’s reading Inha’s book? Because Inha snatches it right away. He rambles about smthg (I don’t really get it tbvh…but he said smthg is that book the only book abt drawing in the world…the only one she bought? haha). Inha laughs and said tht everything he said today is laughable. Then he asks her what’s she been up to today. Inha asks, “why do you care?” (me: grr be civil, girl…he’s just trying to be a good bro). Inho suddenly asks whether she likes living like this. Inha sighs and said “this bastard starts preaching again” (me: at least he’s working hard, not leeching someone off like you -_-). She goes on how the current life is unprofitable. Then I think (I just get the gist and ASSUME it here, so I might be wrong), Inho talks about what he said to Inha before (that crushed her dream, remember?) and if her passion in art is genuine (not just because someone else instigated her~aka Jung~) , he wouldn’t say anything about it (me: finally he realizes what damage he caused due to his word to her? T^T despite doing so out of concern, the impact to Inha’s dream was rather damaging imo). He says, “you can do whatever you want to do”. Inha said if she does so, money is the problem (me: I totally get her lol). He says she could pursue fine arts since she seems to hv good sense in it and she should decide abt it herself (me: ha! Finally). Inha was mad though, she says Inho always lives however he wants (w/o caring about her), why now he acts cool? Surprisingly, Inho says she’s right and apologizes. Inha was shocked (#metoo) then she starts yelling and said it’s all his fault she’s become like this (uhm no, it’s partly your fault too cuz you’re lazy) and if he runs away tomorrow, she’ll burn his music scores…she threatens that he won’t be able to participate in concour and that she’d do smthg to his hand too. But Inho just stands up and walks away while saying he was just bluffing cuz nothing’s remained (??). Inha asks where is he going (aww she seems to be afraid he’s going to leave her again). Inho just says Inha should go sleep first. Scene shifts to Seol wanna text Jung abt his hand, then she remembers he might not be able to type. She decides to call him instead but didn’t do so as it was too late (at night) already. Bora, Euntaek, Jaewoo, and KyungHwan all text her to ask whether she and Jung are alright (aww they’re so sweet). That night Seol thinks that Jung went to that extent for her. She thinks that how unimaginable it is last year haha. She has flashback to Jung at the infirmary when he said that she had no one else beside him (who’ll believe her at all cost); their convo when Seol asked why Jung confessed to her and Jung answered it’s bcause he likes her; Jung’s anger after finding out Seol was close to Inho; their convo before the first kiss happened; their convo at his apartment when he said he was so afraid of her and afraid she’d provoke him, how he hated that, and he then thanked her for saying she liked him. Back to the present, Seol thinks that now she definitely understands what he expects from her. The next day, SC avoids her. She thinks that the person that should have apologised or asked whether they’re alright didn’t do it. She wonders if she has to approach hin after class or let him be, but if she let him be…can she endure it. She thinks back how ppl seem to get hurt when she fought with someone. Inho got hurt when Seol fought with a jerk from English course. Jung got hurt in her recent fight with Sangchul. She wonders whether it’s because of her (or her fault?). Meanwhile, Euntaek looks nervous. He wants to tell Bora abt something. Bora said he’s being weird that day…”did he regret confessing?” lol (they are a couple now btw). Euntaek brought her to the bench where he confessed and said he will enlist (at military service) #OMG. Meanwhile Seol went to the Music Department’s building, looking for Inho. Inho appears behind her and asks whether she wants to apologize or thank him. She says both. He says she doesn’t need to. He also tells her to forget his harsh words last time (me: when?? All the time?? About whom/what?? Lol). He asked her not to mind him and forget everything, as if it didn’t happen. (I’m actually confuse what’s this person referring to…about whom…about what…which things he said or done or both??)





S4 Ch.33 BTS (3)

Chapter begins with contemplating Yoo Jung. The books are left unorganized. He then recalled Seol and Euntaek’s convo about Seol’s part time job at the drinking night (previous chapter). He also remembered he saw a piece of paper about that part time job from Seol’s pocket (when she laid down at infirmary bed and he called her ‘Seol-a’ for the first time). He kinda have an epiphany and jumped awake to visit her. Meanwhile, Seol was busily working. Jung was watching over her from outside (he brought his bag so I’m guessing he’d go straight to the airport after seeing her). He just passed by after seeing her (why r u so cute lol). One of Seol’s colleagues ran inside to notify Seol and other peeps that she just saw an extremely handsome guy outside (assuming it’s Jung). It piqued others’ interests (including Seol) but she said that person just left. Then they were chit-chatting about one of their male colleagues who’s dating. Seol said that girl is lucky cuz she heard that man treats her well. That colleague who saw Jung instantly asked her “is that kinda man your ideal type? What abt a blind date?”. Seol was like, “why suddenly ㅡ.ㅡ”

That colleague insisted and asked her about her ideal type/preference. Seol said he has to be very nice, very affectionate very reliable, and daebak handsome. HAHAHAHA. The colleague was like “R u joking?!” Then Seol continued that she wanted someone who really looks like a foreign actor with certain type of eyes-eyebrow lolol. The collague admitted defeat and said she wouldn’t be setting her up to blind date Hahaha. Seol said she’s thankful for the offer but right now she’s not thinking about dating at all. Then she suddenly recalled Euntaek who cried (iirc it’s after he beat up Younggon near Seol’s house and cried cuz he didn’t wanna disappoint Bora). Seol thought that whether she’d ever meet someone like tht (someone who likes her so much like Euntaek likes Bora I think). Then Jung’s image suddenly appeared on her mind LOL. His back view, him suddenly appear between Bora and Euntaek (2 ch ago?) –She was shocked and was like “WTH AM I CRAZY WHY SUDDENLY I THINK OF THAT PERSON?? I WAS HARRASSED SO MUCH WHY HE AUTOMATICALLY APPEARS (on her mind)” she thought she would not choose him EVER.#KarmaisABitchThough HAHA. anyway, Jung was actually still around the corner and heard their convo. He took one last look, sighed, and walked away. Seol looked back (idk if she saw him or not). The narration said (more or less idk haha) for that person everything will be taken/consumed(?). Then the scene shifts to JungSeol at the infirmary when Jung asked her abt no one would believe her like he does (chapter before all these flashbacks). The narration is being repeated…ended with “…or so I thought” (Jung smiles, Seol looks O.O but then like… to describe..thoughtful? Haha)





S4 Ch.32 BTS (2)

Still flashback. Continuation from last chapter when Seol announced she’s taking a break. Euntaek and Bora fussed over who took over Seol’s locker and books instead, to Seol’s annoyance lol. After that they asked whether it’s because of tuition or full scholarship or school buffet’s food =]] Seol just said she felt tired. The sunbaes (including Jung) heard that fuss abt Seol’s taking leave. Bora asked Seol what she’ll be doing during the break. Seol said smthg abt working in marketing in an company before excusing herself cuz she wanna throw up. Meanwhile, Jung saw all that and wondered by himself “why only I keep seeing…(Seol? XD)”. Inside the toilet, Seol replayed EunTaek’s question on why she’s taking a leave again. She recalled how Jung put his hand on her shoulder and asked her to be careful (season 1). She thought she worked hard attending school…what’s she done so wrong so things went haywired like this…was it because she mocked Jung (season 1 when she laughed at her own imagination abt Jung during study group w/ Jaewoo). She thought whether it’s because scholarship or whatever, she just wanted to run away (from Jung). In drunken state, she mumbled “a good choice my butt..” :)) She then bumped into someone (Jung) accidentally. She didn’t see who was it but she apologized and Jung helped her to stand straight. She said she was ok, refusing the help. She kept mumbling that she could walk by herself, that she’s so good at doing everything herself (or good at being alone in general). Jung then asked “You’re really taking a leave?” Seol didn’t seem to hear. She kept walking and mumbling by herself. Jung stood there and asked himself “ah..really?”. The drinking session finished and ppl wanted to go for round 2. But Seol went home (she seemed to be starring at someone/something before decided to leave? Jung? Cuz the next panels showed Jung seemed to be looking somewhere while talking to his friends). Anyway, Seol just left and thought “Ends. Everything has ended. Really end.” The next day(?), it was shown that Jung waited for TA Heo and greeted him.

Then scenes shifted to Jung talking in the phone with someone. Saying something abt he’s organizing books before getting on plane (seems like he’s going somewhere..there’s air tix near him). He also mentioned he was so busy in senior year. The person he’s talking to, said that he should hv some fun too during the break. He then contemplated to send a text to Bora and Euntaek (I guess…cuz there are names in his contact but the recognizable ones are their names). I don’t understand his first msg though lol…but he erased what he initially wrote. He rewrote with more casual language…asking how’s their holidays…then went straight asking “I hv a question to ask cuz I’m curious…(I wonder) if Seol-i (((*COUGH* SEOL-I not HONG SEOL)))… school…” I guess he wanna ask about either she’ll keep going to school or keep going with her plan to take a leave? Anyway Jung seemed to be frustrated and mulling over about the text hahaha. The chapter ends with him thinking about something…. The readers’ comments about this chapter mostly saying about how cute Jung is, wondering what to send in the text haha. They also go on about “ahhh he must hv really like Seol”…”He keeps seeing only Seol (refer to that scene when Seol ran out to throw up)…” =]]]]







S4 Ch.31 “Behind the Scene (1)”
It has come full circle. At the end of this chapter, we’re back to the first chapters of S1 when Seol announced she’s taking a leave.

Chapter begins with Seol studying with her two BFFs… like she’s at war (says Bora) lol… It’s the final exam time. She’s narrating how time seems to fly. She’s recovered from her sicknesses (last chapter) and now Spring is approaching. Still studying, she’s considering to tell Bora and Euntaek all about her ominous feelings about Jung. She is even about to tell them… But she’s thinking they might not believe everything that’s happened between her and Jung (cuz he’s “that cool sunbae” lol)..she’d like them to believe so they can talk about it together. Yet at the end, she decided against telling them, she just tells them “let’s just study”.
Then suddenly Jung appears out of nowhere and sits between Bora and Euntaek. Seol was so shocked lmao (seems like she fell asleep a bit). At the end they study together. After that Bora and Euntaek are gushing about his explanation is so easy to understand to Seol’s annoyance “more than me?” HAHAHAHA. The duo then tries to appease her, saying she’s still the best,etc. She then tries to tell them abt Jung, “Guys…truthfully…during this time…with that Sunbae…” but stops herself “…no need” then rant that it’s not useful to “raise” them since they’re all gushing abt Jung and like him a lot ..the duo then tries to appease her by treating her food =))) after tht, she thinks no one will believe her “strange stories” and she’s taking a leave anyway.

She studies more and forgets to eat…but thinking that she has no money until next month anyway #relatable Then Euntaek comes and says he got a piece of bread for Seol, from Jung (*coughs). Ofc Seol refuses and asks Euntaek to eat it himself. She thinks back how Jung gave her money (few chapters ago)…I think it hurts her pride somehow. She decides not to tell anyone about Jung, at the end. Final exam done. Seol really thinks she’ll take one semester off as she doesn’t seem to get the scholarship. She thinks she wanna go back to her quiet day (after many things happened and she suffered a lot). She broods that the sky seems happy and muttered “it’s futile”. Then the drinking party starts (I think it’s mostly covered in season 1…so won’t go through details). They talk abt their classmates who took a leave (Younggon, Juyeon). Ofc talks abt Jung too…and Seol got annoyed “Yoo jung…yoo jung…yoo jung…” hahaha. She thinks if there were no Yoojung, she wouldn’t hv gone thru all those…she felt so wronged haha. She sees Jung laughs with other friends (they sat at different tables) and rants inside her head “Happy??!! Right. ofc u happy. If I go, you’ll be happy. Right. Eat well, live well, bastard” =]]]

She also says to herself that today she’ll also eaatt welll (and drinkss well). Then the chapter ends with her telling Bora and Euntaek she’ll take a leave. Jung is still there (chapter ends with his smiling picture)…… I think after that infirmary scene last chapter, Jung has already started being nice to her。






S4 Ch.30 “Assurance”

Yoo Jung asked for permission to go out from the class because he had some ’emergency’. The professor halfheartedly said if emergency, then go. Jung said thanks then go out and run to school infirmary to see Seol.

I think he looked a bit scary while looking at her first😄 He kept staring at her for so loooonnnnggg. Then looked at her rather cynically(idk, it doesn’t look friendly to me?) “Hong Seol, you fell down, got cut by a knife (probably refer to homeless women incident)” “..a mess/ruined…”
“’s weird”
(idk what’s he implying here though)
Then Seol stirred and grabbed the pillow with her hand. He looked surprised, starring at her hand and unconsciously reaching it with his, he stopped for a while before holding it, then proceeded with a finger, trying to touch her hand (OH GOD /SPAZZ/). Seol suddenly opened her eyes and starred right at him. He put his hand on her eyes, told her to sleep again.
Seol held the hand on her eyes and said “You haven’t left yet? How kind.. Go, quickly. Thanks” (I don’t think she’s realized it’s Jung..she’s had a fever she’s not in the right mind LOL. PLUS she spoke in Banmal. She never does so to Jung. Probably thought it’s Euntaek again HAHHA). Jung stared at her, wide-eyed. Stood still until she finally released her hand from his. Jung removed his too, he still looked shocked. He then saw a piece a paper almost fell out of her pocket. It’s a phone number. He looked at it, folded it, then put it back in her pocket. He also fixed her blanket. He still stood there, thinking “Though it’s weird..” (please note everything in this chapter is thought by JUNG, so even I don’t put “_” it’s Jung’s). Though it was frustrating…now I understand. Somehow is my feeling changing a little bit? Though it is even weirder. When I see you (looking at Seol)…Even though the complicated things on the inside barely make me jump.. Somehow those things that i might get because of you. Maybe it can subside down through you one point, that kind of ending come to us so. I dunno since when I arrive to such conclusion. So, why…? There’s no reason (groundless). Cause everything has happened till now it’s a pity/disappointing..I wanna make sure again. “After all of that…i just wanna say..” Then he kinda say though he never once regret his actions/behavior (toward her?).. “Until this time..(looking at sick Seol)…” (aka NOW HE REGRETS IT haha)

The scenes shift a bit to scenery outside.. Then back to Jung who looked a bit shock (like he comes to realize something)..while looking at Seol “how come..slowly…I can’t run away” “Hong Seol… falls down…(become) weak” He thought of her crying (Seol-like cry xD) after she’d talked to her mom by phone (which he overheard), her laying down after taking care of him (she was sick too), then her crouching down (previous chapter). Then his expression is like O_O (fully realizes? lol), “Seol-a”, looking at her with a very cute smile now, crouching and leaning towards her a little, “Seol-a.” *smiles* “Do you want to do your homework with me?”, “Do you want to eat with me?” (BOY IS CRAZY HE TALKS TO A SLEEPING GIRL WHILE SMILING HAPPILY GDI LOL). He stood up straight again..looking happy and relieved(?), still smiling, calling her name again “Seol-a” *ends and I die a little lol*

=Thanks to Sharkey the Panty who helped me translating this chapter=





S4 Ch.29 “Assurance”
#만화 #유정 #홍설
Started at where we left off. Seol continued her monologue to “Euntaek”…saying that her body doesn’t feel good and wanna buy meds (herb tonic), just one is ok. Saying that she couldn’t concentrate in class. Jung was so still (cuz too shocked lol) but he seemed to take in Seol’s presence (her stance, her head, the way she talked, her hand on his coat.. That man is a goner LMAO). Finally Seol looked up and got so flustered. Jung handed her money (₩40.000. She only asked for ₩2000). She blushed hard. Jung went O.O. Then she apologized using a very formal language “I’m sorry. I saw wrongly. I’m not in the right mind now.” saying how he looked like Euntaek from a far. Kept saying sorry and ran away from him while saying “goodbye!!” Jung tried to reach her shoulder to give her money but she swatted his hand away, then ran away screaming “sorry to bother you”. She went somewhere close by, ran out breath. She wanna vomit but cuz she ate nothing, she couldn’t. Then she thought back to Jung. She remembered how much money he gave her, “Wow. Lots of money. How nice *sarcastically*” She thought back to the time where she gave him money when they went out together for group meeting (covered in season 2). “I’m so laughable,” she thinks. She’s having a flashback on how Jung treated her “That person, to me… He made me feel ashamed (when he stepped on the paper), embarrassed (he ignored her greeting, she fell off a chair in front of him), perplexed (he rejected her idea about festival publicly), humiliated (he gave her money)… He shred my pride to pieces down to the last piece.” Then she thought about whether she should take one semester off. Listing the reasons: her family condition isn’t good, no guarantee she can get full scholarship as long as Jung exists. She thought that Jung had tortured her for a year and he had one more year before he graduated. If she kept going to school would she get harassed for another year..she thought she couldn’t take it anymore. She thought of the time where she avoided him religiously, when she felt forced to smile at him, when she felt disgusted debating whether she should greet him or not. 

She thought that even though she didn’t take a semester off, she still needed to work part time. She then thought why Jung was even better at studying than her, “does he need to be like that (as in too perfect? Ha!)?!” lol. She thought even if they put the same amount of efforts, there are some ppl better than her in the world. She thought back to Jung’s “You have to be careful” back then, then decided “no. I don’t want to” she didnt wanna endure everything anymore…whether it’s Yoo Jung to blame, or her own weakness to blame. She thought she definitely needed to get herself together (while crouching down). Jung approached and saw her at that state. He just stood there, unable to get closer…… Then Euntaek came running to Seol, asking her whats her doing there, was she ok.. He asked her to go together and brought her back..joking why it was so heavy, did she bring a bomb inside lol. Seol laughed and joked with him. Jung saw all that.

The next class (still the same clothes, so I think the day hasn’t passed), Seol saw Jung approaching and she avoided him. Saw bora and euntaek then ran to them. Jung just saw them…and awww he actually bought her a bottle of meds but couldn’t bring himself to give it to her. He thought back to the times when Seol tried to greet him (and he purposely ignored her). Then Euntaek and Bora ran passd him. Euntaek piggyback fainted Seol. Jung stared at sick Seol’s face (it was sweaty I think…but does he think she cries? @.@). Then just stood there with O.O face. He went to class, still thinking about her. Thinking of her sick face just now, their first encounter when Seol gulped down that disgusting food, when Seol laughed at him (at the study group with Jaewoo. Season 1), when she stared at him with ㅡ.ㅡ expression, when she got cornered into doing more jobs at group presentation (the one she did with him, iirc), when she gave him money, when he overheard her talking to her mom by phone (that later led him to give up his scholarship), her expression when he turned down her festival idea publicly, when he took care of her during festival, when he asked for money just now. He thought of her smiling and joking with Euntaek, but she blushed hard when he gave her money. Professor is talking. He overheard Bora talked abt Seol (abt whether she should be taken to hospital or not, I think..not sure lol). Then suddenly he raised his hand and told the professor that suddenly has some emergency…and asked for permission to leave the class for a while. -Chapter ends-







S4 Ch.28
The story is the continuation of Seol’s flashback last chapter. She couldn’t return the umbrella after accidentally listening to Jung’s phone convo. She then attended the same class (with Jung, too). She felt so much pain in her stomach (she was sick during the bar/school festival in s3..then last chapter), but she hesitates to go to the doctor cuz she doesn’t have money… She can’t ask her family to help either (they’re in financial troubles). Then after class her department kinda collecting the students from year 1,2,3,4 to talk more about the festival preparation… Jung just stood there and the conversation between the classmates became blur in his ears.. Then he suddenly hears Seol’s voice vividly among others. Seol is talking to Bora about the umbrella “it’s not mine…It’s Jung sunbae’s” Bora asks why she didn’t just return it then go home (since she’s sick). She was like “ikr…I also dunno why [I couldn’t just return it]. Person (she uses the word 사람-can refer to Jung/herself) really weird”. It catches his ears (WEIRD is his forbidden word, remember?). But I think Seol is referring to herself more.. Cuz afterwards she continued “I’m so weird, right? I’m the weirdest [cuz can’t just return the umbrella]…maybe there’s stg wrong in my brain (lol)”. Jung then noticed the umbrella in her hand and remembered the day when he left it for her. And actually earlier that day, he noticed her kinda following him. He smiled but I think he wonders why she did that hahaha.

Then, somehow it brought his back to his high school days with Inho and Inha.. He was smiling by himself then, they approached and Inho asked “why are you smiling by yourself, this weird bastard (please note Inho use the word 새끼’s rather common to call someone close to you with that)”. But he seemed to register the “weird” part more.. Goes back to class festival preparation. That girl who likes Jung (Hanbyul?) was like “Jung sunbae still sick? You don’t look well” then everyone is like “ah were sick…r u ok? You worked hard..shouldn’t worked alone at that time” etc…fussed over him.

at that moment, Seol returns the umbrella by putting on the table then she left without words. Jung was like “But seol……[worked hard too]” but neither Seol or the classmates hears him. Seol walks away and thinks back to bar prep when he said “You’re doing all this…but nobody will notice anyway”…then thinks back about what just happened at the class, ppl fuss over him. She thinks “Many ppl notice nice” #sarcastically She thinks that day she worked so hard, stressed out by herself, even got rained on…but at the end she couldn’t even continue doing the prep (cuz she’s currently sick). She thinks back to the bar scene where she looked after Jung and thought “This person is also…like me” she thinks back while walking “Similar my butt. I must be crazy…why had such thought. So laughable, myself is… really, I’m the weirdest one.” HAHAHA. Then her mom texts her to buy something on the way home.

At the next day, she still feels so much pain. Checked her wallet, but no money. She thinks that she actually still has some money in her cards…but what if there’s an emergency… Then she sees someone at the vending machine, thinking it is EUNTAEK. She thinks that let alone to Bora, she never really talks about money problems to Euntaek. Then she giggles by herself. She decides to borrow some from Euntaek “just once..just this once…” actually the person at the vending machine is JUNG, not Euntaek hahaha. He is reminiscing how Seol always refuses when their classmates asked her to join “Jung’s treat!!” Jung thinks he has never even had proper conversation with her… Then why he keeps [thinking about her]..wondering “what the hell am I doing” At that moment, Seol pulls his sleeve (still thinking he’s Euntaek. She doesnt look at his face so she still doesn’t realize). She hesitates “…today I forget to bring my card…” asks him whether he can lend her 10.000 won. Then she said “ah nope.. 2000.. Can you lend me?” Jung is shocked. Hahaha


[SUMMARY] Cheese in the Trap Season 4 Ch. 22-23

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These two chapters are Jung and Baek siblings’ chapters.



Season 4 Ch.22 Inho’s flashback. #치즈인더트랩 #유정
#백인호 #만화 #cheeseinthetrap
After SangChul’s thingy, he stood there, fuming. Remembering that Jung threw him a ‘warning’ look…his “WHY DO YOU CARE??!!” during their fight (where he said Jung brought more damage to Seol than him, iirc). He thinks (flashback to his interaction with Seol, Seol holds Jung’s injured hand, his own hand accident) “My feeling”

Flashback to high school. He called Jung, asking him to talk to him after class. Jung said he has smthg to do. Inho got irritated, knowing something off. He kept asking Jung to talk if he got some dissatisfaction with him, calling him petty (or narrow minded). Jung feigns innocence (MEH lol), “talk about what?” Inho got more pissed, “IF I KNOW WHY WOULD I ASK!! U R SO FRUSTRATING!! JUST TALK!!” He mentioned that Jung keeps avoiding him lately. Jung avoided answering and said he has to do smthg and left. Inho was pissed, “Do whatever you like!! Petty bastard!!” lol. Scene shifts to Jung’s house. Inho was talking to Jung’s father about concour..asking him to come. He noticed Jung passed by but ignored Inho. Jung’s father didn’t notice Jung and told Inho that “ofc I’ll definitely come” cuz he’s practically family. Asked Inho to think of him like a father. Inho thought back to his abusive aunt. Then he noticed Jung went up the stairs and then Inho left the house, humming. Jung suddenly called him. Inho was so shocked (thatguyislikeghostsometimes lol). Jung asked him “You…do you really think of me as your friend?”. Inho, “Whut?…you laughable bastard. Right, [think of you as] friend!! Now hv you already thought wht u wanna say?” Inho stepped back to approach him. Jung said, “If so, stop right there.” Inho halted his steps, “what?” (The webtoon was drawn beautifully, you can see there’s a line between them. Jung-light side. Inho-dark side). Jung continued, “You stop right there. Take care of your line [aka don’t cross your line]”. Inho laughed it off and told Jung to just go sleep. Mumbling “that weird bastard.” #OHNOYOUDIDNT
then he called out to Jung, “Let’s talk tomorrow!” Jung seemed only to register the WEIRD part and flinched. He looked furious and hurt(?). -End-


S4. Ch.23.
Idk what’s happening. It’s all confusing and rather complicated so I won’t write anything much abt the content I don’t understand (I don’t wanna assume and presume…as I might be wrong). There are flashbacks inside a flashback. Still from Inho’s pov.

His concour. Still wondering and worrying abt Jung’s behavior. Jung’s father came to his concour and some ppl noticed him as the chairman of z group and wondered why he came. Inha saw someone outside (the piano kid that hated Inho? Idk). Someone came to interview Inho.

Then another flashback or continuation of the scene (as in the next day?)?? Idk. But Jung was mad…saying something about deception. Schoolmates whispering around Inho. Idk what’s going on or what they said lol. Inha came and angry (dunno about what exactly). Maybe there’s a rumor? Idk.

More flashback to their younger teenage days with abusive aunt. Inho looked bruised and battered idky. He came home and heard Inha was being beaten. Aunt called her parasite. Inho ran away. Alone, he thought he didn’t remember his mom and dad’s faces. Even grandpa’s face is fading away from his memory. Saying that aunt’s home isn’t really a home…but still he should go back, to Inha.
Flashback to high school again? Talked to Inha abt “only think they’re family (who? Yoo’s family? Not sure @.@).” Flashback to younger days again. Inha called him trash. Both are bruised and battered (idk when it’s happening..I guess after he ran away?). Inha said Inho left her alone and ran away “you’re that trash-like bastard”. Inho apologized, calling her “noona”. Inha was angry, saying she’s not his noona..”you’re not my brother. don’t call me noona!!!” Back to high school flashback…Inha seemed to recall that she overheard Jung is talking to that kid she saw outside concour venue? That kid asked Jung whether it’s true Inho is sponsored (supported) by Jung’s family…Jung said if he’s curious, Jung’d tell him (his upper-half face can’t be seen-from Inha’s pov, it might look as if he’s suspicious or hving malicious intention? Idk the impression I get from the drawing). Inho looked surprised at Inha’s story. -end-