[ENG SUB] Shinhwa Broadcast Season 2


It’s a brand new season.., I make a new post to compile the eng sub link as well. These are the part 1 (episode 1-29) and part 2 (30-49) posts and part 3 (50-60).

This season, Dongwan won’t be participating because he’s having a musical. And personally I think it’s impossible for him to join the filming since his musical performance schedule always clashed Shinhwa Broadcast’s filming schedule and he said he wanted to concentrate on practicing and performing the musical for the mean time.

As for Andy, started from ep 5 onwards (*now still episode 3), he won’t be participating as a part of his self-reflection period after gambling scandal. I don’t know when he’ll be back, just let him be in hiatus to reflect on his mistake. Don’t gimme the crap on ‘why does he have to leave’ either. He had to. He made mistake, though he apologized, he’ll still need to pay the consequences. All celebs who got in this gambling scandal had to exit their shows. If he or anyone insisted on staying, Shinhwa Broadcast and Shinhwa will receive harsh backlash from public, and probably prolong his hiatus period and will also affect this show (could be cancelled) and Shinhwa’s future albums and promotions.

Nothing has said yet when Dongwan and Andy will be back.

and for the nth time.. if there’s no FULL ENG SUB Link you can find in either posts, it simply means NO ONE HAS SUBBED IT FULL YET. I don’t know WHEN it will be available either I’m not the subber. and YES, SF Sub is still subbing it. JUST SIT AND WAIT.

Hopefully you can read that huge sentence..and cut me some slacks from answering repetitive ‘where when is the eng sub? who will sub?’

If you want to watch raw..it’s here

Episode 1 – Dog Shelter (031113)

Preview by Axerine

by Shinhwa Forever (full sub)

Episode 2 – Dog Shelter (101113)

Preview by Axerine

by Shinhwa Forever (full)

Episode 3 – Shinhwa’s Jjajangmyun (171113)

Preview by Axerine

by Shinhwa Forever (full)

Episode 4 – Shinhwa’s Jjajangmyun (241113)

Preview by Axerine

by Shinhwa Forever (full)

Episode 5 – Archery (will be aired on Dec 8th. Dec 1st no ShinBang due to jTBC special Anniversary program)

Preview by Axerine

by Shinhwa Forever (*they would upload it SOON)

Episode 6 – Archery

Preview by Axerine

Episode 7 – Live Puppet Show

Preview by Axerine

CUTS: ‘A Secret Gift’ Practice’


PS: Season 2 of Shinhwa Broadcast is the LAST season of Shinhwa Broadcast. It ended with 10 episode. Why it ended? #UniverseHasGoogle U_U

[ENG SUB] NEW Shinhwa Broadcast Ep 50~60


((pic credit on the pic))

As we all know (though some may don’t), Shinhwa Broadcast was in hiatus for a month due to revamping its new concept.

and FINALLY!!! They are back with new “Mother’s Touch” Concept. The 50th Episode will be aired on April 7th!!! The time slot is still the same, which is 7:30 pm KST.

Because it’s a brand new concept, I make a new post to compile the eng sub link as well. These are the part 1 (episode 1-29) and part 2 (30-49) posts.

and for the nth time.. if there’s no FULL ENG SUB Link you can find in either posts, it simply means NO ONE HAS SUBBED IT FULL YET.

I will no longer answer questions regarding this.


Preview by Axerine

by forever changjo (not full yet, still part 1-3 only)

by Ines (still not full yet..only 1.. SOFT SUB)

by Shinhwa Forever (full)


Preview by Axerine

CUTS by Axerine: Hit the back GAME,

by Shinhwa Forever (full)

Episode 52

Preview by Axerine

CUTS by Axerine: Opening Part,

by Shinhwa Forever (full)

Episode 53

Preview by Axerine

by Shinhwa Forever (full)

Episode 54

by Shinhwa Forever (full)

Episode 55

by Shinhwa Forever (full)

Episode 56

by Shinhwa Forever (full)

Episode 57

preview by Axerine

by Shinhwa Forever (full)

Episode 58

Preview by Axerine

CUTS by Axerine: RicSyung Meeting, Angry Panda and Frustrated Kangaroo

by Shinhwa Forever (full)

Episode 59

Preview by Axerine

by Shinhwa Forever (full)

Episode 60

by Shinhwa Forever (full)

SHINHWA “WE” Taiwan Edition

tw ver


  • 7 posters. 6 individual members’ posters
  • Photo desktop


  • 548 NTD (minus shipping and exchange rate may differ for each countries)


  • April 10th

I can help you to buy this if you want.

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From other countries, can transfer via paypal.

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If you want to buy, please send me an email : luvmylife2307@gmail.com

So it would be easier for me to track..

Deadline to order+payment: April 6th.. (because I need to order to the store, too.. to make sure I could get all of the CDs..)


Philippines (3)

Malaysia (1)



[FA] Shinhwa @ MNET MCountdown #Sniper10thWin + KBS Mubank ((But didn’t see them T_T))


I was still in Seoul and planned to try attending MNET Mcountdown, since I heard it’s the only music show possible for foreigners/non-official fanclub members to attend.

The direction to MNET MCountdown building (CJ E&M Media)

  • Take subway and get off at ‘Digital Media City’ station, exit 2.
  • Take bus number 7711, 7730, 710, 171
  • Get off at 상암DMC홍보관.YTN 정류장 하차 (Sangam DMC Hongbogwan, YTN Jungryujang Haja). It was easy to spot as you can see MBC and YTN buildings around it.
  • You can walk, but it is pretty far and you might not know the way, so take bus is safer. It’s pretty close, only 2 or 3 stops anyway.
  • If you want to walk, take exit 9 and walk straight until you saw SBSPlusTower. Turn left and walk straight again until you saw YTN building.

I was told to get there very early aka 2 or 3 AM. So I went around that time with 3 Malaysian SHCJs (Thank you for being crajeee with me!! LOL)

So we went there very early but there was no one to ask about what to do or where to queue. We met Japanese’s Eunhae fans and several KR SHCJ and C-SHCJ (*whom I actually met in Cknia haha). Those people kept telling us that non-official fanclub members could NOT attend pre-recording..as if we don’t know that already //rollseyes//

Non-official fanclub members can only attend LIVE BROADCAST (people called it ‘IlBan’), not the pre-recording.

So we went around the area and the JPN fans told us there were some announcement posted on the walls and that we needed to text that number (It was just a random piece of paper being pasted on a random wall near the building). The random ahjussi (idk who was he) also told us to try to text. But then again, we dunno what to text, etc.

More people came after and overheard some said the list for live broadcast attendance was fixed. We were like “????????” because we heard the list was made based on ‘first come first serve’ basis. But we decided to just wait and see. Until around 4am, there are some KR fans came with the list and started calling people’s name, then asked them to come again at 7am. We asked them what to do to attend, but they said the list has been fixed, etc. They still scribbled our name but said couldn’t promise us that we could enter. At this point, I overheard some of those fans said we definitely could NOT enter ((Please note that basic language knowledge is very important for fangirls lmao. I know basic Korean, Japanese, and Chinese, so it was very helpful for me to decipher what they said because they could not speak English)). The random ahjussi also said the list was fixed and ‘that’s unfortunate you could not enter.’ and Japanese fans also said the same thing.

Feeling dejected because we could not enter despite coming early, we took a rest on an office building across CJ E&M. While resting, I re-read all the accounts from other kpop fans on how to enter and found there might be several lists for entrance: fanlist and staff list.

So we thought it was for fan-list only. Then we decided to try for staff list. It was said that the staff would come out around 5-7 am, so we went there again around 5:30. Many fans from other groups’ have already gathered. Met Lovelyz JPN fans and Crayon Pop fanboys who were practicing their fanchant XDDD

At 6:30 am, a staff oppa came and asked us to write our names and numbers. We got number 1-4. He asked us to report again around 9:30 am.

Then we found somewhere to sleep while waiting. There were many cafes around, so you could just pick whichever you want XD

At 09;30 we gathered and found that only the staff lists people could get in. So please bear in mind, if you want to attend the recording, better to list your name with a staff, not the fans. Though it won’t hurt to find beforehand whether there was a fan-list also.

We then were asked to attend Laboum’s pre-recording because there were not many fans. It was an interesting experience to see all of those camera work..how the PD and staffs work.. The girls had to record like 2-3 times I think.. the studio was hot and I was sure the stage would be hotter, I somehow felt really bad for them.. It must hv been hard being idols.. U_U

The staff then asked us to come again around 16:30. So we went back and slept and ate lunch ((completely forgot that M has a press conference around 2..I should’ve stayed back OTL))

20150326_070504 20150326_070513 20150326_153906 20150326_153942

The CJ E&M building and the surrounding

Anyway we arrived there again around 15:30. Went inside the lobby and saw many idols I don’t recognize. Then I bumped into Princess Lulu aka Luda of Dancing9….and shamelessly asked to take pics together.. HAHAHAH. She was so pretty and tall and graceful ;;;A;;; Thank you for being so kind and let me taking pics with you ;;A;;

Looking around for Hwidong but could not see him. Too bad :\

We came when SHCJs were queuing for Shinhwa’s pre-recording. There were so many!!!!! I left when ELF was queuing for D&E, and SHCJs’ queue was three-four times longer..I was O__O when staff told me “that’s Shinhwa’s fans”

20150326_152028 20150326_152043

SHCJs were queuing to see Shinhwa’s pre-recording

Then around 17:00 (I think), they started to get us in line. The staffs asked fanclubs and ilban ppl to make lines. The fanclubs then had to decide on who entered first (I think the staffs asked them to get random number and it depends on your luck on who got in first XD). Not everyone in the official fanclubs can get it. The staffs have quota for it. If there were not many people, ofc everyone can get in. But for SHCJs, I think only 40-50 could get in.. I saw some started to queue in Ilban line too after U__U

So then we were asked to enter the building little by little, then wait until we were allowed to enter the studio. We entered almost at the same time with the start of live broadcast. Got to stand near MC stage…

Then I saw D&E left the stage (after pre-record?idk) then MC entered the extended stage and the show began…

I then saw WanJin first, when they prepared for winner interviews with MC.. Shinhwa then started to come in one by one..I can only see their behind, sadly /ahem/ U_U =))) I remember Eric kept his hand on Dydy’s shoulder the whole time <3333333 Dydy playfully hit Jinnie…and Jinnie did it to M XD

I couldn’t catch what they were saying to the MCs cuz too busy waving and gawking..I mean..looking XDDDDD Only know it was for winning interviews (since they missed two live broadcast for their 2 wins haha). Then I think the MCs announced the contender for that week. Again, I didn’t hear well but I heard fans were screaming and started finding their phones to vote, looking at their placards, those people must be Shinchangs XDDDD

Then I watched performance after performance while waiting for Shinhwa’s turn. I really did not recognize most of them cuz I don’t really pay attention to overall kpop, I’m sorry ^^;;; If it weren’t for the writings on screen, I wouldn’t be able to name them all U_U

I remember being awestruck by Baek Jiyoung and V.O.S’s performances though.. Can’t help but cheering for them too.. Their voices..man..it was soooo great and jaw-dropping T_T

WanJin then came out for another interview. This time with RV girls. Again, I was standing behind them..so could only gawking..uhm..I mean staring shyly(?) at their behind….. (((aka JUNJIN’SPEACHES))). Jinnie kept moving and danced around it was cute to see hehehhehee.


anyway..I couldn’t really hear them again as I was busy staring HAHAHAHA. I remember Jinnie then waved to fans before exiting the stage..while oppayam pretended to act cool pfft ^^:;; Later I found out the made a promise on winning without Minwoo’s permission..SMH BOYS hahahahha.

D&E, RV, and Shinhwa took the last stage. D&E had so many stages on their goodbye stage…I can’t help but feeling envious..since Shinhwa was also in their goodbye stage, but only performed one song ^^;;; I was quite impressed with Donghae’s solo..he has a good voice XDD

I squatted down almost the whole time during RV’s stage..because some of their fans were standing behind me so I think, they needed to see clearer..and there was one fanboy fanchanting so loud beside me, so it’s better for me to squat down haha.

During the live broadcast, they still sang and danced as usual but it was more playful. They smiled here and there. I remember Minwoo changed his “target” move to a heart.. <3333

SHCJs were also still fanchant-ing loudly..it’s very nice to be a part of it <3333333 During this time, I was standing a bit front, since the other fans’ have started to move back.

They then got off the stage after the performance and went up again for ending stage. I remember me and many other SHCJs were praying so hard so they could win..we were all chanting ‘Shinhwa san! shinhwa san!’ before winner announcement. As live audiences, we could not see the score breakdown at all..so we could only pray silently that they would win…

When they won..omg..the scream was so loud XDDD

Then SHCJs were trying to get to the front stage for encore while the other groups’ fans were trying to move back. The pushing and pulling were no joke DDDDDX

The full encore itself was so enjoyable. The fanchant was still loud. The members asked us to sing together, too. They were also playing around on stage. I remember Minwoo asked sassy dancer to hold the trophy to thank him for helping with Sniper’s choreography. Minwoo also did the 10x turn promise by Junjin..LMAO you bad babird..poor Minbong gets dizzy XDD Then during Eric’s part, we were asked to squat down..but we didn’t want to miss the encore and the ‘mosh’ was so tight, so we were like half-squatting and half-standing haha. Minwoo also pushed Eric’s shoulder down to make him squat down during this part. At Andy’s part of “you’re mine” HE WAS POINTING AT MINWOO and Minwoo kinda touch his hand

Again, I didn’t remember much of the happenings. I just remembered being so happy while staring at them playing on stage. I remember them smiling and laughing happily. Particularly Junjin… He was so cute ;;A;; I hope MNET would release full encore stage. Shinhwa then exited the stage after thanking Shinhwa Changjo once more.

After that, we were all going outside the studio. I followed orange people to the side of the road to see Shinhwa gets off work. On the way to SHCJs’ line, I overheard some fans (idk which group’s) were like “Shinhwa fans are crazy” HAHAHA #takeitascompliment

Then we were waiting at the sidewalk.. I like how SHCJs kept reminding each other to be careful and not to stand on the road and to keep standing on the sidewalk because it was dangerous.

Andy and Hyesung left first. SHCJs were chanting “Lee Sunho!! Lee Sunho!!” but he went too fast because of the green light. Next was Hyesung. Again, we almost missed him because he went so fast because of the green light T_T Both of them were waving and smiling to fans though..lucky I could see that. They went so fast until fans were like “nugu? nugu? nugu?” but they still screamed anyway HAHAHHA.

Then Dongwan’s car passed by.. He was waving and saying “KIDS…ANNYYEEEOOONGG~~” cheekily lol. I heard that he also threw candies to the crowd (not where I am standing though). After he left, the SHCJs beside me were like “he must be in a very good mood to be doing this” #usuallyemoyam =))

There were some random moments when we saw other singers.. ((just copy-paste from my tweets cuz I’m lazy like that lol))

  • A car passes by…fans were screaming but it turns out to be Eunhyuk and SHCJ went MWOOOYAAAAAA HAHAHAHAHA
  • A car passed by and some kids were waving to us so Shinchangs went annyyeooongg lol..some commented “must wanna be celeb” :))))
  • Boyfriend’s van just passed and stopped in front of us with the members waving at us..so SHCJs were like “goodbye~” “u r handsome” XD
  • Eric Nam’s car passed now and SHCJs were like “ANNYEONG THE OTHER ERIC SSI” BWAHAHAHAHAHA He was so nice stopping by to talk to fans XD

Waited for RicJinMin next. But they took very long to come out. So I just decided to go back because I hardly slept at all that day. Later I found out Minwoo went to record Dancing9 so he didn’t get off work. While RicJin were nowhere to be found as I saw no fanpics of them leaving hahaha. Thanks God I didn’t wait =)))


My last day in Seoul and I decided to wait for them coming for Music Bank.

How to get to KBS?

  • Take subway Line 9 and get off at National Assembly
  • It is airport line too, so please make sure you get on the right train. ‘Common’ train will stop at every stop. But ‘Airport’ train will pass the National Assembly. I got so confused and had to get on and get off because of this haha
  • Take exit 4
  • Walk straight then turn right at the first intersection
  • You will be able to find KBS Hall easily from there
  • Try to find the parking lot. It should be easy because you could see fans are heading to that direction..and there’ll be barricade like this pic:



Line of fans in front of KBS Hall

At that day, I saw many other singers: Ga In, Minah, Baek Jiyoung (a very nice unnie!!! She always greeted us when she passed by), Kwill (there was someone hilariously asked fans ‘U NO TAKE PICS OF KWILL?’ LMAO), Boyfriend, Eunhae (they passed a lot of time..both greeted the fans..Eunhyuk looked so cheerful to me hahaa), Laboum, Red Velvet, Amber, etc.

But I could NOT see Shinhwa because they came soooo late and I had to catch my flight T_T

I just find out also from security ahjussi that they would not have rehearsal so they wouldn’t be coming early.. I thought I would just wait because other singers also came after lunch time to 3pm to go to work anyway.. BUT those tardy-dols decided to come an hour/half an hour before the show ^^;;;;;;;;;; Making me think..they pre-recorded their performance for that week wayy before..so they could come so late haha.

How to get to Shin-related Places? #Mangosix #AmyChoco #Gaepan #ShinhwaCompany #Cknia XD

1. Mangosix in Garosu-gil


It’s the cafe where M also filmed his M10 Special DVD.

  • Take Subway Line 3.
  • Get off at Sinsa Station Exit 8
  • Just walk around the way until you see ‘Garosu-gil’ street name, then turn left
  • Go straight until you see Mangosix at the right side of the road


The cafe was just across the Line Cafe :3

2. Amy Choco, where Eric filmed DoR interview.

While at the same street, it won’t hurt to visit also XD


  • Walk straight from Mangosix
  • Until you see a cosmetic store named “Melvita”, turn left
  • Walk a bit more, then you can see this cafe XD

3. Shinhwa Company

A must visit place for Shinhwa Changjo :3

  • Take Subway Jungang Line (The one with sky blue color)
  • Get off at Hannam Station, Exit 1


  • Go straight, then you can see the first intersection, turn right (see pic below)


  • Follow the road (it was a VERY TINY AND NARROW street where only one car can pass)
  • Turn left until you see “Gomasu Building” (painted red)


  • Go up to the 6th floor (can tell they are quite obsessed with number 6 too lmao)


If you want to pass some gifts to Shinhwa, just wait until a staf passed by and asked their help to pass it to members. Don’t try to enter the office if the staffs don’t ask you to, it’s rude.

Inside the office. They decorated it with some oranges XDDDDDDDDD

20150325_120502 20150325_121124 20150325_121208


4. Gaepan

It’s run by Minwoo’s noona. Don’t really expect that some members would be there, unless you go there past midnight XDD

The food was pretty expensive and the location is a bit hard to find, so better go there with SHCJ who really knew how to get there.


I’d like to apologize because I don’t really remember how to get there in details LOL

  • Take subway
  • Get off at Apgujeong Rodeo (NOT Apgujeong, but APGUJEONG RODEO!!!) exit 5
  • Walk straight
  • Turn right at some points ((sorry I forget which intersections..I think it was 2nd intersection you found after walking straight?))
  • Keep walking straight until you are at the end of the road
  • Turn right
  • Gaepan has yellow tags and located at the right side of the road.
  • From the exit, you approximately have to walk for 10-15 minutes


Full with shinchangs cuz concert’s aftermath and anniversary’s eve XD

5. Chicken Mania (Chungmuro branch)

This branch of Cknia only opened at NIGHT 6PM.

  • Take subway. Get off at Chungmuro station exit 1
  • Go straight
  • You’ll be able to see Cknia sign right away
  • The restaurant is located at the second floor

You can also ask the waiter for Shinhwa posters XDDD

Them being the endorsers aside, but the chicken was very good <333333

20150325_185953 20150325_190540 20150325_192745






[FA] 150322 Shinhwa 17th Anniversary Concert

It won’t be a detail fan account since I could not really remember every detail as it was like a dream to me TT___TT Also because I watched the concert from mosh A and stood at the back so I could not really see what happened on stage. Just a tip: if you’re short like me and want to watch the whole thing, seating tix is much better or you can stand at the very back to avoid seeing only someone’s head the whole concert ^^;; Mosh is great to feel the whole concert’s ambiance though.

You can see the whole setlist here

I will just write down what I could remember here. it may not be in order and quite a disorganized memory XDDD

  • There were a lot of freebies distributed around the concert venue..many times I wasn’t lucky, already queued but didn’t get it cuz it ran out before my turn /sobs/.
  • At the second day, they opened the barricade at the photo wall, so now fans can actually sit on it XDDD
  • I missed D.U.R’s performances T___T
  • When Inkigayo started, people were shouting “PLEASE VOTE TO 1245!!”..then random cheer could be heard around the venue when Shinhwa won XD
  • The opening credit was not as impressive the Grand Finale 2013.
  • Seriously orange ocean was amazing… the view when they turned off the light and only orange color decorated the whole stadium was <3333333
  • The place where I stood was quite empty (I stood at the far back), we could actually sat down while waiting for the concert to start haha.
  • I could see the projectors very clearly, but could not see the stage at all, even the extended one near the mosh.
  • They opened with T.O.P.. looking so good T_T and they danced the WHOLE SONG!!! How long has it been since they did the whole choreo for T.O.P TT_____TT
  • I don’t need to describe each member again as I already did before in SG concert’s FA  and it hasn’t changed ((I couldn’t see wrinkles from afar though, so dunno whether they’ve added some or not lol)) XDD But this year, seriously Andy is looking so good… I always think cameras never did him justice..but this year, he looks even better than any other times I’ve seen him <3333333333
  • During Ment 1, they talked about their Inkigayo winning…and did a deep bow to thank fans twice.. I was so surprised and touched TTT_____TTT
  • RicMin came most often at my mosh-side. Sometimes Andy also walked around there. Vocal line came to my side not so often ;A;
  • DIED at Mannequin o<-< #youknowwhy
  • As usual, their live were on point and even better than the CD version. I haven’t changed my impression that I like Dongwan’s voice best among vocal lines. But there are things he couldn’t do as good as Hyesung and Minwoo. Hyesung’s voice (as described by Minwoo) lingers in your ears and hearts <33 and Minwoo’s voice somehow made you feel like you’re being wrapped by a ChoongJae ((you know..since he’s looking so WARM XDD)) and somehow it feels like he was caressing our ears too <33 I note that Hyesung’s voice at the second day didn’t sound as good and crisp as he did at the first day though (he sounded so good even when I only heard it from outside the venue)…hope he rests his voice well after promotion :\ Can’t really comment on rap line since I don’t really know about ‘rap’..but I like how Eric changed his rapping style in every song. He sounded sexy in ‘Give It 2 Me’, sounded cute in songs like ‘I’m in Love’ and ‘Love Song’, sounded badass in ‘Yo’, etc XD
  • As you can see from the setlist, after the ment, they were slaying me with all the ballads <333333333
  • Particularly laughing so hard at ‘Man Who Knows’..idk if they were singing ballad or doing some gags XDDDDDDDDDD They kept changing the lyrics..into some kind of GyoWoo’s fanfic lmao. Not to mention that they were fooling around among the OTPs..and Dongwan also cursed just bcoz Hyesung sang ‘you can curse at me’ LMAO
  • Hyesung’s singing and JinDy’s rap particularly stood out in ‘White Shirts’ for me.. Remember going ‘awwwww’ every time Hyesung sings XDDDDD
  • The VCRs butchered ‘Memory’ for me..why they always doing this to a perfectly flawless ballad song of theirs u_u =)))))
  • At ‘New Me'(?), Minwoo changed the lyrics..saying “Andy is my everything~” While touching the maknae XDD
  • Cried at ‘White Shirts’ and ‘Don’t Cry’.. T_T The stage setting for ‘White Shirts’ and the outfits were particularly impressive
  • They ran around the stage during ‘I’m in Love’, ‘I Pray 4 U’, and ‘Love Song’.
  • They also did rock paper scissors to decide who will do the usual talking for ‘I Pray 4 U’..how old are these ppl LOLOL. DW lost and had to do the ment. Being lame and blunt as usual lol. Then Minwoo continued with a touching talk ((just give the touching ments to M!! XDD)).
  • They did ‘Wild Eyes’ live and were slaying <333333 such a shame I wasn’t as close to the stage as I was in Singapore…
  • Minwoo’s solo in ‘Hey, Come On!’ with the dancers was so COOL AND AWESOME!!!!!!!
  • The stage for ‘Give It 2 Me’ was especially sexy~~~ The way they sang it made the song sounds very sexy (Eric’s rap killed it!!! <333).. OFC, many OTPs moments happened during it <3333333 I remember the most when Minwoo lied on the stage’s floor, then Jinnie came to him and~ and~ and~ did //something//  #CANTHEYNOT o<-<
  • For ‘Up and Down’ I think y’all saw from the fancams already. I DIED O<-< Somehow it were both sexy and hilarious lmao. I remember SHCJs were chanting each member’s name to encourage them to dance~and they had no choice but doing it~hahaha XDDD
  • When Dydy did his powerful version of ‘Up and Down’, I kept thinking about his back….and he did hold it right after he finished dancing….. ;;-;;
  • ………..and what did Minwoo try to do to Hyesungie???!!! Hyesungie ran away from M.. HAHAHAH
  • I remember before No.5 and No.6’s dance battle, Hyesung was like “TO ANYONE WHO HOLDS ‘DENG-CING (*word play on DW’s name) MACHINE’ PLACARD, PUT IT DOWN!!” LOL
  • I think they came on the extended stage near mosh quite often than the first day (based on other shcjs’ fan accounts)
  • Was dying with envy when they appeared on the second floor and even descended through fans…could only watch from the mosh is painful TT____TT
  • ‘Memory’ stage.. Just from the voices, I think their voices at the first day was much better. For this performance, I think Minwoo and Dongwan stood out…
  • During Once in A Lifetime, there was a high platform and they put ‘THANK YOU, SHINHWA CHANGJO’ on it.. again, I’m so touched TT____TT They kept waving, smiling, doing multiple version of hearts while they were on the platform. I especially remember how Leadernim did a big heart multiple times so cutely <3333333
  • At the last ment(?) when they were expressing their gratitude for fans, Minwoo was choked up and he cried. The whole stadium was chanting ‘don’t cry!! don’t cry!!’..but I was tearing up myself T_T Junjin looked like he was about to cry too..but he held in though we still saw he was teary TT____TT
  • K-SHCJs gave out orange balloons before the concert and asked us to blow it up during the encore stage.. It was an amusing scene for me when SHCJs were busy finding their balloons, blowing it up, all while chanting ‘SHINHWA SAN!!’ restlessly AHAHHAHA
  • Hyesung said “Wah orange balloons are indeed awesome” when he saw the event.
  • The SNIPER’s switch part was so hilarious but awesome. I died in laughter when Jinnie was imitating while mocking his mama bird for his part.. THAT EXPRESSION!! THOSE FINGERS!!! BWAHAHAHHAA. Hyesung did the lizard dance better than the first day..been practicing? XDDD And Dydy wore M’s fedora..slaying while looking cute at the same time o<-<
  • They had photo-taking sections with the Inkigayo’s trophy at the encore…fans were allowed to take pics.. They looked so happy <33
  • They were going to every corner of the stages to bow 90 degree to fans before ending the concert <33
  • At that point, Eric was like “MY BEPPEU” while linking hand with Hyesungie..and ofc Hyesung refused him and dragged him behind his hoodie’s neck LMAO.  Hurt Riggy apparently went to Jin and put his hand around Jin’s shoulder while saying ‘MY BEPPEU’ and Jinnie’s face was like ‘yeah whatever’ XDDDDDDD
  • I think I saw Jinnie held a Dooly doll just before the concert ended..he brought it backstage #Jinnie+Dooly=OTP XDD
  • The concert lasted for 3.5 hours. It is totally worth every penny. Shinhwa is truly a concert-dol and the reason why I keep wanting to see them in their concerts.
  • SHCJs were particularly awesome for fanchanting, singing, rapping, screaming while waving orange lightstick continuously at the whole concert. I do think they remember Shinhwa’s songs better than Shinhwa members LMAO.
  • Caught Dydy stared at the prompter at some points #whysoobvious HAHAHA
  • There were many OTPs scenes but I couldn’t really remember one by one haha #blur
  • Waited for them to come out from the VIP Exit again.. Already many fans there.. I think JinDy were the ones who were leaving first? They then waved to the fans and left to the after party. Then it was Dongwan who came out and entered the car then came out with helicam again, recording SHCJs.
  • I swear SHCJs’ gazes following the helicam, not oppayam LMAO.. They even when “WHOOOAAAA..WOOOWWW” while staring at the helicam, not oppayam #pats #sorrynotsorryoppa U_U =))
  • I left while Oppayam was still busy with helicam haha.
  • I was standing there waving Shinhwa Philippines tarp cuz obviously I didn’t bring SHCJ Indonesia banners HAAHHAA
  • There were many taxi drivers ahjussis who offered a ride to the after party. But you have to be careful. They would ask much money and insisted to bring you there and waited for you until the party finished, it could cost a bomb. I overheard an ahjussis said it took 50.000 won for a ride to the after party.
  • If you want to go to the after party, it’s better to find SHCJs who really knew the place, then found a taxi elsewhere (not the one at the parking lot at the venue) and asked the ahjussis to take you there. But Seoul is super cold during March (at the second day of the concert, it was around 1-3 degree Celsius at night), and you might have to stand outside waiting for them for hours, probably until 3-4 am. And it’s not a guarantee that you would see them either (as they could leave via back door). So if it is not worth it for you, better not go at all.


The way to the venue is decorated with WE banner


At the second day, they sold Hyesung’s ONCE AGAIN KIT and SAPPORO PHOTOBOOK too


The standing entrance where I queued. It was horrible cuz near the construction and there was sand everywhere TT____TT


Mosh A before concert started




View of second floor.. ORANGE!!

How Much Money Needed for A Seoul Trip for Shinhwa?

Just making this since many SHCJs are preparing to go (especially for 20th Anniversary) and wanting to save the money XDD

This is just a rough estimation, excluding your possible shopping spree.


The most expensive is 145.000 won and the cheapest is 99.000 won. Please note that Shinhwa’s concert tickets are always one of the most expensive concert tickets for a K-idol groups’ concert. But it’s worth it since they always have more than 2 hours concert with re-arrangement for every song, fan services, and 100%LIVE.

It is very likely to increase for the coming years.

If you watch both days, you can double the expense =))


The merchandise prices always range from 10.000 won to 90.000 won.

If you want to buy all, you have to prepare around 300.000 won.

If they have jewelry as a merchandise, you have to dig deeper since it will cost around 100.000-200.000 won.

Chicken Mania

The cheapest is 17.000 won.

You could never eat in Chicken Mania alone as the portion is too big for one person. It’s best to come there with a lot of friends.

It costs at least 10.000 won each time you eat there.


The price here is more expensive than average eatery in Seoul. All menus worth more than 15.000 won. Again, it’s better if you come together with friends, since you can share the cost.

It will take at least 10.000 won each time you eat there.

Shinhwa CDs

The store in Myeongdong exit 3 still has several old Shinhwa CDs. Mostly are secondhand, but it’s NOWHERE near cheap T_T The regular CD will cost around 30.000-35.000 won. DVD will cost around 50.000 won. The very rare ones, like Shinhwa Personal History and Hyesung’s Love of May Special Ed, cost around 100.000 won.

The newest CDs will cost the same with gmarket/synnara prices.


You can get SHINHWA T-money card in Myeongdong (a store in exit 3) for 10.000 won. The card is empty so you have to put some money in after you buy it.

You can recharge the card each time with 1.000-10.000 won. You will be charged 1050 won each time you go inside the subway station or get on a bus.

I used up around 40.000 won for transportation cost in 7 days.

Express train to/from the airport costs 8.000 won. Ticket can only be bought in cash or credit card. You can use Arex train which stops at every station and pay using your t-money card too. It costs the same with the usual subway charge.

Airport limousine bus to/from the airport costs 10.000 won. It would take at least 1.5 hour to reach the city. It’s more recommended as you don’t have to drag your luggage around to transfer lines, like when you use train.

Taxi’s basic fare is around 3.000 won.


The cheapest I had in Seoul was around 3500 won in Ewha University area. Mostly it costs 5.000-10.000 won each time you eat.

Street snacks will cost you at least 3.000 won per servings.

Convenient store’s foods are obviously cheaper but it is not healthy. Instant rice =1.300 won. The other food like spaghetti or chicken ((if im not mistaken)) around 3.000 won.

In my hostel, they give bread and Shin ramyun for free. It helps reducing eating budget.


The shopping expense really depends on each person. But the cheapest clothes cost 5.000-10.000 won. Mostly it will cost you more than 20.000 won. Unless you shop at a department store (I didn’t go to any so I don’t know the price range) XDD


The only thing I found super cheap LOL.

If you like using Korean cosmetics’ brands, it’s better if you hoard while you’re in Seoul. It costs twice or even thrice less expensive that it would be in your country. For example, Etude’s eyeliner costs around 125 NTD in Taipei, but I could get it around 75 NTD in Seoul.


For dorm room, it costs around 25.000-35.000 won per night. You can check the prices in Agoda and book it via there, because it’s cheaper :)

Music shows

You can enter for FREE in MNET MCountdown (you just need to queue super early). But it’s hard to enter any other music shows unless you’re an official member of SHCJ.

Overall cost (highest estimates)

Attend concert for both days + some merchs + t-money + gaepan + cknia = around 510.000 won

7 days staying in a hostel: 30.000 x 7 = 210.000 won

Eating 3x a day (around 5000won each time~) = around 100.000 won

[FA] 150321 Shinhwa 17th Anniversary Concert

I didn’t attend the concert at the first day.. So this post will be mostly about concert merchandise, what I heard from outside and after-concert with members at VIP exit.

I arrived at the venue very early, around 7 am, to queue for merchandise. It wasn’t a long queue as mostly people already purchased theirs online.

So I went to queue and waited for the merchandise booth to be opened at noon.

Beside merchandise booths, there are several other booths: ShinJewelry booth, ShinCD booth, ticket booth (for people who want to buy the concert ticket directly), Interpark booth (to exchange your ticket and get the tix bracelet to get in), and snack booth. Shinhwa also arranges a photo wall for fans to take pics, but at the first day, the photo wall was barricaded with a line, so we couldn’t really take pics closely.

CD and Jewelry booths opened earlier than merchandise ones. There are individual banners around it so we can also take pics together with those.

ShinCom also puts the merchandises on display near the merchandise booth..the theme seemed to be ‘SHCJ on picnic’, they even had a fake lunchbox being spread on the official picnic mat XDD

While queuing for merchs, you can go around the venue to get free merchandise from SHCJs. Naturally, there were LONG QUEUE every where!!

K-SHCJ also set up a gongi booth (*you know..that game that Jinnie was addicted with lol). They’d teach you how to play. Then if you can win, they’d give you a present..

SHCJs are generally very nice.. If you give them something, they’d give you something back, like candies, drinks, or free merchs ^^~~

The concert started around 6pm (?). Because I didn’t attend, so I came at the venue a bit late. There was this amusing thing happened. I took subway. Once it stopped at Olympic Park station, people burst out running from the subway. Those are SHCJs!!! They ran to get to the venue on time.

It was a scary yet amusing sight.. Other people went “oh shinhwa concert..shinhwa..shinhwa..” seeing SHCJs ran like that XDD I think they were amazing to keep running even when climbing the stairs at the exit (mind you, those stairs at Olympic Park were so damn high -__-“).

Anyway..so I sat near VIP exit to listen to the concert. The fanchants screams from SHCJs could be heard very clearly from outside. The members’ voices were sometimes clear and sometimes muffled. I was amazed at their efforts to re-arrange their songs at every single concert. Many times I couldn’t point out what songs they were singing until they sang the first voice.

They must be eating their CDs before the concert.. It was freaking gooooddd TT___TT

I MET TAEHAK AT THE VIP EXIT TOO!!!!!!!!!! OPPAAAAAAAAAA TT_________TT He was picking up some girls (maybe, guest?) and taking them all inside. Three SHCJs unnies greeted him ‘Annyeonghaseyo, oppa’ and he replied with ‘annyeong’.. I was too dumbstruck cuz of his presence ;;A;; He was looking so cute and handsome ;;;;;;;A;;;;;;;;;


Anyway, the concert lasted more than 3 hours.. Then I waited for the members to come out from VIP exit. The security already prepared the metal barriers. So fans waited for them there.

The first to leave was Andy ((I think, forgive me if I’m wrong, my memory was kinda blur lmao)). Eric came out and went inside the car but he later went inside again. Saw Papa Mun was around too XDD

The members seemed to be in a very good mood.. They smiled and waved to fans before entering the car… ((I NOTE THAT JUNJIN SMILED VERY CUTELY WHILE WAVING ARRGHH O<-<)) XDDDDD

The last ones to come out was WooDong ((waiting for them until my hands were frozen and stiff cuz have to hold phone on standby TT_TT)). Minwoo came out, looking so cool with his fedora hat //swooonnn// o<-<

Then Dongwan came out (took him very loonggg!!!) and he entered the car from the side which was nearer to fans. Before entering, he said cheekily “KIDS, DREAM OF ME!!” then he went in XDD Fans then were chanting his name, then he opened the window (it seemed like he was taking pics of fans, not clear since he moved away from where I stood already). Heard he was also throwing candies to fans haha. Since he was the last member who came out, there were many fans were chasing after his car (including me lol). Saw him stopped by to take presents, but when I arrived, he already drove away.

That was the first day XD

[TUTORIAL] Using Tweetdeck and RTs A Tweet with Many Accounts at Once

1. Open tweetdeck.com on your browser (works best on Chrome and pls makes sure your browser is the updated one) or download the desktop app here

2. Click ‘sign in on the web’


3. You will be directed to sign in/sign up page. You can sign in using your twitter account. OR sign up for tweetdeck account, up to you.

4. Basically the interface will look like this


5. Now you can customize the decks. You can click add column at the left side and add your twitter home deck, mention deck, or even search deck.


6. Go search #신화 and make a special deck for it

tw4 tw5

7. Please click “exclude retweet” so the search wont be too crowded and confusing. Then click “Add column” to add the deck


8. Now you can add all of your twitter accounts on tweetdeck by clicking that picture at the left side. Click “add twitter account”



9. You will be directed to a pop up Twitter sign in page and just sign in as usual.

10. Now how to retweet and check how many RTs a tweet has.

Click on the tweet body. Not on the hashtags words or links.



10. You will see this


11. Click Retweet button tw11

12. Your accs will show up like this


13. Then click on your accounts’ pictures one by one. Then press the blue “Retweet” button.

14. Done. You can give Shinhwa as many RTs as you want. It is not a automatic retweet system or machine..so don’t worry of being accused of ‘cheating’ //COUGHS//