[MV] Shinhwa 13th Album “Unchanging” 2016

I actually feel rather bad cuz this blog rarely posts about Shinhwa anymore...sometimes I even got questioned on whether I still stan them :p (Yes, I do). So I'll put the MVs from their Unchanging album here...cuz sometimes if you search on Youtube, it won't appear on the main page (smh Shincom when will you … Continue reading [MV] Shinhwa 13th Album “Unchanging” 2016


Spirit Fingers Epilogue

Wooyeon is 20 years old now. She's hurrying to go to an important meeting...which is SF meeting. She's elected as the "president" now, so SpiFing club's theme is office worker haha. The club opening is as fun as usual. Wooyeon narrates that Green is currently working as a musical staff. Sunho is working part time … Continue reading Spirit Fingers Epilogue

[PO] Shinhwa ‘HEART’ Concert Merchandise

RULES 1. PO dan pembayaran ditutup pada 5 SEPTEMBER (Rabu). 2. Pembayaran harus lunas pada tanggal 5 SEPTEMBER, 21:00 WIB. 3. Untuk yang memilih opsi shipping, transfer pembayaran akan dilakukan 2x: pembayaran barang dan pembayaran shipping (KOR-INA dan domestik INA). Pengiriman domestik akan dilakukan dari Surabaya. 4. Bagi yang memilih opsi shipping, barang tidak akan … Continue reading [PO] Shinhwa ‘HEART’ Concert Merchandise

[PO] Shinhwa’s Special Album “Heart”

PRICE - tidak termasuk shipping (baik EMS atau shipping domestik Indonesia) IDR 230.000 (no poster) || IDR 243.000 (WITH poster) RULES Baca baik-baik peraturannya. 1. Untuk Batch 1, album akan dibeli mulai dari hari-H hingga hari ke-7 pasca album dirilis. 2. Pembayaran harus lunas pada tanggal 27 Agustus, 21:00 WIB. 3. Untuk yang memilih opsi shipping, … Continue reading [PO] Shinhwa’s Special Album “Heart”