[MV] Shinhwa 13th Album “Unchanging” 2016

I actually feel rather bad cuz this blog rarely posts about Shinhwa anymore...sometimes I even got questioned on whether I still stan them :p (Yes, I do). So I'll put the MVs from their Unchanging album here...cuz sometimes if you search on Youtube, it won't appear on the main page (smh Shincom when will you … Continue reading [MV] Shinhwa 13th Album “Unchanging” 2016


Spirit Fingers Chapter 110

#ifyoudontwannabespoiled #dontscroll #dontopentheREADMORE #spiritfingers #chapter110 #webtoon #스피릿핑거스 #웹툰 TS finds KJ wiping his face with water, asking if finally the love-blinded KJ has gone haha. He notes that it's kinda too late to play push-and-pull. KJ replies that he's not playing games, he's just waiting for WY to move first since he feels like he's … Continue reading Spirit Fingers Chapter 110