-Maybe some asking why I post these.. I studied International Politics so..yeah.. you can already guess why :]]-

On Kim Jong Il’s Death

On Putin and Russia


-These posts are really random- XDDDD

JNE Mengecewakan

Life and Death

Subtle Sarcasm



In CNY, I Miss You the Most

Photolog: The Great Wall

Wandering in Singapore #1: Fangirl’s Adventure =)) (15 June)

Wandering in Singapore #2: Shinhwa’s The Return Concert (16 June)

Wandering in Singapore #3: A Blur Tourist XD (17-18 June)


3 thoughts on “Scribbles

  1. DW says:

    Hey, I didn’t know you studied Int’l Politics. I am an Int’l Relations student, myself. And I read that you were Indonesian. Wow, we have many things in common. At first I only came here for Shinhwa (Broadcast mostly, but after awhile, I also search alot of Shinhwa old variety from your blog. Thank you so much). Hope we can be friends.

  2. marin says:

    hi there! at first i came to ur blog for 2AM, BEG and ur past but wonderful fanfic about adam couple. we have so many things in common. i love 2AM, and as devastated as you when they “unofficial” disbanded T.T
    i love BEG too and moreover i have obsession for adam couple, that i have to force my self to delete all about them in all my file-storing to regain my sane huhuu
    after the news about GaIn unnie relationship i feel very disappointed and just feel empty and didn’t any particular figure that become my target of fangirling
    but after that i found shinhwa and falling in love with the song “sniper”, and then i landed again in ur blog LOL
    i’m from Indonesia too and i study int’l relations too
    hope we can be friends :)))

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