ShinChangs are TROLL, the Ultimate Ones =]]]]]

@TOPCENT: 화이트 치킨 잘먹었어요~

White chicken eat well~


*Writing on banner:

“Shinhwa ya, you like it because of eating (our) ginseng chicken soup, right? Next time show us our fronts and leave~

ShinBang Staffs, Thank You So Much”

They called Shinhwa “SHINHWA-YA!” in banmal.. but addressed the Shinhwa Broadcast staffs nicely and politely =]]]]]] and dare to ask Shinhwa to see their front (*reference: ShinBang 11) LOL… they used the sentence of the noodles ahjumma whom Dongwan told the story about in his speech, Shinhwa Broadcast 11.. XDDDDDD

=Minwoo Facebook=

역시 여름엔 삼계탕~!!고마워요 팬분들^^ — with Eric Mun


Best to have ginseng chicken soup in summer~!!  Thanks to fans^^


This is why I love this fandom…….. \TROLL/ =]]]]]]]]

Credit: @TOPCENT + Minwoo Facebook + @Shinhwamanagers + @Shinhwa_Updates + @WhenIFeelYou + @dongwah


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