[Trans] Shinhwa’s Epicness/Craziness


Haha. Another one that I think it’s worth to share and translate. Happy laughing at their epicness and craziness, and not my English translation. 🙂

cr: shinhwa baidu

1、Eric’s hatred
Eric: Dongwan! I hate you all!
Dongwan: Why??
Eric: You all don’t dote me, didn’t care about me when I’m sick!
Dongwan: We all love you. The other time when you having fever, we went to surround you, no?
Eric: Hng! You think I don’t know? That day heater was not working, so you all came over to find warmth!!

2、Junjin’s thirst diary
Junjin: Hyung, I’m thirsty, get me a cup of drink.
Eric: Get yourself, I’m sleeping!
Junjin: Aiya, people thirsty, help me get a cup of drink.
Eric: I will go over to beat you, if you shout again!
Junjin: Hyung, while you coming to beat me, get me a cup of drink too.

3、Petrol price increase

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