Spirit Fingers Chapter 121

Mirae walks home in a gloom mood. Then rain starts to fall. In another place, Wooyeon and Kijeong also get rained on. WY opens her bag, telling him she's got an umbrella and saying that her mum never fails to prepare one for her. But the umbrella turns out to be too small for both … Continue reading Spirit Fingers Chapter 121


Spirit Fingers Chapter 112

#ifyoudontwannabespoiled #dontscroll #dontopentheREADMORE #spiritfingers #chapter112 #webtoon #μŠ€ν”Όλ¦Ών•‘κ±°μŠ€ #μ›Ήνˆ° KJ is trying to run away from Writer K. But when she falls down in her attempt, he stops to check on her, "Are you hurt?" Thankfully she's not, but her "baby" aka her high heels is πŸ˜’ She yells at KJ to take responsibility for that. … Continue reading Spirit Fingers Chapter 112