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27 thoughts on “Crabbielife

  1. gaineson says:

    Hi, I’ve noticed that you are quite rational and objective about this fanwar issue, and I would like to ask your opinion about something that’s been bothering me lately. Being a fan of BEG I of course love to read about their closeness to one another. But, of late, I’ve noticed a change in their interactions..especially between Gain and Narsha. They have always been very close since the beginning, but I’ve noticed (thru observing them on shows and vids) that they have the connection they used to have. Gain is now always with Jea (I know they are like mother & daughter), she never goes on variety shows alone with Narsha anymore, it’s Narsha and Miryo. When they do photoshoots, Gain is never paired with Narsha either. On a recent fancam of MBC gayo, Gain completely ignored Narsha and Miryo, but she acknowledged and hugged Jea. Here’s the link if you want to watch it:
    I’m really hoping I’m wrong, but I can’t help feeling that they have split into 2 factions: Jea and Gain…Narsha and Miryo. Please give me you input on this. Thanks.

    • crabbielife says:

      To be honest… other than Shinhwa pairings, I really don’t know much. even if it’s BEG or 2AM..
      so I asked some of my friends about this.. and here is their two cents:

      1. They notice Narsha and GaIn weren’t paired up lately. Most probably is because Miryo is gonna release her solo soon. In variety shows especially, other than Narsha, 3 other members, are not really good. Most of the time they are quiet. Or if there’s food, Jea will only eat :]]] Pairing up Narsha and MIryo will gain Miryo more advantage, bcause she can learn from Narsha for variety skills. And she will also get the spotlight for it is usually Narsha who speaks the most in varieties.

      2. NarIn was exposed much before.. so maybe that’s why now that they are not paired up anymore, people will feel they are distant or not close anymore… It’s not completely true though. There are fancams where Gain was seen waiting for her Narsha unnie. But they were once, when both talked, they felt uneasy when all spotlight were on them… so maybe that is part of the reason why recently there are not so much of NarIn.

      3. GaIn looks closer to Jea now. It maybe true. Remember that Narsha and Miryo moved out first from BEG dorm. Only Jea and GaIn left. And when all of them don’t live in dorm anymore, GaIn will come and stay with Jea most of the time. If you spend most of your time with a person, it is given that you’ll be closer to him/her… GaIn looks up to Jea as her mom, too.. so.. :]]]

      4. As for why GaIn didn’t hug Narsha at that video..Most probably cause she didn’t see Narsha. She turned around from Kwon’s side.. so her view of Narsha might be blocked by herself. Then when she hugged Jea, Narsha was talking to others.. As for Miryo, she was busy talking to some other people, as well…

      It isn’t a split up.. Do not worry… In a group,. there are members you are closer and more comfortable with.. There are members who you aren’t too close with.. It doesn’t mean there’s a split between the group.. ^^ hmm for example in Shinhwa, there are six members.. they usually did so many skinships on stage. But there are always be these two members who stood farthest from each other.. One of them even said he is uncomfortable in doing any skinships with this certain member.. Both called themselves oil-water :]]] Do the group split? Are they not close? Nope.. They are still a group till now, for 14 years. Still close as friends/brothers. Even lived in the same neighborhood/apartment. But still maintain the safe distant from each other even now. LOL

      • gaineson says:

        I can accept what you said from points 1 – 3. As for point 4, I realise I’ve sent you the wrong link…watch this one and tell me what you think then :

        I really don’t want to worry about them, but it’s easier said than done lol. Anyways, thank you for taking the time to even read my ramblings. I’m sorry for troubling you.

    • FaI says:

      Ah.. sorry, may I jump in?

      Regarding the Gayo ending clip. You can see clearly that Gain turn to kwon’s side, then back, that’s when she see Jea. Narsha was next to Jea, but moment later, there’re ppl passing by also, and please also understand that countdown moment is always overwhelming, chances are you’ll jst see what’s in front of you, sometimes you just grab the person next to you. There’s another reason, Gain couldn’t left her MC spot. She’s still MC at that time, so she has to stay put.

      As crabbie said before, probably the management just decided to shift focus onto Naryo, consider Narsha is strong at variety and Miryo needs exposure for her solo, this is good combination.

      As much as I love the girls, I understand that beside their sisterhood, all the combinations/pairings are promoted with a strategy, during Abra, it’s NaIn, and now Naryo, probably we’ll see NaJe sometimes too, or JeIn or Jeryo, depends on the purpose and their strategy that time. So, instead of worrying, just believe in their sisterhood, their relationship is probably deeper than just any surface interactions. Cheers, and don’t worry ^^

      • gaineson says:

        Hey, I appreciate your input. Whatever you’re stated I’ve already thot about actually. And I keep telling myself that I’m just reading too much into everything. I wish I am.
        But no matter what the management may instruct them to do, I’m pretty certain that when they’re not “working their image” they’d revert to their natural closeness, am I right? Have you watched fancams of the Idol championship? I watched a lot of them. Even when they are together, they are sitting apart in pairs and behaving as if the other pair is not there. Or else Gain’d always be holding onto Jea or having an arm around her (I know…mother and daughter relationship), but when Jea moved off somewhere leaving Narsha with Gain, Gain’d just stand very still. They avoid each other, hardly looked at each other..and I think they didn’t even talk. Same with Miryo.
        And that was the latest ones. There were other clips on other shows which had also aroused my suspicions. Not to mention their LV trip…it was always Jelin and Naryo even during their free time.
        Having said all that, I honestly hope my imagination had got the better of me, and the four of them are just as close as ever, or at least are still on cordial terms. I really love this group and hope they’d remain together for a long long time, even though they may have their individual activities.

      • FaI says:

        ah.. often, when we love something or someone too deep, we tend to over-think even if the matter is small, right? So, still, don’t worry too much *pats pats*.

        Beside, we don’t even know to what extend they are instructed to carry on the pairing๐Ÿ˜› They went through thicks and thins together already. Also, don’t expect things are always smooth between them๐Ÿ˜„ .. even within our real family, we have arguments. Thing is, i trust they are close enough to be able to discuss openly any problems may arise and straighten it as fast as possible.

        Bottom line is, Have faith in them ^^
        Cheer up~~~

  2. gaineson says:

    Thanks to the both of you for trying to reassure me. I guess this and the fanwar thing just got me down. I’ll be okay. And yeah, family members do fight among themselves at times…lol, thanks for that reminer, Fai…..btw, are you panda84 on twitter?

  3. gaineson says:

    Lol, have to admit there are times I really don’t know what you were talking about, anyways I’ve gotten a lot of great stuff about BEG from all your twits, so it kinda even out, yeah. Oh, one of you is Vietnamese and the other Indonesian right?

  4. Yuki says:

    hello~i’m recently doing a project of Shinhwa and luckily jumped into this site.
    just wanna simply say thanks to you all coz the info are really useful.
    and i surprised that the idols we love is totally the same! i love 2AM, adam and shinhwa. thats why i can’t hold myself and leave comment here:P (i hope i’m not leaving cm at wrong place:P)
    thanks again^^ fighting!

  5. yime says:

    Hai hai^^
    Mau tanya dong, maklum masih baru tahu Shinhwa,kekekeke
    Kenapa ya Hyesung sering digambar ‘kucing’? apa terlalu sensitif? hahaha
    Btw, makna dari Shinhwa Changjo apa ya?

    Thank’s before for the reply^^

    • crabbielife says:

      ShinYangi = Hyesung + Goyangi (cat)
      Hyesung pernah dibilang mirip kucing sama fans..makanya dia gambar kucing. dan gambar kucingnya itu-lah yang dibikin maskot ShinYangi.

      Shinhwa = legend
      Changjo = creation
      Shinhwa Changjo = creation of the legend/always creating legend

      welcome to shinhwa world:)

  6. sujusunny says:

    Hey i just wanted to say thank you for your posts as well as that i LOVE the new look of your blog! Keep up the good work! Fighting~ ^ ^

  7. wawa nini says:

    hi may i ask something? do you know the title of the song play when minwoo wake up in ep 5 shinbang? if you know reply me asap. tq.

  8. spicaundersky says:

    Hi There.
    Well, i’m first interest in korean because of runningman, and in the end of 2013, I became a hottest (2pm’s fans). And Now, i’m a shinhwa chanjo, haha.. So, I’m a newbie in shinhwa world.
    When I googling about shinhwa, your blog pop up, it’s quite surprising because you are from Indonesia, so I can visit you and learn about shinhwa directly from you!, haha..
    anyway, where do you live?
    is it possible if you give your email address?

    Makasih ya:)

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