Spirit Fingers Chapter 160

*Song’s House*

WY comes out of her room lifelessly, announcing that she’s going to school now. Her dad asks her about breakfast, but she replies that she has no thought about it now. Her dad insists that she still has to eat breakfast with family, see her family’s face, and has conversation with her family. Surprisingly, her mum defends her, “Aiyoh!! What’s with the lecture…it’s still morning! WY, just go! Go, quickly!” Dad scolds her, “What’s with you?” She retorts that Dad is the one making fuss, mentioning that WY is sad that SR is leaving today, “Still want to scold her?” He instantly raises her place, “WHEN DID I GET ANGRY?!” making WD chokes on his food. Her mum instantly fusses over him, scolding Dad for surprising the kid, “WooDeol-ah, drink the water~ Okaay.. right..it’s okay~” Dad is about to say something when WS raises from his seat, announcing that he finished eating, “Sorry, but I have to go early.” His leave is followed by Woodeol. Their mum also follow the sons toward the door, leaving the father alone.

*Different places, same feeling*

WY and SR looks up to the sky, wondering if SR’s flight is going well…then both start tearing up. Near High School C, TS is taking pictures of a leaving plane, looking so melancholy. Unaware of his feeling, his friends urge him to continue walking to school.

On their ways to school, MR and WY promise each other not to cry anymore, cuz their eyes are swollen already HAHA. MR then asks about WD’s condition and his treatment, “I heard that having a trauma in childhood time isn’t easy…” WY explains that WD is still afraid of Dad, but he’s been receiving treatment regularly and accompanied by Mum, so he is okay.

*WD’s school*

WD is walking to school with BG, while talking animatedly about BG’s story about selling 300 pairs of socks. Then WD suddenly sees a group of older kids (looking like bullies) and freezes. He starts sweating bullets, but he closes his eyes and recalls the calming feeling when KJ ruffled his hair and told him that WD was not a strange kid. The memory calms him down. BG worriedly asks if he is okay…and WD smiles contentedly, telling him that he’s okay now.


Sunho gratefully receives a drink from his hoobae. When he drinks it, Green ominously appears behind him, asking if the drink was good. He chokes on his drink HAHAHA. She then “teases” him about she’s not seeing him often, since ((you know)) he’s leaving soon to enlist. Sunho stares at her intently, then inches closer to her, “Nam Green. Don’t tell me, you…” She blushes at their closeness, but still manages to ask him back, “What?” But he turns his back on her, taking back anything he wanted to say. It infuriates her instantly. She chases after him, demanding an explanation, while he teases her by not answering her questions.

*Taeson’s House*

The boys are talking about having chicken for dinner…and greeted by a sight of KJ’s Dad meditating inside the room. They instantly bow down (TS forces KJ to bow, too HAHA), greeting him, “WELCOME, C-C-CAPTAIN!!!” Then they see a box of chicken they want to eat. KJ’s dad tells them to eat it and they do readily. KJ is about to take one chicken, but his father drags him away from the room and chicken…making his friends think in unison, “What a pitiful guy…” =)))

Outside the room, father and son stand with their backs against each other. When he realizes KJ is turning his back against him, Dad is upset…but KJ retorts that his dad did it first HAHA. They then end up sitting in the same position together. He starts formally, by asking him to explain his plans from now on and what he aspires to be. KJ picks his nose, saying that he doesn’t have any..which infuriates his dad, “That’s why I can’t trust you!” KJ answers back that Dad isn’t qualified to say such thing, cuz he chose to alienate himself by choosing to live near the sea as he wished, “I’m also like that! (t/n: doing things that he likes)” Dad changes his tone, suddenly crying and holding his son’s shoulders, “This father is this worried about you!! My son is FILIAL!!! FILIAL!!!” while KJ blushes (yet making WTF face at his dad HAHA). He tells his dad not to worry about him needlessly. His dad laughs then grants him permission, as long as he becomes number 1 (he’s joking tho haha). He also jokingly offers him a position as a captain if things don’t work out, but KJ is horrified at that prospect…making his dad angry, “Don’t you know how great being captain is!!!”… They bicker again =)))

*On the way to Song’s apartment*

WY looks at her phone, wondering if KJ and his Dad fight again (her intuition is correct, tho hahaha). Then her oppa calls him and they both walk together in an awkward silent. WY then thanks him for helping her to get her phone back. He’s a bit surprised that she knows, so she explains that Mum told her that he asked Mum a favor to return WY’s phone. Then they both fall into another awkward silent HAHA. WY then braces herself to ask him, “I…I have some questions I can’t solve, can you help me at the house later?” But she quickly retracts it, “Ah no..! Oppa is busy, right? Don’t mind me…Sorry. Hahaha.” Surprisingly, her oppa replies, “I’m not busy. I’m going to do it.” WY says she’s really got a lot of questions, but her oppa assures her that it’s okay. Then suddenly WD calls and approaches them. WY worriedly asks why WD is outside at this hour, so WD explains that he is not alone, showing them a sight of their parents together. Mum is apparently asking Dad to throw the garbage out, and currently teaching him how to do it (there’s a system and rule for that). Dad is struggling with that, and Mum scolds him. The kids looks at their parents’ interaction, and share a laughter together.

*to be continued*


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