Spirit Fingers Chapter 159

Continue from the last chapter, KJ suddenly appears with Native American attire. The members then take some obligatory group pictures, while KJ and WY are “busy” with each other…earning a scolding from the rest of the members HAHA.

3 minutes Croquis starts with Mint. After the session finished, they talk about how long it has been and how they feel more energetic this time. Brown then congratulates KJ for passing audition, asking whether he should be moving to dorm (to be ‘quarantined’). KJ humbles himself down, saying that it’s just preliminary. Black curiously asks him about appearance fee, but KJ suggests her to ask the program…to her (mock-) annoyance, “Whatever! I’ll just ask Baeblue~” Baeblue answers that she also doesn’t now, “Though I’m curious, I don’t ask him~” Mint and Blue teases KJ for not telling Baeblue, saying that he’s disappointing haha. KJ instantly goes to Baeblue to apologize frantically ,”I’ll tell you now! now!” Baeblue laughs it off, saying he doesn’t need to. The other members laugh at him. Blue teases him for being hopeless for things related to Baeblue. Pink notes that KJ has changed so much from the first meeting. Khaki nods in agreement, recalling that he also felt afraid of KJ. Baeblue admits it too, while KJ protests, “You’re too much!” HAHA. Pink then says that Brown also changes so much, recalling that he used to wear the same clothes for the weekly meeting, but now he’s the most tenacious in finding good outfit to match SF’s dress codes. The other members nod in agreement. Brown finally acknowledges it. He recalled his first meeting with Sunho, which led them to SF meeting. He was drunk and slept on a park bench, then Sunho woke him up. He then expresses his struggle to fit in anywhere in his age, so he feels so grateful to find SF members. Black says that age doesn’t matter as long as someone likes drawing. This time Baeblue yells her agreement cheerfully. Then she tells them that before meeting SF unnies and oppas, she somehow felt that adults were difficult beings, “Always busy. Always angry. But as we’ve drawn together all these while, I think that not all adults are the same. Then I also think that age has nothing to with liking something wholeheartedly. Truthfully, at first, when Blue Oppa said that as long as I liked drawing I can join the club… Now I seem to understand what he said.” The other members felt totally touched. Then Mint announces that it’s couple Croquis time. KJ immediately asks Baeblue to do it with him…then he realizes that she is staring at her phone, seems shaken.

*At Taeson’s house*

TS notes that KJ is coming home earlier that he said he would, teasing him that he’s being ditched again LOL. KJ doesn’t respond, only gives him camera in a black plastic bag. TS thinks it’s food, but it’s actually a camera. KJ lightly suggests him to try being a pro. When TS doesn’t answer, KJ asks him, “Woy~ aren’t you touched? What are you doing? Quickly take one p~” then he finds out TS is typing, “secondhand…” probably intending to re-sell the camera LOL. They then fight as usual =)))

*At a restaurant*

SF members are gathering post-session as usual. Pink ruefully says that Baeblue and Red should’ve been there. Brown mentions that she should attend a farewell party. Blue suddenly fusses over Mint’s choice of food, “Don’t just eat veggies, eat shrimp too!” Brown replies that Mint usually doesn’t eat fried food…when Mint suddenly eats the shrimp from Blue’s hand, surprising the rest of the members. Pink and Black ask whether she doesn’t need to watch her diet anymore. Mint says she also needs to watch her health now. Noting the weird atmosphere between Blue and Mint, the members are like, “You both are so suspicious~~~” but Blue diverts the convo to Baeblue, “Anyway, what happens to her?”

*Sera’s House*

SR opens her door to a crying WY and smiles gently.

*Taeson’s House*

Two boys are laying on the floor, exhausted after fighting. KJ tells TS that he was not joking about the camera, “Don’t you like taking photos?” TS guesses that KJ must have heard about it from hyung, then he insists to stay like now, KJ is doing his thing and he’s doing his, cuz anything is acceptable to him anyway. KJ gets up and takes the umbrella, retorting that it must be acceptable to throw it away, too…making TS gets up right away and yells at KJ to put it down. KJ teases him further, “This bastard rejects every nuna’s calls because of this umbrella, right?!!” TS kicks him =))

*SR house*

WY hasn’t finished crying and now SR is crying, too. SR beats herself up, blaming herself for causing WY not able to go on date and berating herself for being not good enough. WY scolds her, telling her that she is a good person, “Even if you go there, you’ll still be number1 in class! Don’t worry! You’ll also make lots of good friend!!” She cries again, saying that a friend like her is quite disposable. SR scolds her for crying again, then asks her to call Mirae, “Why can’t she be contacted?!”…and a KaTalk message from MR arrives, saying that WY and SR should spend time together, without her.

But at her house, MR is crying while hugging a huge LegendSul’s bolster. Suddenly she hears her name being called from outside. It’s SR and WY, scolding her for sending such message and asking her to come down NOW. WY threatens her, “If you don’t come down now, I’ll go to Germany with YeomSe!!!” MR finally relents and says she’ll come down NOW. SR and WY laugh seeing the result of their “threat”. MR comes out while crying and bringing the bolster. SR asks why, and MR explains that he also should be counted =))

-to be continued-


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