Spirit Fingers Chapter 152


*Song’s house*

The family (minus Wooseok) is having dinner together. Mum offers WD some more kimchis, to which he rejects, “Don’t want! Told ya it’s spicy!!” He then puts his chopsticks down, declaring he’s done eating. Mum whines that he does not even eat much rice. Suddenly, Dad yells, “SONG WOODEOL!! Take your chopstick back!” Mum chides him for scaring the kid. He snaps that it was because she’s so incapable at handling kids, “Not just one child, but there’s another..” referring to WY..whose face instantly darkens. Mum asks him, “What’s with you?” to which Dad retorts he was merely doing what she asked for (t/n: ‘talking to the kids’). She replies that he could’ve talk to them nicely, not scaring them away, “Is it any problems at the uni?” He snaps, “Why? Are you curious why I failed to be a permanent lecturer again? You only wanna know about it, don’t you?” She snaps, “Why are you suddenly being like this? I didn’t say anything, though.” He snaps back, “Don’t I know you? Don’t you ask me about this each year?” She then complains that she feels stuffy cuz his work place always gives him false hope each year, “I said such things because I was upset (to them).” He chides her, “Do you even know that living among society isn’t as easy as we talk? What stay-home person knows?? Just watch over the kids properly!! I mean, don’t bother me.”

Meanwhile, WY offers WD a glass of milk, “R u ok? Must be really spicy TT_TT” She then apologizes, “Because of nuna, dad is angry…but venting it out to you, too.” WD resolutely says it’s all Mum’s fault, “Dad didn’t give you permission also because Mum asked him so. I really hate mum.” WY tries to tell him that it’s not okay to say such thing. WD snaps, “Don’t you also hate mum? Why pretend you don’t?” WY can’t answer.

The next morning, she walks lifelessly to school, which earns questions from SR and MR. MR thinks it’s because of KJ. She shakes her head and tells them the problem. She tells them though there are many occasion where WD may hate their mum, but he never says it out loud. SR guesses correctly that WY feels guilty. MR and SR then share their feelings when they get involved in their parents’ fight (lyke..which side to take), “What about you?” WY tears up, “I dunno… If someone like me takes sides, would mum be happy?” Her bffs stare at each other, then urges her to cheer up by yelling “I’m cool” (Both of them reason that WY hasn’t been to SF meetings lately so her confidence must have hit bottom haha).

At the mountain, KJ recalls what happened the night before.

*last night*

WY tried to stop KJ…then he wailed that he must be very stupid for not be able to fulfill her expectation. WY consoled him, “Don’t be so agitated. We can just find a way, right? For now, as long as you’re in the audition, we should meet carefully.” KJ didn’t want to, “Even like now I already go crazy.” WY replied that she also felt the same, but they had no solution for now. KJ insisted that he should just quit, then. WY resolutely tells him, “I’m saying that if you quit because of me, I won’t feel happy at all!!”

*back to current time*

DW wonders why KJ doesn’t pick up manager nuna’s call, “U hv any probs? HEY!” But KJ is picking up another call now…from his Dad, who’s yelling at him through phone, “Hey bastard kid!! Even though dad already said this and that, you still go on broadcast by all means??? If you’re already on TV, do it properly!!  I’d probably do better than you if I go [on audition]” KJ yells back, “THEN YOU GO ON TV..!! I’M QUITTING ANYWAY!!”…his friends yelped in surprise at his back. At the island, Dad stares at his call that got disconnected, disappointingly mutters “This kid…I was calling to cheer on him…” Then he orders to turn the ship around.

*Song’s house*

WS arrives home. His mum is surprised he comes home so early, “Later if you go early in the morning, just tell mum… I’ll prepare you lunch box.” WS says that he doesn’t need it, then surprisingly asks if WD is okay lately. Mum turns her back against him, saying that WD is fine. WS presses in, “..But ytd Wooyeonie told me that Woodeol…” Mum stops her dish-washing, “Why? You also don’t trust me?” WS says he doesn’t mean it. Mum assures him that there’s nothing to worry about, “You just study hard like you do now.”

*WD’s school*

It’s Minho’s farewell. His two friends are crying. The teachers asks MH to say his final piece to the class. MH just says, “See you again, Genius-Song!” The whole class then waves at MH from the window. WD stares at him, recalling their last convo (few chapters ago).


MH apologized again for being rude to WD’s mum, but WD didn’t respond. Instead, WD asked MH where did he learn about WD mum’s story. MH said he heard it from the ahjummas and his mum, but he was not sure whether it’s true or not, “Cuz my mum also tells looottsss of lies.” WD believed it though, “Your mum is right.” MH is surprised, “How do you know?” WD told him he researched a lot about it.

*Ahjumma meeting*

The mums congratulate Jiho’s mum and asks for more treats for achieving something. They talk about how they think that WD would get it, but he didn’t ((to their delight)). Then they talk about WD’s mum parenting style “study, study” which probably stresses out the kid. One of them then reminds them of what MH mum ever told them.

*At another place*

WD mum skirts over a sidewalk to receive a call, “What do you mean, Gyogam-teacher? My Woodeol is fired from his position as school representative?!!”

=to be continued=


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