Spirit Fingers Chapter 113

YeomSe and MR stands back to back awkwardly until WY comes running to them, apologizing for being late. SR asks if she was OK yesterday, while MR notices that WY’s facial expression actually looks better. WY ignores their questions and starts telling them about what she saw ytd, “Do you remember that Kijeongie will probably have an audition?” MR thinks they have reconciled already, but WY denies, “Nope. I got off at the wrong bus stop yesterday and saw it when I was going to the neighborhood. Seems like the person in charge for the program looked for him to persuade him.” MR marvels at the information and notes that Nam-pup may really be a celebrity, asking if WY is ready to be a celeb’s girlfriend. WY sadly replies, “That’s why…I just…I’ll stop here.” She further explains that she might become KJ’s obstacle in his modelling career and she’ll become busier with uni’s entrance exam preparation anyway…so they will naturally drift apart, “I only want to prepare it [to separate] in advance.” MR asks whether she has told KJ about this. WY tells her that she plans to talk to him this weekend. SR interjects that it’s not a “talk”, but a “notice”…”I have said this before, but what you’re about to do is really ill-mannered!! You already decide this and that as you please…from the point of view of the person who heard it, do you know how shocking it would be?!” MR replies, “What? When did WY say she’s breaking up with him?” SR ignores her, continuing asking WY why did she keep thinking that she’s a hindrance…when she may also be able to assist him in some ways. WY’s low self-esteem kicks back. She says that a person like her might not be able to help him in any ways since she’s so lacking. SR talks back, “Then what am I who’s been your friend for a lifetime already? Truthfully, you’re really not that great. Due to one man only, how come your self-esteem hits a rock bottom like this?? Now you really won’t listen to our suggestions at all!!” MR tries to talk to SR, calling her going too far with what she said, since WY must have thought hard about this, “Honestly, they both are really different, right? From now on, even if they continue dating, there is also no guarantee that they won’t break up.” SR insists that if WY backs out now, it seems like she runs away cowardly. WY cries, “Yes. I’m a coward! Honestly, for something like audition, I want to say ‘don’t participate’… As Kijeongie does very well, I’m worried whether I’ll look shabby [to be beside him]…I also hate looking pathetic. But how do I convey it? When I am not as great as he is..how do I do that. Anyone would want to break up…” MR tries to console her by saying that the great YeomSe won’t understand girls ‘like them’. SR hears it, then calmly replies, “Then why did my great mom and dad get divorced? Both of them are prosecutor and lawyer though… If it goes with what you just said…Since two great people great married, they would surely live happily, no?” WY replies, “When did I say…” while MR says, “Why you overreact?” SR explains that they can’t really judge people based on the ‘greatness’, “I also don’t become your friend because you are so awesome. Just because you are you.” Then she walks away from them, “Do whatever you like..break up or not.. What do I know about this matter.”
On the way to school, DW curiously asks what did WD say to KJ on the phone, but KJ keeps his mouth shut =]] He then tells SJ to wake him up, in case he oversleeps later.

Meanwhile, in their class, Sunho examines Green’s hand curiously…wondering why it isn’t healed yet despite being bandaged for days. He then asks whether Green took her meds (Green nods). He advises her to keep taking her meds and tells her to call him WHENEVER (“even at night!”) she’s hurting. Green nods obediently…but after Sunho is gone, she continues painting and lifting the paint can without problem (t/n she pretends to be sick) =]]]]

WY and MR sit together on a bench. WY asks if MR also thinks she is pathetic. MR denies it, assuring that she’ll be on WY’s side whatever her decision is…she even says it might be better if she breaks up with KJ…since he’s naturally naive…that previously, without being asked, he kept proclaiming that he liked her, “so..perhaps..whatever you’ll say, he’ll think he gets dumped, won’t he?”…she then mutters that possibly he’ll back off on his own too, given his character (or he won’t..?). But after seeing WY frowned, MR takes back what she was bullshitting. telling her not to think about it. HA -_-. WY curls her hands into fists, “I can’t think to that extent. Nope…I won’t (think).”

WD, BG, and the gang are walking together after school. The other are excitedly planning to play in the doll machine, but WD refuses to go with them. BG is trying to persuade him to join them, when the older kids whom they met few days back suddenly appear. They try to ignore them, but those kids grabbed BG. WY stays still, while the other two run away in fear. Unexpectedly, Minho appears and grabs the older kid’s back, trying to prevent him from hitting WD. He even yells at WD to run away. Unfortunately, MH gets hit instead. WD tries to record it again and threatens to report the older kid for using violence…but he stops talking as soon as the older kid’s hand is put on his head. The older kid is fuming mad at him and about to hit him. WD is bracing himself, but the punch never comes…cuz KJ, who suddenly appears, holds onto the kid’s hand while menacingly asks, “What are you doing?” WD blurts out, “BRO-IN-LAW!” before catching himself and closing his own mouth =]]]]

-End of Chapter-


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