Spirit Fingers Chapter 112

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KJ is trying to run away from Writer of Supermodel K. But when she falls down in her attempt, he stops to check on her, “Are you hurt?” Thankfully she’s not, but her “baby” aka her high heels is 😒 She yells at KJ to take responsibility for that. KJ coolly asks how much is that. But she backpedals, saying that KJ won’t be able to buy it cuz it’s a limited edition and she buys that in New York, “Instead, you can join my program.” KJ firmly ask her to go away. She doesn’t give up, insisting that KJ only needs to go and doesn’t need to go through preliminaries cuz she’ll pass him for sure, “Trust noona.” KJ is surprised, saying “isn’t that a collusion??” The writer laughs, saying that KJ is surprisingly naive. She then jots down what she found about him so far, “personality.. Quick-tempered.. Naive..” KJ says he’s not interested and asks her not to distress hyung anymore. She then asks why he still does the job though he isn’t interested in it. KJ replies that it’s not her business to know. She assumes that he’s doing it for money and fires her offers, saying KJ just needs to pose like now and doesn’t have to bother about contract or think about anything. KJ is pissed now, “Who said I don’t hv to think about anything?” She smiles, “Oh now you get pricked?” (t/n: as in she manages to find KJ’s weakness/what makes him angry). She then goes on about standard line like “Don’t you wanna stand on worldwide stage bla bla bla” KJ has it enough and starts to leave. But she still continues, saying that she’s not lying..that she knows guys like KJ who only wants some quick money then goes on to offer him audition (again), “You can be 1St place and get all benefits bla bla.” (Oh gosh this woman is so persistently annoying😒😒😒). KJ is pissed now, “YA. I don’t even any interest in your hair strand. So just get lost.” He leaves. But she smiles, “caught you.”

At home, he’s got watermelon party with his bffs. Still pissed off, he manages to break the watermelon by hand HAHAHA. They then talk about what happened today. DW advises KJ to prove her wrong by going there and win. But SJ doesn’t think so, correctly guess that it might be what that woman wants. TS asks what’s actually KJ angry about. KJ can’t answer, he recalls how K throws KJ off guard earlier on. He shakes in anger.

At home, WD peeks inside WY’s room to tell her it’s dinner time. WY says she’s coming. WD notices that she was looking at her own drawing of KJ.

At home, SR eats alone in loneliness. Her usual housekeeper resigned from her job earlier, citing that her daughter is busy studying for exam as the reason. Suddenly, her father comes home. She excitedly runs to his room to greet and offer him to eat together. But her father quickly dismisses her as he’s busily talking on his phone. She’s dejected, muttering to herself that they never eat together anyway. 😢

Sitting alone, WY recalls what happened today. She overheard K talking on her phone, most probably about KJ. K was so confident that KJ will 99% come to the audition, saying that he’s a rare gem and debuting is no question. She further said that a kid like that shouldn’t hv left rotting in the suburb. Even told the person she’s talking to (she calls him “sunbae”..so maybe it’s the photographer hyung), “You must bow deeply for me later on.” (t/n. To thank her). Suddenly a text comes in WY’s phone from KJ, “I heard you’re sick. R u OK?” On the other side of the city, KJ clutches TS hard, “it’s delivered it’s delivered it’s delivered” 😂😂😂 When WY’s reply comes in (Just a “Yep”), KJ cries happily LOL. He replies, “don’t be sick. Be well.” To which WY gives short answer, “Yep. You too.” KJ is worried again cuz it’s too short, mulling over whether he should just call her or go to her house right away. TS tells him to calm down and hold himself back, “she’s sick because of you, right?” Then KJ goes on meditation..which lasts for a minute 😂 He sighs, “I miss her so bad.” While in her room, WY cries, “I’m sorry, Kijeong-ah.”

The next day, WD walks together with BG who excitedly asks what WD’s reading. WD replies that it’s a book about cosmos thingy. Both don’t realize someone spies on them.

Meanwhile, KJ excitedly screams on top of the mountain, “Yahoooooo~~” His friends are wondering what’s wrong with him again lol. TS says it’s because potbellied-WY asks him to meet on weekend. KJ hears that and scolds them, “Not potbellied. Call her SIS-IN-LAW!!!” 😂 He still smiles happily when his phone rings. He picks it up, thinking it’s another commercial offer. But it’s actually WD. KJ turns serious, “Who?? Bro-in-law?!”

-end of chapter-


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