Spirit Fingers Chapter 111


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Minho is shaking while he tries to tell the older kids that he won’t steal anymore, “I’m not a thief. So I won’t do that again now.” The older kids are enraged, “Is it because we’re nice to you, you think we’re easy??!! Just do as you’re told!” Right on time, WD appears with his phone, recording the whole thing. He also tells the kids that he’s on the process of recording and uploading what they’re doing on the internet lol. One of the kids tries to take the phone away, but WD calmly says it’s too late anyway. Suddenly, a stone is being thrown to that kid’s hand. It’s BG who yells, “Don’t do that to Woodol!!!” The kids are about to retaliate, but BG already prepares some rocks to throw at him…he even lifts a huge one which scared the kids off HAHAHA. BG checks on WD, asking if he’s okay. He also asks Minho, but he runs away from them (probably ashamed).

MR and SR worriedly ask WY if she’s OK, even asking her to go to hospital to check. WY says she’s OK, it’s probably due to her menstrual pain. She insists that a day rest is enough and asks them to tell the hakwon teacher she’s absent today. Then she leaves them. The news travel fast to the boys. MR texts DW about WY’s condition and he reads the text loudly, attracting KJ…but he quickly pretends he doesn’t cares, “So what.” A second later, he grabs DW’s shirt, “Is she really sick? How much? Where? How? Why?” 😂😂😂 DW replies that she can’t even go to hakwon, which makes KJ instantly grabs DW’s collar, “WHAT?! IS THAT TRUE??” DW yells back at him, “If you’re THAT worried, you should just go!!! Why nag me about this??” KJ turns his back, “Nope. If I go, she’ll be more sick. I’m doing nothing is helping her.” DW has enough. He angrily kicks KJ until he hits a tree, then yells, “I can’t watch this anymore! Why you nag if you don’t wanna do anything? Since when you’re this kind of man? What if BaeBlue misunderstands??!!” KJ asks, “Misunderstand what?”

At university, Green walks together with a group of friends. Then Sunho arrives…only to check on her, “Have you taken ur meds? Gimme your hand? Why is it still hurt??” Their friends are just looking at them like •_• 😂 Sunho leaves as quickly as he appears, while Green is waving at him cheerfully haha. Her friends scrutinize her, “What happened to you? You look thinner…” Green turns his back away, whistling, “I’m not” Her friends are like, “Suspicious” 😂😂😂

A random guy hits on SR at a street (MR mistakenly thinks he asks her, “r u free?” at first). SR coldly says she hasn’t got any time. When the guy persists, SR just glares at him coldly and he leaves HAHA. She mutters, “How bothersome.” MR asks her why she didn’t try dating anyone, then she snarkily says, “Probably cuz you’re popular, nothing makes you disappointed, eh.” She walks away from SR. SR stops her track, “Why are you behaving like this toward me recently?! Always be offended and behave terribly to ppl.” MR holds her tears, “Nothing. You did nothing wrong. That what makes it more annoying.” SR is startled.

WY sleeps on the bus and misses her stop. She wonders where is she and notices the studio she went with KJ last time. KJ is accidentally having a photo shoot inside but he couldn’t concentrate, recalling what DW told him earlier. DW tells him that WY couldn’t possibly know that he’s waiting for her to call..she might be thinking KJ doesn’t wanna contact her anymore so that’s why she won’t call him first. KJ stops the photo shoot (angered the photographer hyung LOL) and heads outside. At the same time, WY decides to get off of the bus, “why did I get off” haha. She musters her courage to call and apologize to KJ (“since I’m the one who lied to him first.. Let’s think about other matters later”), wondering what should she say if he answers. Then she suddenly sees him outside the building with the annoying writer.

-End of Chapter-


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