Spirit Fingers Chapter 110

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TS finds KJ wiping his face with water, asking if finally the love-blinded KJ has gone haha. He notes that it’s kinda too late to play push-and-pull. KJ replies that he’s not playing games, he’s just waiting for WY to move first since he feels like he’s been pushing ahead by himself. TS laughs and ruffles KJ’s hair, saying that he is finally mature 😂 They then sit side by side at the field. TS preaches that a person’s heart is rather sly. At first, just looking at each other is enough and being grateful for getting an answer, but slowly want more and more. He continues that he wouldn’t do or expect such things and wouldn’t wanna make a fool on himself. KJ denies that it isn’t the case with him and WY. TS jokes that he forecast KJ’s future, but turns serious when he advises KJ not to go on too deep by himself and to draw a line where he could cope with cuz only take one moment for a person’s heart to change…that KJ could be the only one who’s hurting. KJ replies that even if he’s hurt, he can mend it..earning a kick from TS “LISTEN TO HYUNGNIM’S WORD!!” KJ kicks back, “WHAT HYUNGNIM??! What do you know about love..you only know how to be pervert” 😂😂😂
Green is running late, then suddenly Sunho appears and grabs her bag, taking it for her. She calls and runs after him, but he ignores. In the class, his hand gets hurt from hammering something. Green worriedly asks if he’s OK and offers to do it herself since she’s much better at it. Sunho assures her that he’s OK and asks her to take a rest. Green smiles, seeing him being determined.
WY comes home and refuses another offer to eat from Mum. Her dad interjects and preaches that she should at least have a meal together with family, especially cuz dad isn’t home too often. WY agrees but says she isn’t feeling well. But her dad insists she should eat, now. WY agrees half-heartedly.
KJ is resting on TS’ rooftop..then gets surprised by a sudden appearance of Green. She’s in tears and drunk…and speak in aegyo, “My broowwthheeerrr..browtheerrㅠㅠㅠㅠ” 😂😂😂 Sunho is with her and apologizes to KJ for not being able to stop Green haha. Green continues rambling about how ugly is KJ’s face and scolds him for speaking so informally to her ㅋㅋㅋ but she suddenly kneels and asks KJ to hit her, as she feels extremely apologetic for hitting him. KJ helps her to get up…while she continues rambling that she makes mistakes and asks KJ to apologize to Baeblue, to. KJ consoles her, “I get it, so please go now, noonim” It catches Green’s ear and she’s like “OOH YOU CALL ME NOONA”…KJ denies, “WHEN DID I” they bicker as usual..while Sunho is just staring at them 😂
At WY’s house, WD peeks inside WY’s room to ask if she’s OK. WY signals that she is, but WD isn’t convinced.
Back to KJ and Sunho. They walk side by side. KJ acknowledges that Sunho is having a hard time because of his sister, then slyly asks when will they start dating..which makes Sunho chokes on his drink HAHAHA. KJ then advises him to confess right away, especially cuz he’s going to enlist..though there’s a possibility he’ll get dumped cuz they can see each other during army period. Sunho smiles, “Right? You also think I’ll get dumped..” KJ instantly tries to backtrack, “No I didn’t mean like that. In my life, hyung is my only bro-in-law!!” 😂 Sunho laughs and says that KJ and WY really resemble each other..then he excuses himself. KJ yells, “I love you, bro-in-law!!” After he’s gone, KJ looks sad again and looks at his phone. At her room, WY suddenly sees fairy-KJ sitting and crying on her bed. WY gets up and reaches for her phone, only to see there’s no msg or text from anyone. She sighs, wondering if KJ is really angry and worrying about his wound. She badly wants to reconcile, but she doesn’t know what to do or what to expect after they reconcile.
WD and Bonggu walk together..then BG notices that Minho is kinda being dragged by some older kids. BG wonders if they are the “hyungs” Minho once mentioned and notices the situation is rather strange…he asks WD what to do. WD tries not to care and tells BG to go check on him by himself, if he wanna be late…then suddenly he mutters, “Aishh so bothersome, bothersome, bothersome….” And drops his book. (It seems like he’s also worried and wanna check on Minho 😊)

-end of chapter-


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