Spirit Fingers Chapter 109


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KJ excuses himself first. DW asks him to wait, but TS tactfully says, “see you at home. ” Before KJ goes out of studio, that woman hands him a name card. DW recognizes her as the writer of “Supermodel K” of which the woman corrects as “Not only a write, but a Pretty Writer” *roll eyes* She then tells KJ to attend SYP casting (DW and TS dunno where is this company haha). KJ refuses, “Not interested,” but K pesters him and starts to assess his height, proportion, etc “You aren’t using insoles right?” 😒 then she shamelessly pokes KJ’s arms, making remarks about his muscle. KJ instantly shoves her hand and yells in informal language, “What did you just do?!” The writer doesn’t seem offended, she feels so honored instead, thinking KJ mistaken her age, “Do I look that young? Well that’s what filler for” 😒 KJ ignores her and just goes out, leaving DW apologizing and the photographer hyung saying “told you so”……but she unpredictably likes KJ’s attitude, saying that she likes his character, “A troublemaker!” She’s about to ask DW about KJ’s name when TS asks for her phone. She mistakenly thinks TS wanna give her his number, citing that she doesn’t like minor but can’t help when they like her *eye roll* She belatedly realizes that TS deletes all pics of KJ she took earlier, TS cites that she violates KJ’s portrait right and quickly excuse himself. DW still rambles apology and mentions unnecessary info that KJ lives with TS ((seriously idk if he’s tactless or just plain stupid..didn’t he learn from the case with Yerim🐍??😒)). Thankfully, K ignores him and goes after TS, offering him to do the casting together with KJ.

At home, WY’s mom offers WY dinner. But WY rejects it listlessly, instantly getting nagged by mom about telling her beforehand so she doesn’t have to prepare it  blablabla. WY just ignores her and slam her room door in front of Mum (HA!)…while WD looks at her with concern.

Meanwhile, Green sits on a bench, staring at her hand (which she used to slap KJ hard). suddenly Sunho appears with some medicine for her. She confesses that she didn’t hv the right (to hit KJ, I guess?) Then frustratedly tries to unwrap the bandage. Sunho tries to calm her down and rewrap the bandage. She then wonders if she learns boxing in vain. Sunho disagrees…since she even tried judo, Muay Thai and jujitsu before 😂  Green sighs, regretting that she punched KJ hastily and meddled without knowing the matter and wondered what to do if she accidentally ruins WY-KJ relationship. Sunho consoles her, saying that she did it under a questionable circumstance anyway and KJ will also regret it, “More than that..your hand is hurt, right?” Green looks up and sees him carefully bandaging her hand. After that, he ruffles her hair, telling her not to forget her medicines and excusing himself since he has a class. Green calls him to say thanks, smiling widely. Sunho mutters, “Get well soon, idiot.” His ears are red😂😂😂

At school, WY plays with her food, recalling her fight with KJ. She kinda blames herself for being angry with KJ and cannot bring herself to support him, “It’s not Kijeong’s fault that I don’t have any dreams…” Beside her, MR urges her to call KJ first. As usual, SR thinks otherwise, even suggesting them to just break up rather than keep fighting. MR retorts that fighting is not unusual in dating relationship and there’s no need to break up. Still, SR thinks it’s not right if WY needs to fix and call first. WY doesn’t listen to their arguments and excuses herself. MR follows her, while SR looks at them with concern.

At KJ’s school, DW flares up about being ignored (about audition and casting, I guess). He then goes on about the benefits of being handsome and tall blablabla…while KJ just lies his head on the table listlessly. Even drags SJ, “Don’t you feel the same?” Surprisingly, SJ refutes it, saying he doesn’t feel the same and even proved that he once won a modeling competition when he was a 1-yo baby (TS and DW go, “Then why you turn out like this??” HAHAHA). They keep arguing and not noticing KJ goes out of the class silently, but TS observes KJ silently.

Meanwhile, WD and his friends (Bonggu and former-Minho’s friends) are playing at a clawing machine in front of a store. WD just stands beside them, nagging when they’ll be finished haha. He suddenly sees Minho is inside the store, pocketing some candies. When Minho comes out of the store, he pretends to read his book though his eyes follow Minho closely…and sees Minho with some older kids (look like juveniles) who praised him for being able to steal easily.

-End of Chapter-


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