Spirit Fingers Chapter 108

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WY tries to avoid the conversation,”What other things you wanna talk about? Why suddenly?” KJ flatly answers that it’s not sudden. But she stands up and tells KJ that she’s going to go after the other members are waiting for them. KJ stops her track by saying, “Do you dislike being alone with me that much?” WY looks at him, “what are you talking about?” KJ stands up, “Then why you avoid me?” WY says she’s not avoiding him. KJ insists she does, “You keep avoiding me…to the point you lied about having an exam.” WY is stunned. 

Outside, the members take pics together. Brown wonders if Red and Baeblue would be able to find them. Mint tactfully says to let them having a time alone, since it seems like they need to talk. Black worries if it is because of her joke earlier. Mint assures her that’s not it..that both KJ and WY seemed a bit off since earlier (though she thought it’s obviously KJ’s fault haha). Pink praises her for having a quick sense…to which Mint shamelessly acknowledges 😂😂😂 

KJ asks WY about what’s her problem, “Wouldn’t you tell me what’s wrong? You can’t trust me that much?” WY replies that KJ also doesn’t talk to her about his stories…about that audition. KJ is confused…then he remembers about it and tells her he’s not going to do it anyway, so that’s why he didn’t tell her, “But how do you know about it?” WY tells him that his boss asked her to persuade him on the day she went to the studio. KJ sighs, “why did hyung tell you such a unnecessary thing.” He then puts his arms around WY, playfully saying “Did you take that seriously? That you’ll be apart from me? Don’t worry~ I won’t do such thing (t/n: he worded it like it’s extremely a trivial thing).” WY rather harshly slaps his arms away, scolding him for treating such a golden opportunity as a trivial thing…though many other ppl are dying to get such an opportunity, “Why you talk as if everything comes out easily? (T/n: as in underestimating things?)” KJ is stunned and apologizes..then take it back, “Nope. I’m not sorry. I honestly don’t know why I’m mad at you now. Is it THAT wrong for wanting to spend more time with you? If you’re worried about those b****** who can’t go to the audition, why can’t you worry about me?” WY yells, “Why are you swearing?!” KJ angrily takes off his wig, “BECAUSE I’M ANGRY!!!” He then turns his back against WY, “Are we really dating for real? If I don’t see you for a day, I feel like dying. But you don’t feel like that. Every time, it’s always me who wanna spend a little bit more time with you…being antsy…worrying… Honestly it feels like I’m still having a one-sided love.” WY denies, “That’s not it, Kijeong-Ah.. I also… ” KJ cuts her off, “…like me?” Then he walks to her and cups her face, “Then can I make sure about it?” WY pushes him away, “Don’t do something like this..”…and belatedly realizes KJ looks hurt. At that moment, Mint strolls in, doing a double take. She scolds KJ and slaps him hard (he actually bleeds), “WHAT DID YOU DO?! BAEBLUE ALREADY SAID SHE DOESN’T WANT IT,” turning deaf to WY’s plea that it’s not what happened. She then approaches KJ and tries to see his wound, “Kijeong-ah, are you OK? Can I see it?” Hurt, KJ wards her hand off and storms away. Mint tries to go after him, but WY holds him back, crying “No, unnie! It’s all my fault!! My fault…” and collapsing to the floor. Meanwhile, KJ walks around in dazed…doesn’t notice his surrounding.

After that, the rest of the members (beside Mint, Blue, and Baeblue) sit outside and notes that typhoon has finally passed. They then talk about KJ and WY. Pink notes that she thought they only knew how to be lovey dovey. Black then wisely says that they should think back to their younger years…that teenagers seemed to have some heavy worries..that dating also doesn’t come easy even though it’s also another form of human r/s, “because they’re young (in age), so their hearts are young as well.” They nod in agreement. Brown sighs, “Being young or not, love is hard.. But still, I wanna dateㅠㅠㅠ” 😂 Khaki raises his hand in agreement. Black jokes, “Then you both can do it with each other”…to which Brown and Khaki jokingly agree 😂😂😂

At the photo studio, DW worriedly whispers to TS, “Did KJ fight with Baeblue? He looks even scarier..” TS replies that KJ doesn’t look unscathed (bruised and sullen haha). The session starts..but it gets cut by a woman who’s coming in and calling the photographer hyung, “Sunbae!” She recognizes KJ from his profile and says he looks taller than in the picture, while capturing some pics of him with her phone. Hyung warns her to be careful of cranky KJ who doesn’t like being approached. That woman says, “As a professional, if it’s easy, it won’t be interesting.”

=End of chapter=


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