Spirit Fingers Chapter 107

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WY marvels over the light blue ballgown..but she hesitates to put it on, thinking it’ll not match her. Black notices her hesitation and encourages her to put it on. She even helps her to dress up. Pink and Mint are also picking up their own dresses. Pink wonders if it’s OK for them to wear it. Black says it’s fine since she’s going to rent it out anyway. She tells them some of them are handmade by her but some are originally made by her mom. She then tells them her life story for the first time. She doesn’t learn how to make clothes from her mom cuz she only provides a sewing machine. Black learns to design and sew by herself (self-study), not in an academy…she even drops out of middle school to learn. At first, she blindly made everything she could and found that the sewing machine’s sound could calm her down…and thanks to her efforts, she finally has the skills to make clothes. The other girls are touched by her story. WY curiously asks if Black has started making clothes since then. Black replies that she didn’t start right away cuz her mom forbade her and wanted her to enroll to a university…her mom still forbids her now, but she insists on doing it cuz she loves it. She says, “If I give up doing something I love, it seems like I’ll live my whole life in resentment. I think, living my life while coolly doing things I love means I’m being more filial (toward her parent). Of course I also take responsibility of my choice.” WY thinks, “the life I want..”…but her thought is disrupted by Black who cheerfully announces she has finished dolling WY up (she even throws away her glasses cuz it doesn’t go with the outfit 😁). 



Meanwhile, the boys are getting ready as well. Brown and Khaki are wearing punk/rocker outfits, while Blue is wearing 17th century-ish(?) outfit (Brown’s outfit is tighter tho..a size smaller😂). Brown compliments Khaki’s body, asking if he’s been exercising. Blue tells him that Khaki is originally like that. KJ then interrupts their convo, moaning over having to wear a wig, “but it’s hot!” Not too long after, the girls come out of their room. Pink dresses as punk girl, while Mint’s costume matches Blue *coughs*. Baeblue asks for KJ’s help to descend the stairs cuz of her outfit. KJ rushes to help her, nagging her to be careful. When he finally sees her, he’s totally stunned by her appearance (blushing and cannot close his mouth++having some wild imagination 😂). Brown praises her and asks if she wears makeup. Black replies that she only puts on lipstick..then jokingly makes kissy face and throws an air kiss to shy Baeblue. KJ sees that and flares up in anger,  “ARE YOU CRAZY?? I CAN’T EVEN DO IT, WHY NUNA DID IT??!! CANCEL IT!! QUICKLY!! THAT’S MY LIPS!! MINE!!!” 😂😂😂 Mint tries to shut him up and drags him away lol. 



They start drawing then Blue proposes to do 10-mins portrait(?) drawing and asks them to pick out the materials they like. Baeblue hesitates because she has never done that…but Blue and Pink kindly give her some advices and urges her to try it out first. KJ looks at Blue and Baeblue jealously, then butt in to grab the drawing tool, “I wanna try it too!!” 😂 Blue then becomes the first model..at the same time, Black’s mom comes in to bring them water..only to see them dressing in weird outfits. She then excuses herself 😂😂😂 When she starts drawing, Baeblue worries cuz she needs to draw in 10minutes, longer than usual. But she quickly adds some backgrounds in Blue’s drawing (also colors it!). As a result, her drawings are better and more detailed and she earns praises from other members…while KJ only draws sketches of Baeblue on his papers HAHAHA. KJ is then curious of Baeblue’s drawing of his…only to be extremely disappointed cuz it’s only a sketch, no expression and background. Baeblue reasons that it’s the first time so she hasn’t got enough time to finish and promises she’ll do better next time. KJ isn’t convinced and looks dejected. Mint notices it..so during the break time, she tries to get the other members to get out of the room (“let’s take pics!”) While letting KJ and WY alone in the room. WY busily reviews her own drawings…then innocently asks why KJ doesn’t follow the other to take pics. KJ positions himself beside her, sulkily says, “Don’t want..” Then inches himself closer to WY, “let’s do something else” 

-end of chapter-


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