Spirit Fingers Chapter 106

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KJ is on his way to meet WooYeon. After he sees her, he excitedly waves at her, however,  to his disappointment, she doesn’t even realize he’s there. They then walk side by side awkwardly. KJ asks if she did well on her exam (in which he knew she lied to him) and she answers shortly. She then asks him about his part time job. He jokes that it didn’t go well…she instantly gets worried. Cheered up, KJ ruffles her hair and admits he was just joking (KJ: r u angry? | WY: nope)…then good-naturedly puts his arm around him, wiggling his ‘tail’, “let’s playyyy~~” She sternly reminds him that they’re meeting to help Black unnie moving store. Not giving up, KJ suggests that they can go after that. WY makes an excuse that she’s got a family engagement cuz her dad is coming. KJ sulks immediately 😂 WY tries to persuade him, “noona will buy you something you like~~” 😂 KJ pouts and plays hard to get, “Well if you’re reaaalllyy wanna buy me something~~~”……then he realizes WY is gone already.. She approached Brown who’s busy lifting boxes…to KJ’s dismay 😂



Inside the store, Mint excitedly lifts a big box, saying it’s not too heavy for her. Blue then puts a small box on top of it, asking her to bring it..which ofc makes her angry lol. He then notes that it’s been a while since he saw Mint doing this kind of thing…then puts his hand on her cheeks, “You’re………” Mint is flustered, but becomes upset when he finishes his sentence with, “…UGLY” 😂😂😂 He notes that her skin is so rough (“what’s problem you’re having?”) and insists he’ll take the boxes (cuz straining herself will make her uglier *suuuureee*😂). Meanwhile, WY witnesses their interaction and wonders why Blue considers Mint as ugly haha. Then she tries to help with the boxes…but KJ forbids her cuz he reckons it’s too heavy for her. He ends up lifting a huge pile of boxes himself 😂 Brown, who sees that, reminds him to be careful. Then Black’s mum approaches him to give him a drink, asking if he’s married (Brown: not yet) and how old is he…Black cuts her mother off, “Mom..don’t do anything weird!”. Her mom yells, “WHAT??!! CAN’T I HV A CONVO WITH SOMEONE??!”…then proceeds her obvious matchmaking attempt by telling Brown all about Black 😂😂😂 Near there, Khaki is busy putting a box on a top shelf, then notices a card falling out of it. 



KJ helps an ahjussi loading the remaining boxes from the truck. He then realizes that Blue-Mint is bickering about bringing a box,  Black nonchalantly offers a drink to blushing Khaki, and Brown is worrying over Pink who’s coughing (due to the dust)…and feels “WHY DO I FEEL LEFT OUT” then proceeds to take the box from Blue, drinks Khaki’s water, and wears a mask which is supposedly for Pink LOL. 



Finished moving boxes, they rest and eat together. WY is struggling with her jjajjangmyun and KJ offers his help, mixing the noodle perfectly. The others see that and asks KJ to do it for them as well, shoving him the food 😂 Meanwhile, Khaki takes out the card he picked up earlier. It’s a photo of Raid and Black 10 years ago. Black thanks him for finding it (she thought she lost the photo). The other marvels how Black hasn’t changed at all since 10 years ago, “Are you a vampire?” 😂 Black just smiles and thanks them all for their help. They then excitedly talk to each other…forgetting KJ who was busy mixing their noodles. He starts yelling angrily, but WY shoves some food into his mouth, “You’ve worked hard.” 😂 KJ pouts, “But I don’t like tangsuyuk.” WY offers him jjajjangmyun and he directs her to some food while sneakily gets closer and closer to her (almost like he’s back hugging her), “Nope that one…nope,, that one in front of it” The other members are like, “CHET. JUST EAT WHATEVER AVAILABLE.” 😂😂😂 



Finished eating, they buy some ice creams. The boys mention how they barely do anything today thanks to KJ haha. The girls propose that they might as well do some croquis. Mint remarks, “then the concept today is ‘labor’?” Black abruptly stands up, saying she can allow such concept..and taking out a pretty blue ball gown. KJ and WY both go, “wooww” at it. 

-End of chapter-


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