Spirit Fingers Chapter 105

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WY walks home dejectedly. She recalls the events today. KJ finishes the photo shoot and asks WY to wait for him while he changes his clothes. While she waits, the photographer hyung asks her to persuade KJ about an important audition which is a good chance for KJ. He thought KJ will consider it if WY talks to him about it. Unknowingly, she walks out of the studio. KJ chases after her, asking her what’s wrong. She tells him she’s got headache and he instantly fussed over her haha. She says she’s OK now. KJ then invites her to eat together, but she refuses and lies that she has to study for an exam. KJ is a bit disappointed but he tries to hide it…then says he’ll see her off. WY stares at him for a while, wanting to talk. But she backpedals and says nothing, walking ahead of KJ. KJ notices there’s something wrong. 



KJ arrives home to find SJ and DW eat ramyun. He instantly tells them to go away..to which DW replies, “This isn’t even your house” 😂😂😂 KJ looks dejected so they ask him what happened…they know KJ was with WY today so they initially assume he’ll be in good mood. KJ tells them WY said she has to study for exam and leaves early. DW blurts out that MR tells him exam is over already…to KJ’s surprised. DW tries to console him, saying he’s probably misheard it. But KJ looks concern. 



WY is at MR’s home, retelling about the event today. MR initially thinks WY was bullied there. But WY tells her that’s not what happened. She then talks about “dreams”, telling her how cool KJ was today… It’s like he’s sparkling and she sees a different side of him. MR notes, “Isn’t it suppose to be a good thing?” WY sadly says, “Well, it’s a good thing. But somehow…suddenly I feel so miserable. KJ has a dream. He’s also got the talent. He’s walking toward the dream step by step. But I don’t hv such things (dreams and talents).” She tells MR that KJ’s boss begs her to persuade KJ to participate in an audition, but she doesn’t really like it, “Aren’t I a coward?” MR defends her, saying that KJ’s current popularity is no joke already…what’s more if he goes on TV, “Those idols break up  once they become extremely popular..” And says it’s normal that she doesn’t like it, “Anyway, KJ doesn’t want to do it either,no?” But WY feels upset. MR tries to console an cheer her up, “You’re good at studying!!” WY says she feels like she’s having an inferiority complex cuz she has no dream…that she only causes troubles (for others) cuz she’s got no talents. MR passionately reminds her that she’s not troublesome..that she has changed a lot..she can speak her mind, especially to her mum. WY seems to cheer up a bit, “Well if you see it that way…” MR continues that WY is very capable, “You even have a boyfriend like KJ!!” 😂 WY finally laughs. MR mutters to herself that she’s a bit envious with WY..but WY doesn’t really hear it. That night, WY can’t sleep a wink. She thinks whether MR was right..that she is progressing…that she’ll eventually find her dream…that somehow she’s got a talent, “Even though I’m suffering due to numerous questions and worries…dunno why that night the corner of my heart beats loudly.” 



Meanwhile, Black is busy moving her store somewhere…accompanied by her mum. Khaki appears to help to her dismay…but her mum excitedly welcomes him and offers him some food 😂 Inside the store, Black is busy organizing stuffs at the highest shelf. Khaki is worried and offers his help, Black refuses. She doesn’t see the things inside the box are falling out…which cause her to fall down. Luckily, Khaki manages to catch her. He asks if she’s OK, but she only stares at him and says, “oh there’s this method too?” Khaki doesn’t understand what does she mean. Suddenly, the SF members excitedly appear (minus KJ and WY) to help… belatedly realize Khaki and Black’s position then freeze awkwardly 😂😂😂

-end of chapter-


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