Spirit Fingers Chapter 87

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*Flashback to the past*

Green and Sunho played rock-paper-scissor. Sunho lost and must do whatever Green asked him to. The next thing we see, Sunho was sitting at a hair salon. The stylist asked whether it’s okay to do what Sunho was about to do, cuz Sunho was still a student. Then scene shifts to them singing around a campfire with other friends. They talked about ideal type. Green described that she wanted someone who shined and sparkled like the sun, clear eyes, lethal red lip, sweet voice, and sexy and elegant charm. 😂😂😂 Her friends laughed and said no one matched her criteria. Then Green showed a picture of Acaprio (a comic book I guess lol). Her friend laughed again..saying he only existed in 2D world. Sunho was just listening to the conversation intently. After that, we see Sunho coming to the school with his newly-dyed hair: BLOND (so that’s what Green asked him to do 😂). He felt so self-conscious with his new hair..but the girls who pass him all spazz over his blond hair. Then he suddenly noticed Acaprio coming to life and approaches delighted Green…and Green went away with him (Green carried Acaprio bridal style HAHA). Sunho was just looking at them, screaming “NOOOOO”

IT WAS JUST A DREAM, cuz the real Sunho wakes up in a jolt and makes Mint (who was leaning closer to him) jolted backward as well 😂 She then awkwardly pretends to do some push ups 😂😂😂

WY and KJ cheerfully enter the cafe. WY runs to hug Bigfoot..but KJ beats her to it and kisses Bigfoot first 😂 WY asks why does he do that..she only wanna greet Bigfoot (Bigfoot cries haha). KJ reasons that Bigfoot is also a MALE, so from now on he’s forbidden to get close to WY. Then he tells Bigfoot, “Baeblue is this handsome hyung’s now. So don’t look at her in the eyes. Understand?” 😂 He keeps making a fuss, so WY apologizes to the cafe director about the noise HAHAHA. WY then scolds KJ for talking like that to Bigfoot and for keep calling Bigfoot “Big Foot” (the hangeul is 빅풋..but KJ calls him 대발 which is the Korean word for “big foot”), “because BigFoot is also SF member!” She reminds him to just draw seriously for two hours. KJ sulkily agrees, asking WY not to be disappointed with her own choice later haha. 

In the room, Blue helps Mint to do sit ups. Blue says it’s enough but Mint insists to keep going, cuz it’s hard to maintain weight after losing it. Blue says he’s worried who’ll take care of her after he’s enlisted. Mint replies that he might as well not go, stuttering that she won’t hv anyone to annoy. Blue doesn’t buy it..he holds her wrists and leans closer, “Is that all?” Right at that moment, KJ and WY come in 😂 KJ teases them about it haha. Mint then hugs WY, apologizing for letting WY be with the bastard aka KJ ahaha. KJ tries to separate them, “SHE’S MINE. DON’T TOUCH.I CAN’T EVEN TOUCH HER OFTEN”😂 Blue congratulates them..and KJ tries to kiss him haha. Then the rest of the member come at the same time, they all congratulate the first couple of SF. KJ tries to downplay it (cuz WY asks him to just draw at the meeting), “Dating isn’t big deal” which earns a glare from the rest of the members (cuz all are single HAHAHA). The members still tease them.. Brown notes that KJ must want the meeting to finish soon so he can go on a date 😂 The girls go to change their costume…and KJ tries to follow WY, but get dragged by the boys 😂



WY’s mum goes to a meeting with the parents from WD’s school, including Minho’s mum. The mums have heard about the condescending remark she made on Minho last time and ask her to apologize. She doesn’t want to and just walks away from them. 

-End of Chapter-


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