Spirit Fingers Chapter 104

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KJ prepares a chair (kinda throne like lol) diligently then asks WY (who hides her face under her snapback haha) to sit down, “Just sit here and don’t look at other men. Just look at me.” (Caption: in their own world). Embarrassed, WY asks him to go and start working. KJ refuses, saying that he can’t leave a pretty girl like her alone cuz all men there are wolves-like 😂 (WY: can he please shut up #LOL). The photographer hyung marvels at how KJ treats WY with utmost sincerity, “Why don’t you treat me like that too?” KJ replies, “Are you crazy? Why should I? Unnecessarily does that?” Then tells WY that hyung seems to be crazy 😂 WY tries to make him start working and leaves her sitting there..but KJ is worried, “Why do you hv to be extra pretty today?” 😂 At that time TS appears to give WY a drink. KJ then asks him to be beside WY, “BUT don’t be too close. Don’t touch her. Don’t be good to her.” KJ continues to fuss over him until the photographer yells at him to start working 😂😂😂 

The photo shot starts. WY is awed…she thinks that it’s the first time she sees KJ genuinely works hard, “Really cool, my boyfie.” She assesses she really finds him captivating..not only for her but also for other person around him. As she looks around, suddenly KJ appears in front of her, “I told you only to look at me” 😍 WY is so shocked and almost falls from her chair haha. KJ asks if she’s OK..but she replies shyly, “Rather than that..please put on your clothes” KJ puts his clothes on his neck and cutely nags WY to put it on for him…to which she refuses and ppl are facepalming at their lovey-dovey exchange 😂 The hyung wonders why KJ’s behavior changes in front of his gf. TS says that he’s originally innocent…to the extent he’ll die if one asks him to 😂 Hyung then scolds KJ for leaving the photo shot, “I’m your boss!” KJ retaliates that hyung was worse when his own gf came. WY scolds him for talking like that to the boss..and assert it’s true that they’re wrong. KJ then follows WY to apologize to hyung. The boss is shocked..he tells TS it’s the first time KJ calls him ‘boss’ 😂

Meanwhile, MR goes to the cinema, complaining that all of her friends are busy…she doesn’t wanna watch movie alone. She looks at SR’s number, “well. What’s wrong it watching movie alone.” Then she accidentally meets DW and SJ. MR and DW bicker as usual…about SR and TS haha. SJ then suggests them to watch movie together. 

Back to WY. She’s inside the dressing room, appreciating a pretty mirror. KJ suddenly appears, looking dapper in suit 😍 He offers WY to buy the mirror, “I’ll buy whatever you want.” WY automatically takes his picture.. Then freaking out and trying to erase it. KJ says she doesn’t need to do that..they can take picture together. WY refuses. KJ asks if she hates taking pic with him, she says no. KJ then cheerfully heads out and plans to ask hyung to take their picture. WY pleads him to just take a selca there. KJ stands behind WY while she tries to adjust the angle. She thinks why does KJ look extra handsome today, “Photo shot’s set is definitely dangerous”😂 She then extends her arm cuz her face looks big..KJ laughs, saying her arms are short 😂😂😂 She’s annoyed..but KJ teases her by taking away her phone and bringing it out of her reach. WY struggles to reach it and accidentally pushes him backward. They stumble together on a dressing table. KJ holds her hands and leans his face closer to hers (OMOOMOOMO). She prepares herself..but unfortunately he hits her snap back 😂😂😂 She fussed over him, though he assures her he’s fine. Just then, the hyung calls him to resume the photo shot. KJ doesn’t wanna leave, but WY pushes him out of the door…while she’s inside to calm herself down 😂

MR, DW, and SJ finish watching movie. MR says it wasn’t fun and asks SJ to treat them tteokbokki. She walks ahead of them. DW then whispers to SJ, asking him the possibility of MR liking SJ. SJ just smiles and says, “Because I’m cute?” 😂😂😂

The next photo shot session starts. KJ poses seriously, but turns goofy when he sees WY, throwing kisses, “See closeerrr ❤❤❤. Just wait for a while. I’ll finish soon ❤❤❤” WY narrates that amidst every moment she’s seen Kijeong, KJ looks the most handsome at this moment…she feels so unreal that KJ is her boyfriend…then suddenly she recalls what WD told her, as if it’s echoing in her ears. “That hyung doesn’t match noona.” 

-End of Chapter-


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