Spirit Fingers Chapter 86

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TS angrily yells to KJ to be quiet and just sleep. KJ is busily practicing(?) boxing, “Nooppee. If I sleep everything will feel like a dream.” Then he giggles by himself (TS: that crazy guy)…and approaches TS, jumping in front of him, “WE’RE DATING!! WE’RE DATING!! WE’RE DATING!!!” (TS: GET LOST!!)😂. At WY’s room, she recalls the event earlier that day, when she confessed to KJ…then yells in embarrassment, “ARGH CRAZY!! SO EMBARRASSING!!” 😂 

The next day (Sunday), WY is whistling while putting on her shoes. Her mum suddenly appears and asks suspiciously if she’s really going to reading room. WY is startled and answers that she’s really going there. Her mum still suspects her, “why did you flinch? Do you need a ride (*from mum)?” WY refuses and says she’ll go with SR and MR. 

Outside her apartment, she breathes in relief, “I’m almost caught!! Get yourself together, Wooyeon!” She then checks herself in the mirror…and KJ suddenly appears behind her, “WOW GODDESS” 😂 She yelps, “waaa so shocked.” KJ catches her and asks, “Why are you so surprised? First time seeing your boyfie?” WY thinks, “WAAA today he really looks more handsome. Much much more 😍😍😍” KJ tries to hug her..but she refuses and says they can’t do that there or mum will find out. KJ asks, “WHAT? Are we dating secretly?” WY answers that’s not it, it’s just she hasn’t told mum…then realizes, “Did you tell people??” KJ firmly replies, “Of course! My dad wanna meet his daughter-in-law as we speak!” 😂 WY feels dizzy suddenly..she wonders if things are going too fast..does dating feel like this, “I feel like get sucked by a black hole..”😂 KJ calls her, “Come fast!” He’s walking backward and she asks him why. He replies that it’s because WY asks him to maintain distance. WY says, “stupid..he even attracts more attention..” 😂 She’s telling him to just walk forward first..then he falls down. He quickly says he’s OK..but she starts nagging, “What do you mean you’re alright? You don’t even take care of body correctly. Don’t get hurt. Don’t use slippers on the mountain. Why are you smiling now?” KJ smiles goofily, “Am I a pervert? I friggin’ like it when you nag..” WY instantly says, “Don’t swear too!!” And KJ obeys her, “Then what should I do again? ❤❤❤” She answers, “Go away.” He puts his arm around her and says, “That I can’t do!” 😂 

At the cafe, Bigfoot happily greets Sunho. He asks who have come..and finds Mint is asleep in her Peter pan’s costume. He mutters, “Again and again. Falls asleep anywhere. Didn’t even listen to me.” 

Back to KJ and WY. KJ is sulking, “Why you want to keep it secret??” WY answers, “Not a secret, you stupid. I already told them so what secret..” She explains that SF isn’t a friendship club, but a drawing club. So they better draw seriously while at it and not “dating” while the session is on. KJ feels dejected, “*sigh* we just start dating but why there are many things we can’t do already… There are many things I reallyyy wanna do… Well, OK then.. I’ll try to work hard.” WY thinks he’s cute and pats his head, “Good guy, my boyfie…” KJ instantly blushes…and WY hits his head 😂 KJ yelps, “WHY DID YOU HIT MEE??” WY says it’s because he looks like he’s thinking about strange things. KJ denies, “You pats me first!” 


KJ: WHAT DO YOU MEAN WHY..JUST NOW YOU TOUCH ME LIKE THIS *grabs WY’s hand to imitate the gesture* *blushes again* 



Back to the cafe. Mint finally wakes up. She sees Blue is asleep in his Snow White costume. She giggles, “He really wears that” (they played rock-paper-scissors, betting on Snow White costume for the loser 😂). She mutters that he really does whatever she wants. She stares at him closely, “Really pretty. He has really long eyelashes” She inches closer and closer… 

-End of Chapter-


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