Spirit Fingers Chapter 84

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WY excitedly asks MR and SR to choose the best KJ’s drawing (drawn by her ofc). She has a book full of KJ’s drawing haha. SR is in awe, “You really did this in one night?” MR worriedly asks if she feels tired or sleepy. WY excitedly says she feels neither. MR says to SR, “She doesn’t seem like Ssong anymore. Seems like a totally different person, right?” For once, SR agrees with her 😂 MR continues that WY wasn’t like this when she had a crush on Blue Finger..cuz she was busy being shy and couldn’t do anything. WY replies that she’s also in awe, “If I think of Kijeongie, it seems like I gain so much strength. Mirae, just like you who see LegendSul and feel like you can do anything. Seems like I totally understand how it feels now.” MR proudly puts her arms around WY.. “now that you finally understand me, what if we join fan club together”..WY replies that she still can’t do such thing HAHA. MR pretends to cry and tells SR, “She doesn’t wanna play with us anymore” 😂 SR then asks WY if she and KJ have an appointment to meet. WY says no. 

Scene shifts to WY coming to Pink’s workplace (hiking store). Pink asks her about her impression to her workplace and outfit. WY notes that it seems fun and they all seem to wear dress code xD. She then asks how did Pink decide to choose this profession. Pink answers that it was fate, “The mountain saved me.” Pink then tells WY her story..how once upon a time she felt that life was so hard and meaningless..how she didn’t like her job and the people around her..how she felt like hitting the rock bottom. Then one day, her friends asked her to go on hiking together. But because she always stayed at home (never exercise), she suddenly felt dizzy while hiking and fainted. Right at that moment, the cloud moved away and the sun shined right above her. She always felt that her life was a series of misfortune, but she didn’t know why at that time she felt as if she received some kind of consolation from the sun…and it moved her to tears. She concludes how since then, she likes to hike and becomes healthier. She then shifts the convo to WY, “Since when you’re dating KJ?” 😂 WY says that she isn’t dating him. Pink is surprised, “Eh? KJ hasn’t confessed?” WY admits he did but she kept rejecting him. She then thinks, “If I look back, I feel so sorry now ㅠㅠㅠ” She tells Pink, now it’s time for her to confess instead. Pink praises her courage..then mutters to herself, “If at that time I had such courage..how good it would be..” But she doesn’t explain it further to WY. After that, both of them start picking out outfits. 

Meanwhile, at KJ’s school, KJ is daydreaming. He has hallucinations that everyone is WY and gives hugs/kisses😂😂😂 DW is the first victim (he hugs DW and DW kicks him lol, “Wooyeon-ah..I miss you so 😘😘😘” 😂). DW tells him to just go and confess. KJ dejectedly sits and says he still can’t do that…cuz he still doesn’t find the answer. DW scolds him, “since when you’re like this.. What if WY gets snatched by another guy??”..leads KJ to grab DW’s collar, “WHAT? WHO? WHAT KIND OF GUY?!” 😂 TS advises him to do what DW suggested and asks him not to be so serious. KJ replies, “How can I not be serious? It’s love.”…making TS and SJ spit their drink and laughing at his mention of “love” HAHA. At that moment, the teacher comes in and asks them to be silent. KJ hallucinates again and makes the teacher his second victim 😂 Before he causes more damages, his bffs drag him away from the teacher and apologizing to the teacher, “He’s very sick” 😂😂😂 

On the other hand, WY is ready to hike with her new gears (bought at Pink’s store). She begins hiking resolutely. *flashback to the moment KJ asked his father about protecting his mum* KJ becomes very shy and wonders why he even asks such question haha. His dad answered him seriously, “I’ve never done anything to protect your mum. Your mum is a strong woman who doesn’t need protection from anyone.” *back to WY who starts hiking*

-End of Chapter-


One thought on “Spirit Fingers Chapter 84

  1. Nagi says:

    I love the little illustration depicting WY and KJ as the turtle and the rabbit and WY’s slow journey to loving him 😂 as always, thanks again for the summary!

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