Spirit Fingers Chapter 83

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That scary man asks WY for direction and WY is like, “P..pirate? Nope..bandit?”😂 She thinks that he’s so big..bigger than KJ. He repeats the area he’s going..and WY thinks it’s KJ’s neighborhood. She asks him whether he has a definite address or something… That man laughs and says that he has compass, “With this I can go anywhere in this world HAHAHAHA” WY is like “hul..a very strange ahjussi… But he doesn’t seem unfamiliar” 😂 A voice heard, “Yeobo, the student is startled.” Then the man cutely apologizes to WY..he says they just buy that compass on the subway and explains about his kids (WY: *in her mind* “I didn’t ask” lol). The man turns to his wife, “Isn’t your bag heavy, yeobo? I’m afraid your fragile arm will break.” His wife smiles, “Not heavy at all. Don’t exaggerate,  yeobo.” (Her bag is actually very tiny 😂😂😂). The wife kindly asks WY the general direction and WY happily tells them. The couple thanks WY and WY politely bows to them. The man notes, “Way a courteous student…Anyway..I have one son…” his wife cuts him off, “Yeobo, that’s discourteous.” He stops and apologizes cutely 😘 The couple leaves and the man says that WY seems to resemble his wife. His wife replies that WY is much prettier. Her hubby disagrees, “no one as beautiful as you in this world” ❤ WY looks at them, “What a loving couple…but that ahjussi.. Where did I see him before..”

Meanwhile, KJ is back home and notices it’s a bit noisy. He finds Taeson and his parents are having “picnic” haha (yep. The previous couple is KJ and Green’s parents 😂). KJ instantly goes starry-eyed. His dad as well, “That’s right.. It’s your dad” and prepares to hug him…but KJ actually goes to his mum and hugs her 😂 “when did you come? Why no call me first?” His mum says it’s because KJ didn’t even pick up. KJ cutely assures her that he won’t do it again. His father feels neglected and becomes angry lol, “THIS KID.  DON’T YOU SEE YOUR FATHER?” KJ replies, “Why that ahjussi also comes? Mum only will be fine.” 😂 TS thinks his dad really resembles KJ, he consoles dad, “Don’t be angry..KJ actually misses you so much.” Dad’s anger instantly melts away, “R-really?” TS says yes while noting that KJ’s dad is even as innocent as KJ HAHA (KJ: HEY, PERVERT <aka taeson>..DON’T TELL HIM ANYTHING USELESS!!!”). But his father doesn’t listen and conspiratorially whispers to TS (while putting his arm around TS), “how much did he miss me?” TS is like, “Huk. Even the strength is the same” 😂 

Back to WY, she’s at home and tending WD’s wounds. She asks him why did he even fight while apology would suffice. WD lays on his bed, asking WY, “Noona.. Do you know what did mum lie about?” WY is startled..but she couldn’t ask more cuz mum suddenly appears (with something for WD). Mum is surprised why WY is there, “Why r u here? WD needs to rest bla bla bla.  GO STUDY!” Thankfully WD holds WY’s hand and bravely tells mum, “I’m in the middle of a conversation with noona.” Mum instantly leaves them alone -rolls eyes- WY then asks him, “What’s the matter with mum, again?” WD backpedals and says nothing. 

At TS’ home, TS goes out to buy some gas. KJ’s dad then asks KJ if TS’ mum hasn’t contacted her kid at all. KJ says yes. KJ’s mum wonders why TS’ mum did such thing to a good kid like TS..then asks about TS’ brother who supposedly lives there as well. KJ says that TS’ bro is currently enlisting in the military and that’s why he’s staying with TS to keep him company (aww). KJ’s dad pats his head gently, “My son has grown up.” KJ jerks away, “DON’T TOUCH ME” 😂 At that time, Green appears, “Why you two always fight whenever you meet?” 😂 Like KJ, she goes straight to her mum and hugs her. Her mum fussed over her weight, “Have you lost weight again? Your body won’t be healthy if it keeps losing weight” While her dad is like, “Dad is disappointed (cuz she didn’t acknowledge him lol). Green snarls that he has no right to be disappointed, “Remember what had you done to us??!!” *flashback to Nam siblings childhood* Green and KJ ran happily toward their mum..then their dad suddenly scooped her and said, “MUM IS MINE ONLY” 😂 *back to current time* The siblings hold hand and cries, “remember how much we disappointed at that time ㅠㅠㅠㅠ” 😂 Their dad defends himself, “I WAS ONLY JOKING!! FROM WHOM YOU GET GOOD GENES??” haha. The siblings don’t listen and hugs their mum instead, “What? We resemble mum more.” Their mum is like, “Your dad is upset,”, pointing to their dad who’s crouching sadly 😂😂😂 

Back to WY. She calls MR and tells her about her trip to KJ’s home. MR asks her why she still couldn’t meet him despite coming to his house already. WY says it’s OK. MR disagrees, “STILL. He should’ve picked up your calls. Didn’t he do that before?” WY says yes. MR still insists that KJ is being too much..cus usually he’s the one who calls and comes to WY. WY realizes something, “You’re right. It’s always been KJ who did this and that to me. I think I also wanna do something for him. Thanks, MR.” MR is now perplexed haha. 

Back to Nam family. The siblings stare disgustedly at their parents (cuz too lovey-dovey lol). KJ’s dad cries, “Yeobo..don’t be too lonely without me ㅠㅠ” His wife just replies with, “Night, yeobo..” Green mutters, “By the way you act, it seems like you’re gonna separate forever. Go away quickly, mum is tired.” HAHAHAHA. KJ’s dad makes a heart, “Let’s meet in our dreams, yeobo~” KJ blushes in shame, “GO QUICKLY. YOU’RE EMBARRASSING” Hahahaha. After they’re alone, his dad suddenly asks him, “When will you meet her? (t/n: it can also means, “when will you introduce her to me”)..the girl who asked you to call me.” KJ blushes. His dad assumes, “What?? Did you get dumped already??” to which KJ fervently denies 😂😂😂 His dad plays deaf, “Aish..of course you are (dumped). What a disgrace to this family. This kid…” 😂 KJ suddenly calls him, “Nam Sun-Jang. You’re really popular, right?” His dad laughs boisterously, “I was no joke back then..” KJ then shyly asks, “Then how did you protect mum?” His dad turns around in surprise. 

-End of Chapter-


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