Spirit Fingers Chapter 103

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SR and WY go to school together (with swollen eyes due to lack of sleep lol). MR meets them half way and asks them why they come together. She becomes sad when they tell her it’s because WY stayed overnight at SR’s house (“mom problem”). MR sighs…muttering that she must be a bad friend for WY not to tell her at all about the problem and they didn’t even tell them they stayed overnight together. WY apologizes for not telling her right away (“cuz I couldn’t think clearly”) and tries to console her, “I’ll stay at your home next time. ” SR looks at MR, concerned (she might realize MR kinda avoid eye contact with her for several days haha). 

Meanwhile, KJ dejectedly sits on a huge rock. DW asks, “Ytd you were so happy to death..now you’re like this.. Why..” TS replies that it’s because girlfriend-nim didn’t acknowledge him and didn’t seem to trust him (aww he’s still sad WY didn’t tell him about her problem last night 😂). DW jokes that KJ’s character isn’t trustworthy indeed.. And KJ dramatically “IKR.WHY SHOULD I LIVE” and head toward the gorge LOL (SJ tries to hold him back, fortunately). DW frantically says he was joking…to which TS replies “not time to joke” 😂 DW then advises him to take WY to his modelling photo shoot and show his coolness..so WY can view him differently. KJ instantly becomes cheerful again and walks toward school excitedly… While the other three are like, “icky it’s worrying” 😂

Meanwhile, WD is busy reading at class while his classmates (bonggu and former Minho’s minions are talking about the hyungs (aka Kijeong and friends). They wonder why they don’t come again and notes they seem fun though a bit stupid LOL. WD is like, “WHY R U GUYS SITTING HERE?!” 😂 They reply that it’s because WD sits there and Minho doesn’t want them to sit close to him since WD’s mum came and scolded him. WD recalls the horrifying incident when his mum called out Minho for being a broken-home kid. The friends sigh that they’re worried but can’t do anything to help either. WD then stares at lonely Minho (who seems asleep) at the corner of the class. 

Back to WY and friends. MR invites WY to watch movies together during the holiday. But WY says she can’t cuz KJ invites her to watch his photo shoot (KJ must hv followed DW’s advice haha). MR is excited and jokingly invites herself. WY says it’s her first time as well, so she doesn’t know anything about it or what to expect..she’ll also ask KJ about inviting MR later. MR thanks her and offers to lend WY a one piece dress. WY refuses, but MR insists cuz “many pretty models will be there as well..so you won’t embarrass KJ.” SR is about to scold her..but WY firmly answers first, “My Kijeong is not such person, Mirae.” MR says she doesn’t mean like that..she just thinks it’s good if WY dresses up prettily for boyfriend. WY says, “then you should’ve said so. If you worded it like your previous sentence, it seems like you disregard both Kijeong and me. So please don’t say such thing again.” MR starts apologizing for her mistakes..but she looks dejected. SR realized that and invites her to watch movie with her instead. But MR brushes her off, “No need. Let go off me.”

On the other hand, Sunho comes home to find Hyuk (aka Khaki) fiddling with Raid. Hyuk says it’s because he keeps hearing sounds coming from Raid. Then suddenly a creepy laugh coming from it..scaring both guys off LOLOL. 

As promised, WY comes to see KJ’s photo shoot. She goes to the studio and meets some models. She is amazed by her beauty and a bit down while looking at herself…but she quickly tells herself, “NOPE. I’M ALSO A SPECIAL ONE.” Then chanting “I’m cool. I’m cool. I’m cool” 😂 A white model emerges from the door and greets her. She panicked, “OMG ENGLISH” 😂 She’s got dizzy (cuz of the English haha) and the model puts his hand on her shoulder, asking if she’s OK. Right at that timing, KJ appears, “THAT HAND.. GET OFF. WHO ARE YOU..DARE TO DO SO. WANNA DIE” 😂😂😂 The white man tries to calm KJ down, but KJ angrily says, “Don’t use English. It’s Korea so use Korean” 😂 WY tries to calm him down, but he says, “Why you come at this timing? Go out!!! Quickly!!” WY is surprised since it was KJ who told her to come. KJ tries to explain the situation is a bit…and his schedule gets postponed. WY misunderstands, thinking that KJ doesn’t want her there cuz he’s embarrassed. She angrily storms off. KJ holds her back, “Not that I want you to go.. But…” WY looks back and the scene shifts to the photo shoot..of half-naked men 😂😂😂😂😂 WY goes, “HUL” and KJ instantly hugs her, “AISSSHH.. STOP WATCHING. DIDN’T I TELL YOU TO GO” 😂😂😂😂😂

-End of Chapter-


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