Spirit Fingers Chapter 102

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WY tells SR and MR about her imagination about KJ as giant fairy. MR laughs at that since it seems like a strange combination then ask, “If he’s your boyfriend, shouldn’t it be a prince?” WY explains that she has always liked the concept of fairy godmother more cuz the fairy always gives you presents. MR then notes that fairy godmother always ends up disappearing…making WY a bit unsettled. Her bffs don’t notice that and keep on talking about fairy godmothers. MR says they seem pitiful cuz they just disappear after fulfilling wishes. But SR replies that’s just their duties, granted wishes of the protagonists. She adds that she doesn’t like fairy tales because of that..cuz the protagonists seem to not doing anything. WY thinks that what MR said is kinda true. SR finally notices WY’s expression and asks her what’s wrong. WY dejectedly says that it does seem like she only receives things from KJ. MR scolds her for saying that, reminding her that she dates him cuz KJ likes her so much and advises her to play hard to get (aka not giving so much). SR notes that it just seems like being bossy..that WY also came to KJ because she likes him. WY just stares at them bickering. 

At his school, KJ is digging up the pool as usual..then recalls when WY hugged him and he laughs out loud by himself while digging more forcefully (and dangerously lol). DW scolds him for being so happy just because of a hug. KJ says that’s because WY did that for the first time on her own initiative…that’s why it’s so PRECIOUS (agree 😂). He then re-enacts the scene with SJ, saying that WY was sooo cute at that time. DW is like, “You like it that much?”…KJ confirms it “OFC” 😂 DW then says that honestly in terms of dating, there must be something that makes someone seems to be all-smiles ((idk what he’s actually saying..maybe he implies something not to good about WY/dating in general? Cuz it makes KJ a bit angry lol)). KJ is like, “uhm honestly..” DW tries to probe more..but KJ hits his head with his own LOL. He tells him not to talk about the flaws of his remarkable girlfriend 😂😂😂 They bicker and SJ asks them to stop. TS remarks that what DW says isn’t incorrect. 

Scene shifts to WY’s mum on a meeting *yawns* Basically they talk about their kids and benefit of having a daughter. One of the mums ask WY’s mum that she must let a quiet life since she only has sons. Another mum remembers that WY’s mum actually has a daughter. The previous mum apologizes for not knowing. WY’s mum smiles and says it’s OK. Then she seems to think about something. 

WY comes home and sighs that she doesn’t really want to..due to the garbage incident. But at home, her mum is being all nice and kind, calling her “my daughter~~” and buying her clothes. All black and grey clothes. WY just stares at those, sighing. Her mum realizes that she’s not happy and asks why…cuz those are her favorite colors, “Should I buy you all black?” WY says that’s no need and thanks her for the clothes. Then she asks her permission to stay at SR’s house tonight since her dad is going away again. Her mum gives permission and WY leaves right away. Her mum offers her a lift, but she denies. She leaves and her mum sighs, saying that her reaction is quite disappointing. WY walks outside her apartment and thinks that she used to be happy if her mum bought her anything..even doing the littlest thing to her (anything that means mum notices her)…she thinks that their relationship seems to be further and further away now. She mutters, “I miss Kijeongie”…then remembers what SR and MR talked about earlier about fairies. She tells herself, “Nope. Only receiving isn’t good.” 

At SR’s house, WY tells her what just happened. SR asks why she doesn’t tell her mum what she thinks. WY says that it would only cause another fight between them. She says she didn’t know what it’s like to receive love before, so she was okay with anything..but since KJ treats her well so she kinda expect the same thing from mum. SR disagrees and advice WY to do it like her..bragging about mum to dad and vice versa..so she got more from each party, “but the problem is to receive only money as the sign of caring…” 😢 SR says when they we’re a child, they’d be disappointed, but as they get older they learn to receive things as it is…cuz ppl do love differently. WY agrees..then remembers that she hasn’t received any calls or called KJ that day. She freaks out and checks her phone only to find 102 missed calls from KJ 😂😂😂 She trembles when her phone rings, “So scary” 😂 SR grabs the phone and receives it for WY, only to be greeted with a very angry (and worried KJ), “WHY U ONLY ANSWER JUST NOW?? U KNOW HOW MANY TIMES I CALLED?? IDK YOU’RE HOME OR KIDNAPPED.. I WAS SO WORRIED”😂😂😂 SR retaliates and yells loudly on the phone, “EVEN IF YOU’RE WORRIED SHOULD YOU SCREAM LIKE THAT ON THE PHONE??!!!!” Lol. She also tells him not to worry cuz WY is staying with her tonight and hangs up. WY and KJ then text each other. WY apologizes for not answering his calls. He says as long as nothing happens, it’s okay..and asks “did something happen to you?” WY denies and says nothing happened. KJ then says good night (her name on his phone is changed to ‘my family ❤ my friend ❤ my girlfriend ❤’). WY replies with, “you too ❤❤❤❤❤❤” KJ stares at his phone and dejectedly tells TS that something definitely happened to her but she didn’t tell him. TS asks how does he even know that. KJ says that usually WY won’t send any hearts to him. TS just laughs at him..for having a hard time with his gf over hearts. KJ ignores him. He mutters to himself, “Couldn’t she trust me…” #aww

-End of Chapter-


One thought on “Spirit Fingers Chapter 102

  1. ha na says:

    WY see 2 bags, elite bags, for her big & little brothers. Meanwhile, she only had a plastic bag. Sigh….
    Emaknya ni gimana yaaa….
    Asli nyesek saiah 😥

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