Spirit Fingers Chapter 101

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Green and her friends are talking after class. Then Sunho approaches them. They ask him to eat together, but he declines…then he realizes that Green is suddenly missing. 

On the other hand, Black is selling her stores’ stuffs and Khaki is watching her, hidden. Black realizes that he’s there, but she doesn’t say anything. Khaki is actually bringing a bouquet of flowers and plan to give it to Black. But when he’s about to give it, he sees a pair of scary guys (Black’s workers lol) and runs away in fear. He accidentally gives the bouquet to one of the guy, then the other one remarks, “Must be your fan, hyung-nim” 😂😂😂 Black only watches the happening. 

Green fans herself, complaining about Sunho, “why am I doing this because of that guy?? Why do I even avoid him??” She recalls how Sunho brought up her ex bf and thought she was waiting for her ex..which she denied. Sunho just stared at her, then said, “I don’t even ask :p” making her mad 😂 At the present time, Green is munching her food while swearing loudly, “why did I even do that because of that time and that saying. Am I crazy??!!” Then Sunho suddenly appears behind her, “Who are you cursing at?” Green chokes her food 😂 Sunho nags that she should’ve eaten proper food. Green ignores that and asks why is he searching for her there. Sunho answers, “Because you’re running away. Because today you keep avoiding me. Why you do so?” Green is flustered, quickly grabs her bag and starts leaving, “who’s running away” Sunho grabs her bag, “So messy. Look at this.” He picks some leaves on her hair, surprising Green who instantly yells, “DON’T DO THAT!!” She unconvincingly explains that it’s her fashion concept today..then quickly runs away. Sunho mutters to himself, “Running away again.”..then puts one leaf on his hair 😂

Khaki goes to Black’s store again. Unknowingly, Black is behind him and asks, “who are you looking for?” He answers, “Taengja-ssi”…then goes into shock when he realizes Black is the one who’s asking 😂😂😂 Khaki instantly apologizes and Black asks why does he keep coming and stay hidden like that. He says he’s buying something and Black knows he’s lying. He then points at random thing and says, “IMMA BUYING THIS!!!” The buyers around them are like “wah I wanna buy that too” “wow he’s buying Raid”. Black looks at that thing and says it’s expensive. Khaki convincingly takes out some money and says he has some 😂 
Khaki’s coming home to Sunho who’s asking if he successfully meets Taengja. Khaki comes in while bringing a complete figure of human bones 😂😂😂😂😂😂  Khaki apologizes for that. Blue says it’s OK and acknowledges Khaki must have harder time bringing that home. Khaki admits that he’s going crazy lol. He then asks why Sunho puts a leaf on his hair LOL. Sunho lies it’s a new style..which Kijeong told him 😂 

Green is sitting alone at a bench, drawing something. She then overhears two ppl talking about Heo Je-Ro from Theatre and Film Department is coming back to their school. The other party doesn’t know him, so that person says that Heo Je-Ro used to study there and he’s extremely handsome and talented. He even went to Broadway for casting. They excitedly talk about the prospect of getting his sign. Hearing the convo, Green drops her pencil. (I guess this person is her ex bf) 

Sunho is going out and maybe stay overnight, so he asks if Khaki will be OK (it’s raining and all). Khaki says he’s OK and is busy covering Raid with clothes 😂 He recalls how Black tells him to take care of Raid well, cuz she’d had Raid since 8 years ago. He sends a pic of Raid clothed in his T-Shirt (with additional name tag ‘RAID’) and a snap back. Black receives the picture and smiles. Later on, Sunho arrives home very late and sees a shadow. He thinks it’s Khaki, “You’re not sleeping” Then he realizes it’s RAID and passes out 😂😂😂 Khaki is like, “Hyung!! Wake up, hyung!!!”😂😂😂

=End of Chapter=


2 thoughts on “Spirit Fingers Chapter 101

  1. ha na says:

    Oh my…
    I think green still dont sure her feeling to sunho. She still think sunho is her childhood best friend.
    Ngakak maksimal liat khaki. Ni cowo kayaknya kudu digarap sama taeson. Hahahahahah

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