Spirit Fingers Chapters 85

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(Do this chapter first..ppl are curious cuz this chapter tells about the start of WY and KJ relationship 😂).
WY hikes endlessly and whines about how farther she should go..she then scolds herself for whining about that, “Poor Kijeongie has to go through this road every day.” She then meets a couple of elderly and asks how far is High School C from there. They tell her it’s just 5 minutes away. 50 minutes later, WY still can’t find the school 😂😂😂 She throws herself to the ground, “What 5 minutes??!! I can’t go further!! What confession…let’s just do it next time. Why do I put this much effort…” Then somehow she sees KJ’s puppy face above her and put herself together. She resolutely hikes, “Not hard at all. Not hard!”


She finally arrives there!! The boys are all staring at her like they’ve never seen a girl before, “wow a girl!” “How did she get here” “a girl comes to our school” 😂😂😂 WY feels embarrassed cuz she forgets KJ’s school is a boy school lol. She tries to get away but accidentally trips herself. The boys whisper around her. She thinks to herself, “I CAN HEAR EVERYTHING, GUYS” 😂😂😂 A voice asks her, “Are you OK, student?” It’s the faceless headmaster (only has letter ㅊ (chi) on his face…the namesake of the high school, if you remember). WY jumps in shocked and the boys chorus “She’s shocked. She’s shocked!!” 😂 At that time, KJ’s bffs recognize her, “Oh sis-in-law..why are you here?” She asks them about KJ and they are like, “OMG we forget we tied him up” (at chapter 85, they tied KJ up because he has severe hallucinations about WooYeon..keeps seeing everyone as her 😂). WY flares up and grabs DW’s collar, “WHAT? WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY KIJEONGIE??!” 😂


At the class, tied-up-KJ is thinking about WY…he thinks that he’s tied up and can’t do anything..that it doesn’t matter cuz he can’t do anything for Wooyeon anyway, “I’m sorry Wooyeon-ah, I’m an idiot. Only an idiot who’s needlessly handsome” (wtf 😂 anyway he’s still thinking about how to protect WY from ppl like Yerim 🐍). At that moment, WY enters and instantly fussed over him. She tries to untie him while scolding KJ’s bffs for doing this. KJ thought that this WY also his hallucination, “wow this is so real. She scolds the kid, worries about me, even touches me”…then he freaks out cuz realizing it is the real WY, “OMG IT’S REAL??what are you doing here?” 😂😂😂 WY coolly answers, “What else. I’m here to confess.” KJ is surprised. WY gets to one knee, reaches out one hand, and says, “I like you, too. Let’s date!” The school boys crowd around them, yelling “THE GIRL CONFESSES!! DATE!! DATE!! KISS!! KISS!! GET MARRIED!!” 😂😂😂 KJ goes on protective mode, hugging her and opening his clothes (waylt KJ 😂) to protect WY from their views, “What are you guys doing? She’s mine!! Don’t see!!” WY blushes 😂 KJ then pulls her to run away from his crazy school mates lol.


When they’re finally alone. KJ whines about his zombie-like friends lol. WY is out of breath and couldn’t lift her face. KJ worriedly asks what’s wrong, “Are you hurt?” WY answers that she’s embarrassed. KJ smiles and back hugs her, “AWW SO CUTE.” WY pushes him away, “PUT YOUR CLOTHES BACK ON, DUMMY” lol. She then shyly asks for his answer on her confession. KJ teases her, “Ohh the ‘I like you let’s date’..’I love you, let’s get married’?” (She didn’t even say thaat😂). WY is upset, “I didn’t even at that.. Aisshh I’ll go!” KJ stops her and holds her hands, “really? You come up here to confess? Uwaaa my girlfriend is friggin cool.  Sooo..this is our first day? Sooo..can I peck you?” WY is shocked and pushes him away instantly, “NOO” 😂 KJ innocently asks, “What about kiss?” WY: “OFC NO, DUMMY.Just try and see, I won’t let you” KJ mutters, “what should I do..I really want to” WY hears him and blushes hard..then she stops KJ for hitting his own head to a stone lol. KJ stops and suddenly lifts her bridal style, screaming “I LOVE YOU, SONG WOOYEON!!” WY struggles to shut his mouth, “BE SILENT!!” But KJ keeps announcing to the hikers (and the world), “WE ARE DATIINNGG~~~” 😂😂😂
-end of chapter-


2 thoughts on “Spirit Fingers Chapters 85

  1. Nagi says:

    🎉🎊🎆🎇 The ship has sailed! They finally became a couple 😭 WY really is so cool lol cant’t wait for KJ’s antics now that they’re dating

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