Spirit Fingers Chapter 99

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Chapter is opened with girls talk between Pink, Black, and Mint. Pink and Black candidly ask Mint about Blue. They think that Blue was indirectly confessing to Mint #spoton…so they wanna know what Mint thinks about it 😂 Mint denies, saying that they’re just a longtime friend), “We’ve seen everything in each other.” Pink and Black replies that there’s no such thing as woman and man friendship. Mint still denies, saying that not everyone is like that and Blue doesn’t even see her as a woman. Pink says there’s no way during those long year, they never feel anything. Black agrees and asks Mint, “You’ve never once had? Fluttering feeling toward Sunho?” Mint is taken aback…but diverting the issue to Black, “pfft what about you unnie?? What about your feeling to Khaki?” Pink butts in and asks about it as well 😂 Black nonchalantly says there’s nothing she could do about that. Mint teases her, “You can’t be that irresponsible unnie.” Black just answers that he’s too young 😂 Mint reminds her that she once said that age doesn’t matter. Black explains that’s just alcohol-talk. She couldn’t play around with such an innocent kid, saying that she’s like a fantasy for him…a mirage that he could only see in SF meetings.


Meanwhile, the boys (Khaki, Brown, and Blue) are having their own boys talk to calm Khaki down 😂😂😂 Blue finally guesses that “Taengja-ssi must be Black nuna” Brown is in awe, “Blue knows? I didn’t have the slightest imagination about this.” Khaki shyly apologizes to Brown..but Brown cheers him up and urges him to confess quickly (“go confess tomorrow” lol). Khaki says that somehow he’ll feel rejection is a sure thing if he confesses…then the other boys imagine Scary Black-Nuna and agree 😂😂😂😂😂😂 Blue advises him to hurry because, “If you don’t start quickly, the race will never start anyway” Brown calls him cool. Blue downplays it..thinking to himself, “who am I giving advice to whom.. Need to do better, Gu Sunho!” #awww


The girls part ways..and Black suddenly tells them that she won’t be coming to SF meeting next week, because her store is closed down and she wants to establish an online shopping mall to save costs. Pink and Mint ask whether they could help with anything, but Black refuses them and says she’s more comfortable alone. After she left, Pink sighs and says that it’d be good if Black openly admits she needs help/receive help.


Scene shifts to WY’s bffs and KJ’s bffs together at a bookstore. They seem to meet “accidentally” (MR might text DW where they are..so he comes along haha). DW then lies through his teeth that he comes for books, too 😂 TS suddenly appears and MR shrieks in horror, because she doesn’t put any makeup on (She then runs away to put on some makeup😂😂😂). DW approaches SR and praises her book choice (Medical book). He shows her his cooking book. SR flatly praises him and tells him she can’t cook. DW excitedly says he’d cook for her. TS interjects that DW can only cook ramyun LOL. DW then blurts out to SR, “Would you come to my home and eat ramyun?!”…but he’s mortified of his own sentence, “DON’T MISUNDERSTAND!!” HAHAHAHAHAH (t/n: this phrase is commonly used to seduce opposite sex to spend the night together aka not just to eat ramyun *cough* 😂😂😂). SR flatly answers, “Not misunderstand. At all.” But DW doesn’t listen and runs away, “Don’t misunderstand. I’m not that kind of man” LOLOL. He leaves SR and TS alone, awkwardly together lol. MR finally finishes her makeup and starts to call TS…then she realizes that TS is staring at SR so intently. A realization dawns on her.


Meanwhile, WY is texting KJ to tell her that WD finally approves them. KJ replies it happily with a goofy pic lol. KJ then texts her, “I miss you ㅠ” WY replies with, “Let’s meet tomorrow.” KJ replies, “Say ‘me tooㅠ’ instead. Qwiickk~lyy doo~~ iitt~~” to WY’s annoyance..but she complies anyway with a flat “me too.” KJ isn’t satisfied, “where’s the ㅠ?” WY complies again..and KJ replies her with a very cute pic of him..WY instantly says, “how cuutee” 😂😂😂.

KJ: whatchu doing? | WY: Just washed my hair. About to sleep | KJ: Wanna see…your washed hair *waits excitedly* | WY: *sends a pic of her hair-end* done? | KJ: Vulgar (me: crazy kid 😂😂😂😂) | WY: 😮😮 WTH U TALK ABOUT??! THIS PERVERT!! JUST GO TO SLEEP!!! | KJ : *lol* *saying she is cute*

He waits for more replies…but after a while, he realizes that WY must have slept first 😂


Scene shifts to Green who’s painting something (as usual). She recalls what Black asked her that weekend…about whether or not she’s fluttering because of Sunho. She thinks back..there’s one instance when she fell asleep on a table somewhere and Sunho was beside her, reaching his hand to touch her head..but stopped himself cuz people came in. She thinks…and thinks…then yells, “ACKK GU SUNHO!!”

=End of Chapter=


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