Spirit Fingers Chapter 98

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KJ successfully catches WD before he fell down. WD instantly throws a tantrum, “Put me down! Now! You said he wouldn’t come!! Didn’t you promise to break up?!”” WY tries to appease him to no avail. KJ is about to tell him the truth, but WY retorts faster, “we broke up!” KJ denies, “SINCE WHEN?” WY replies, “SINCE NOW!!” then telling WD, “I really dislike that person!!” Poor Kijongie who feels like he’s being bricked by a pile of stone, “I hate you more..I’ll find someone prettier!!” 😂😂😂 Luckily Mint stops their fights and tells them all to draw. WD yells, “I don’t want to draw that pervert giant!!” The members laugh at the ‘pervert giant’ mention, to KJ’s annoyance 😂😂😂 KJ then poses a difficult pose for 3 minutes session. WD is certain that KJ wouldn’t make it…but KJ makes it! (KIDDO, he’s a model😂). The members all praise him. KJ tries to downplay it, saying it’s nothing and winking to WD…who scowls at him LOL. 
They’re about to do couple pose and take a break (KJ goes to the toilet). WD is immersed in taking pics of the antique car. Brown is about to tell him the car spec, but WD knows about it already (Pony 1981 bla bla bla 😁). Brown is surprised, but WD says he’s really interested in cars (WY agrees). WD continues that his second dream is to be a car racer (his first dream is to be a space scientist), prompted them all to talk about their respective dream. Brown admits he’s got the same dream but unfortunately he failed to exam 5 times. Pink says she used to dream about being a singer (Mint: “Ah right! Unnie is good at singing”). Blue reveals that he wanted to be a pilot..while Khaki is still having a mental breakdown due to the “marriage announcement” from Black in the previous chapter 😂 Mint and Black make everyone laughs with their unique dreams (Mint wanna be a pirate, while Black aspires to be a black magician 😂😂😂). KJ enters the room and they ask him about it. Mint says that she knows his answer, “Just live for today!” KJ denies. Brown guesses he wanna be a model, but KJ says he’s still thinking about it now…will consider to do something he’s best at. Baeblue looks at him in awe. KJ and Mint talk about their dad who’ll disapprove of his modelling career. Mint offers her help if he ever needs to persuade their dad, but KJ says, ” Don’t need your help”…then they fight as usual 😂😂😂 They then ask Baeblue about her dream. She sadly she doesn’t have any dreams. She says she wanna do many things, but don’t know what she can do best…and she also doesn’t have anything she excels in particular 😭😭😭 The unnies console her, saying it’s normal for high schoolers to still look for their dreams…advises her to look for it slowly. WY feels awkward. Then WD suddenly comes to her defense, “My nuna has many dreams. My nuna is good at this and that. Really.”…then admits that WY is restricted by their mum who only asks her to study, study, and study. WY is touched. KJ butts in, saying it’s not too late yet…that he believes that Baeblue will find her dream definitely, “Because (she’s) my Wooyeon.” At the same time, WD says, “Because (she’s) my nuna”…making the members laugh 😂 The members then suggest them to do the couple pose, earning a loud “DON’T WANT!!!!” from both…but then both of them unknowingly strike the exactly same pose 😂😂😂

After the session ends, WY excuses herself cuz she couldn’t join the usual dinner session. On the other side, Black flatly asks WD to shake hand, “Nice to meet you”…surprisingly WD shakes back. The other members clap excitedly at this scene 😂 While other members are busy with WD, KJ sneakily stands beside WY and holds her hand. WY shyly holds it back…but WD suddenly yells, asking her to go home (Poor Nam💩). 

On their way home, WD addresses about KJ’s coming to the meeting and that he knows they both hold hand (which means WY lied about breaking up). WY is about to say something, but WD suddenly says, “I’ll say one more time, I really dislike that hyung. But I won’t tell Mum about this.”..to WY’s surprise. He continues that maybe he’s someone worthy of her, cuz everyone is different. WY is so happy at his acknowledgement and hugs him instantly. WD then sternly adds that if KJ dares to hurt her, he won’t let it slide 😂  (Also please don’t say anything about him joining the club, don’t even show pics, etc). 

Meanwhile, the photographer hyung gets a call from his sunbae who’s looking for a supermodel. He asks whether the hyung knows a good kid. Hyung looks at KJ’s pic and says, “there is.”

=End of Chapter=


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