Spirit Fingers Chapter 97

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The photographer sighs at KJ’s photograph cuz it turns out so well…then KJ suddenly sits beside him and say as he also wanna see the results. This shocks the photographer, because usually KJ rushes the shoot, demands for money, and leaves the site so quickly 😂 The photographer then tries to persuade KJ to debut officially as model (DW and TS all stand behind them.. TS whines that he’s hungry 😂). KJ innocently asks TS if the results are any good, making the photographer angry “YA!!! I’M PRO!!!” 😂 KJ notices there’s one incomplete shoot, asking why it happened. The photographer angrily answers it was KJ’s fault for leaving suddenly. KJ unexpectedly initiates to re-shoot the photo. The photographer is happy..but his friends are shocked 😂

Meanwhile, at SF meeting, the one minute session has finished and they’re checking each other’s drawing (WY was the model 😍). Brown notices there’s one empty book. WY guesses correctly that it’s WD’s. WD flatly says that he can’t draw (not enough time). WY scolds WD, but Blue defends WD saying that it’s his first time doing croquis so it’s understandable. Blue then advises him to start at the easiest point, such as drawing Pink Finger noona’s hair (pink hair from the back). WD is like, “What kind of drawing is this?!” Blue asks him if WD knows anything about abstract painting. Naturally, WD answers methodically about the definition etc (genius kiddo 😅). Blue praises him for being knowledgeable, then saying that his drawing of Pink’s hair can also be categorized as abstract drawing, so if WD can draw Croquis yet, it’s okay to start from abstract drawing first. Black butts in, saying that he can also draw any points he likes best, just like her. She shows him her drawing: spectacles 😁 She explains that there’s no fixed rules in SF, people draw anything they like to draw. Blue adds that it’s not a club to assess one’s capability in drawing. Mint interjects, “there’s no picture we can’t draw” Blue asks, “How is it? Do you wanna try again, Gray Finger-nim?” WD sighs, saying this club is weird. Black starts, “Like what I said earlier, if you don’t want…..” WD cuts her, “But because Blue asks for a favor,  I’ll try it once again.” The other members clap, while Black goes, “TCH” 😂 WY apologizes to Blue, but Blue says it’s OK. WD watches their exchange, smirking. 

At break time, Brown sighs that he feels hot because of the wig haha. Khaki excuses himself to the toilet. Blue takes pics of the props..and WD suddenly approaches him, asking how old is he, whether he has a gf or not, and promoting his noona, “pretty and kind” 😂😂😂 WY tries to stop him to no avail lolol. She then apologizes again to Blue. Blue just laughs and explains to WD that he has someone he likes. Pink picks that up and asks who’s that. Blue doesn’t answer, so Brown guesses if it’s someone in the club. Mint looks stricken. Then Pink jokingly laughs and claims that it must be her, “I’ll accept you, Sunho-ya..” Blue laughs and apologizes to her 😂😂😂  Black suddenly declares that it’s her, “Actually we’re dating and getting married next week. Y’all come, right?” Blue is shocked and Khaki instantly bursts inside the room and yells, “NOO!!!” 😂😂😂😂😂

At the photo shoot, KJ finishes a shoot well. The photographer asks him if it’s OK to cut his face and just shows his lips. KJ refuses, saying that his lips is reserved for his girlfriend only 😂 TS and DW instantly tease him, “You can’t even kiss her”; “Because of her brother, now you can’t even meet” 😂 KJ angrily grabs DW’s collar, “CUZ YOU MENTION HER, NOW I MISS HER!!” DW is like, “You mention her first, idiot” 😂 The photographer asks KJ to go somewhere with him (meeting some ppl). KJ is reluctant, “why should I. I can’t even drink”. He then opens SF’s group chat and sees WY’s cute picture. The photographer tries to persuade him, but he’s gone already (must be triggered by WY’s cute picture lol). 

At SF meeting, Khaki sits dejectedly and the boys try to cheer him up 😂 Anyway, the 3 minutes session starts. Black is the first model. WY draws excitedly, using color. She then looks at WD who’s struggling with his drawing, tries to talk to him but WD asks her not to talk to him (cuz he’s busy 😂). The next model is WD. He confidently tells WD that he’s got it all planned. Then he poses coolly. The other members warn him not to do that pose, cuz he’ll need to stay that way for 3 minutes and strain himself. WD sternly tells them not to treat him like a child. The members give up and start drawing. While WD’s body begins to ache. He admits to himself that keeping the pose for 3minutes is hard..then start losing his consciousness. Luckily, KJ catches him before he falls down, asking if he’s OK. 

-End of Chapter-


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  1. saikasui says:

    Hi, crabbielife
    Can I have the password to enter the next chapter and further chapters?

    I really love this manhwa and your blog is like a light from heaven that allow me understand the story if this manhwa TT^TT

    It will be great if i can read it further through your blog

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