Spirit Fingers Chapter 96

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WY tells WD that the room decoration changes every week, so whatever inside, she asks him not to be surprised. WD says he won’t…but when the room is opened and shows the grandeur of 88era, WD squeals in surprise 😂 They’re greeted by the unnies who are dressed as if they’re in 80s era, completed by the Rollerblades. They crowd around WD to greet him. Pink says he’s cute and Black asks how old is he. But WD just says hi coolly and walks passing them. Pink assesses that he must be the chic type. Green laughs, saying he is the complete opposite of WY. Meanwhile, WD readily opens a sketch book and asks whether it’s time to draw or not. WY says it’s not time yet and asks Pink if she has any spare props  cuz WD comes without preparation. Thankfully Pink and Black have some spare clothes. WD asks why does he have to change. WY answers that every SF meeting has dress code..she’s about to explain about Croquis but WD cuts her off, saying he knows about that. WD continues that he thought it’s a proper club meeting, but now it seems like a child play. It triggers the noonas. Black instantly comes and talks to him. She asks why does he think like that. WD answers that it seems like a waste of time. Black asks if it’s because he thinks humanity can’t be helped anymore, WD agrees. Black asks who decides that. WD argues that it’s a given…happening in the society. Black argues back, saying she’s not sure it’s a given or not…like, whether telling a patient who doesn’t know s/he might die tomorrow about a business achievement is important or seeing the face of beloved family is more important. WD retorts that’s a usual case/circumstances. They argue back and forth..basically Black tells him that all SF members also study and/work hard every day and only has exactly one day to spend with precious ppl who also likes drawing. WD insists that he can’t accept SF since it seems like playing (for him, studying is the most important thing ever haha). Black drops a pile of clothes to him, saying that acceptance is his own decision and SF doesn’t care about receiving acceptance anyway. Black tells him to just follow the rule and change his clothes, or he can just go home. After WD goes to change, Green asks if Black isn’t being too hard on a kid. Black says it’s OK cuz he doesn’t seem to be treated as kid anyway. WY apologizes on his brother’s behalf. Black says it’s okay and correctly guesses WD must hv no friends. She further says she was also like that when she was a kid 😀

At the bathroom, WD is fuming mad about what Black tells him and the clothes he needs to wear. Then Blue appears and correctly guesses WD must be WY’s brother. He then introduces himself. Meanwhile, at the club, the members note that it’s the first time WY wears skirt and praise her. WY shyly admits that she borrows it from her friend, but it’s too short. Pink says it’s OK cuz she looks pretty and says if KJ were there he’ll agree and won’t stop praising her…then she asks why KJ doesn’t come..or he couldn’t come because of WD. WY says yes and Pink is like “aigoo your bro really like his noona” 😁 Black retorts that it’s not love but obsession..how dare he meddles in his noona’s dating issue..saying that it’ll get worse later. Green says it isn’t like that in KJ case. The others don’t believe if KJ was like WD before. Green says he wasn’t exactly like that..he was a bit cute. WY giggles and says he’s still very cute now,  earning a glare from the unnis 😂😂😂 They grab WT and jokingly tell her to get herself together 😂 at that moment, WD appears and asks them to take their hands off of his noona. 

The noonas squeal and praise him for being so cute, ignoring Blue, Khaki, and Brown who arrive together 😂 Brown then innocently asks about KJ..but WY sends a non-verbal signal to Brown, not to talk about KJ. Brown realizes and awkwardly says KJ isn’t coming again 😂 WD sees the exchange and feels that something is suspicious haha. But Green cuts his train of thoughts by announcing that today’s session is started..with a dance time 🙋🙋🙋 They even make WD dance (they call him “gray finger”😂). Drawing session starts. WY then starts a conversation with Blue about drawing tools and it’s results. WD notes their exchange. He marks Blue as “kind and smart”…then smiles, “Good”. (I think he plans to make WY and Blue a couple haha). 

-End of Chapter-


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