Spirit Fingers Chapter 95

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WY is surprised listening to what happened to KJ and the teachers. MR tells her that Green even came to solve the problem for KJ. WY says that KJ told her he was doing, part time job that’s why couldn’t contact her. Convo shifts to MR and TS. MR says TS doesn’t even read her chats anymore. SE correctly says that he’s not interested..but MR deludes herself, saying that TS must be playing push and pull with her 😂 SR asks her, “then what about LegendSul?” MR fires back, “wth u talk about” 😂 They then realize that WY isn’t with them anymore. 

Actually WY is going to see KJ..who runs happily to greet her (still wearing his modelling clothes lol). WY asks him how could he come so fast when he just told him she’s coming not too long ago. WY tells him he can come slowly. KJ goes on his goofy mood, “How do I do that if girlfriend is waiting~you must’ve come cuz you miss me, riightt?” WY answers that she has no energy. KJ realizes she’s wearing a different school uniform. WY shyly says that it’s time for summer uniform..she thinks to herself “why is this so embarrassing” haha. KJ suddenly wears eye-mask..WY is like “what r u doing”..he answers that “(you’re) too blinding” HAHAHA OMG. He then proceeds to take pics of her. She goofs around and says she has to pose first.. She looks like idol-WY in KJ’s eyes….while he takes hundreds of pics 😂 When he wanna take a pic of him back hugging WY, WY refuses to do so. 😀 Then WY asks him about the incident at WD’s school. She apologizes he had to go thru that because of WD. KJ says it was his fault for losing his temper..and that he kinda understand why WD doesn’t like him “Why a bastard like me dare liking his noona” WY loudly asks, “WHAT’S EVEN WRONG WITH YOU?!”. KJ is surprised. WY continues, “WHERE CAN I FIND A GUY WHO’S SO COOL AND KIND LIKE YOU” KJ is in disbelief, but WY assures him that it’s true.. Then KJ childishly asks “You like me or WD more?” WY has no answer for that LOLOL. KJ asks for WY’s hand, pull it, and hugs her. He says that even though he isn’t good at studying, but from now on, he wouldn’t do anything which embarrasses her.. And he’ll continue to be a cool guy, so she has to promise that she’ll like him more and more. WY says yes and hugs him back. But suddenly someone calls KJ loudly, and they instantly pull themselves apart. It’s poor DW who instantly getting hit by KJ, cuz cuz WY suddenly disappears 😂😂😂 

The next day, WY is about to go to SF meeting. But WD suddenly appears and forbids her to go, saying that she must be meeting KJ. She says that she’s only going to drawing club meeting. WD insists to go with her, or he’ll report her to their parents. After a long argument, WY lets WD to go with her. WD even agrees that he’d be the model. Luckily, SF members allow WD to join as well. At the cafe, WY greets excited Big Foot as usual. But Big Foot shivers under WD’s scary stare 😂 WY tries to appease it, but it’s still whimpering. The cafe owner then tells a story how Big Foot was abandoned by the previous owner and became so afraid of strangers. WD unexpected approaches Big Foot, telling him it’s ironic its name is Big Foot but it’s a coward… 😂 But WD talks nicely to Big Foot, until Big Foot lets WD pets him #aww 

Anyway it’s Room 1988 for SF meeting today. 


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