Spirit Fingers Chapter 94

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Chapter opens with Mirae, Sera, and Wooyeon talk about Kijeong vs Woodeol. WY looks very worried, but MR just laughs the competition off (cuz ya know.. WD is a kiddo). Then she and SR remember WD is actually an award-winning genius and KJ is indeed the stoopid one 😂😂😂 MR advises WY to just date with ease (SR also agrees). WY shows them KJ’s text which firmly tells her that they should date proudly (KJ’s name in WY’s phone is ‘Kijeongie ❤’ and KJ uses his pic with WY as profile pic). WY sighs that somehow she feels worried. On the other hand, KJ almost fights with the teachers who talk bad about him and his friends (chapter 93)..while the teachers keep talking condescendingly to him.  Luckily his friends restrain him. Near there, BG actually worries and wonders if they should defend the hyungs, but WD just walks away, saying that he’s late to his schedule at cram school already. 
Anyway the teachers call Green unnie as the guardian and advises her to scold his brother (he should also enroll in a prestigious uni bla bla bla). Green maintains her polite attitude until the teachers gone..and she instantly scolds and yells to the guys lol. She threatens to tell their headmaster, but they beg her not to. KJ remains silent during the whole thing. He didn’t even retaliate to Green’s scolding. He insists that he’s done nothing wrong (since the teachers were rude). TS tries to appease Green by telling her that KJ’s not in his right mind cuz of WD. Green calms down and asks the guy if they’re alright..cuz the teachers insult their school like that. TS bashfully admits that it’s not wrong..their school is THAT bad anyway (he uses “dung tub” as the term 💩💩💩). Green then asks him, “Then what? Then you’re gonna live like a 💩 too?!” 
Meanwhile, BG keeps telling WD that the hyungs actually weren’t bad at all (voices of agreement heard behind them lol). WD is like “You just saw them once how would you know”. BG insists that the game was fun anyway. Voices of agreement are heard again..it’s actually their classmates who’re going to cram school too and asking to walk together..but ofc WD brushes them off, calling them a bother…meanwhile the troublemaker kid is following them closely. 

Back to the guys. DW complains that his cheeks are so red cuz Green was pinching it too hard lol. They talk about Green’s advice to them earlier..that they shouldn’t let ppl talk down like that to them again. TS asks SJ to transfer school quickly in order to get a good university later..since he’s a decent kid and number 1 in class. But surprisingly SJ refuses and says that he likes his school so he can be with them. He firmly says that he’s gonna be with them for his whole lives #awww TS and DW are touched..though they pretend to be repulsed at the idea and kick SJ 😂😂😂 Meanwhile, Green and Sunho are talking about KJ. Green sighs that KJ might become like this because she left him once before… Sunho laughs and recalls his first meeting with KJ. He was awed by KJ’s height..but KJ just glared at him. When Green left them alone, KJ instantly flares up and threatens to kill Sunho if he dares making advances toward his nuna haha. Green is surprised cuz KJ dared to do that to Sunho who’s older. She then wonders how the boys finally become close. Sunho recalls that they became close and KJ started calling him “hyung” when Green dated someone and was in trouble because of that. Green grimaces and asking if she was really bad at that time. Sunho confirms it and gets up to leave. Green suddenly tells him that she is NOT waiting for her ex to come back. 

On the other hand, KJ doesn’t read WY’s chats. She is very worried. MR laughs it off, saying that KJ probably just plays around somewhere..SR throws a snide remark to her.  Then they bicker as usual 😂 WY suddenly feels that someone is looking at her. But when she looks back, there’s no one. She and her friends then enter their cram school. It is actually KJ who looks at her across the street. He just stands there, brooding. 

-End of Chapter-


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