Spirit Fingers Chapter 93

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Chapter opens with KJ telling WY that he’s having a competition against WD. KJ says he’s studying hard and asks WY to help him. WY tries to tell him that WD isn’t an average elementary school student, but KJ sulks cuz he thinks WY also thinks he’d lose. WY holds back and cheers him up instead..and he tries to kiss her lol.. Too bad she shyly refuses cuz WD might be watching them. KJ wonders why WY seems so concerned about WD. WY then tells him that WD is special (in terms of intelligence) but he lacks in some areas. She also admits that she’s kinda marginalized(?) among her family cuz her brothers are cleverer. 

KJ ruffles her hair, saying that she’s also special, especially for him #aww. He then sighs, “so envious of WD cuz he’s got a very kind nuna” WY doesn’t get it since she knows that Green is very nice to KJ as well (KJ: SHE’S KIND?!  THAT NUNA? SHE’S A DEVIL 🔥🔥🔥🔥). WY probes if the sibling r/s has been bad since they’re kids..but KJ replies that they used to be close. KJ warns her not to tell anyone about it, “this info is special for gurfriend”😀 Flashback to kiddy KJ who was bullied and Green helped him. KJ innocently asks if he got older, he’d get rid anyone who bullies Green..but she firmly said that no one would dare. Unfortunately, Green and his mom left the island where they used to live, leaving KJ with his dad (nope they aren’t divorced). His dad trained him so that he became taller..but when he met Green again, Green mistook him with a random chubby guy 😂😂😂 WY laughs at it.. But KJ angrily says that he was so disappointed back then cuz Green didn’t even believe he grew so fast. WY still laughs and calls him cute. KJ sternly says that “You can’t call a man CUTE” 😂 WY teases him and he’s like “if you continue,  I’ll kiss you”…but suddenly WD calls to tell her to come home and WY evades KJ’s kissy attempt (again), leaving him alone and sulk 😂  


At home, WY tries to talk to WD about KJ. She says that KJ is actually very nice, but WD doesn’t believe her. He firmly argues that KJ is totally a gangster, doesn’t fit WY, and he’d rather WY dating someone else. WY smiles and asks what kind of man she should date, then. WD replies that he’s gotta be smart and have a bright future.. Anyone would be better than KJ. WY smiles again,  “This convo is rather funny”..and truthfully admits that since she was a kid, she felt that she doesn’t fit her family, “Mum, dad, oppa, and you all so beautiful and smart.  I’m the only ugly one. Many times I think whether I’m actually someone else’s child”. WD replies that she must NOT think like that. WY says that she doesn’t think like that anymore..because “a kind hyung tells the foolish me that I’m also pretty and special.” WD is stunned. 


The next day is the competition. The kids excitedly watch (some call DW “ahjussi”, making him angry lolol). Anyway, KJ lose 19-0 to WD #nosurprise 😂😂😂 DW is angry to KJ “ARE U THAT STUPID TO LOSE TO A KID?” LOL. KJ flares, saying that it’s just because bro-in-law is too fast. WD recalls his convo w/ WY. He reminded WY that their Mum wouldn’t approve WY and KJ..WY said it doesn’t matter as long as WD is on her side. At the present time, WD declares that if KJ manages to answer the one more question correctly, he’d concede. The next question is about France. KJ’s friends are hopeful, cuz they asked KJ about this before.. But KJ answers wrongly again (“fly bug!!” lol). WD arrogantly tells KJ to break up with WY cuz he’s lost the deal. KJ tries to beg for another opportunity..but some older guys (teachers and security I guess) appear and ask what are high schoolers doing with kids. Apparently they thought KJ and friends are bullies. One of the kids defended them, saying that they’re just playing. KJ’s friends then politely apologize for the inconvenience they caused. They’re about to go when one of the guys call them “shitheads”. KJ turns around, menacingly asking “what did you just say?”

-End Chapter-


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