Spirit Fingers Chapter 92

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KJ, WY, and WD ride on the bus awkwardly..especially cuz WD sits between two of them 😂 KJ tries to ease up the tension by talking about weather. WD ignores him and offers WY his earphone, “It’s Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto No. 2 (((my fav 😳)))…very good”..while KJ can’t even say the composer’s name  haha. They drop WY to her school. KJ tries to get away, citing that he also needs to go to school. WY holds him back, saying he needs to talk to him. He drags KJ to convenience store and starts interrogating him. He also asks for permission to KJ to record the convo. KJ agrees and thinks that WD and WY are similar to each other, “how cute.” WD proceeds to ask KJ’s name,  school, height. WD asks if the school is on top of a mountain. KJ excitedly says yes and remarks that his school is indeed famous.. WD quickly excuses himself to KJ’s confusion (“You’re not going to ask abt blood type? Bday” hahaha), but WD says he’s not interested. KJ tells his friends about this and they throw a fit of anger cuz an elementary school boy treated KJ like that… They also rant about WD’s reaction to their school “NOT OUR FAULT IF OUR HIGH SCHOOL IS LIKE THAT RIGGHHTT??!”..but then they realize it’s their fault cuz they didn’t study hard 😂😂😂 SJ asks KJ to calm down and devise a plan to win over WD. 


Meanwhile,  WD looks up KJ’s school and feels horrified. He thinks the school is full of byuntae (perverts) and his noona must be forced to date him hahaha. He then has this funny imagination if KJ being Kaito Kid and steals his noona, while he’s Conan who tries to stop him 😂😂😂 Suddenly Bonggu sits beside him and asks about WY…WD instantly guesses that he’s a crush on her. He says that his noons likes an uptight person and BG suddenly behaves as such hahaha. 


On the other hand, DW and KJ is planning to woo WD.. DW said that KJ is so handsome but seems like a thug, it’s an image a kiddo won’t like.. KJ:” are u mocking me?” 😂 ((TS and SJ are standing at the side, muttering how stupid are they LOL)). 


The plan actually involves KJ dressed as a bear and appear at WD’s school 😂😂😂 ofc, WD ignores him and the other kids mob him instead. KJ runs out of patient and yells in anger which causes the costume to rip..but WD sees him bursting in anger like that..KJ tries to save his situation, putting on the bear head again and aegyo-ing WD.. But WD just calls him “pervert” 😂😂😂 KJ scolds DW after that “WHO SAID KIDS ALL LIKE BEARS??!!” haahaha. DW admits it’s his fault and he asks MR to ask WY about what WD actually likes. WY innocently says that WD likes quiz about countries. But she and SR wonder why DW needs the info 😂


…so KJ starts studying by having a mock-quiz about “FRANCE”. He has so much difficulty in guessing what it is..and guesses that it’s “MOSQUITO” 😂😂😂😂😂😂  His friends are like “you really dunno?? 😱😱” KJ sighs and wanna give up. But DW taunts him not to lose against a kiddo and continues to let WD looking down on him and hurt him. KJ angrily says “then you do it.. Why it must be me?!” DW continues, “He’s your bro in law right?? You need to gain an approval from him!! What if you need to give up on WY cuz of that?!”…he finally gets up and continues the quiz ((still failing miserably tho 😂😂😂)).


Then he appears in WD’s school, challenging him for “man to man fight”. WD ignores him.. But KJ taunts him and WD finally agrees to do so. KJ then appoints all the kiddos there as the witnesses/juries. They cutely agree. BG tells WD that he’s on WD’s said.. While WD mutters silently “stay out of this” 😂😂😂

-End of Chapter-


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