Spirit Fingers Chapter 91 

#ifyoudontwannabespoiled #dontscroll #dontopentheREADMORE #spiritfingers #chapter91 #webtoon #스피릿핑거스 #웹툰

Woodol and Bonggu walk around WD’s neighborhood together. BG is in awe with the apartment complex..then he notices KJ, marvelling about his height 😁 That’s when WD notices that his noona is with KJ. KJ goes into his jealous mode, “this pretty nuna is mine, kiddo…so please get lost while I’m still talking nicely” 😂😂😂 WY tries to explain that WD is his brother..but KJ mistakenly assumes another thing, “WHAT? SINCE WHEN YOU’RE IN NOONA-DONGSAENG RELATIONSHIP WITH HIM?!” lol. WY clarifies that WD is her REAL brother..then KJ instantly tries to hug WD, “my bro in law”…but WD avoids him and pulls WY’s hand. They both return home. WD directly says that he’s disappointed in his noona for dating that “pervert” 😁 WY tries to defend KJ..but WD cuts her off, announcing their return. Their mum appears and fussed over the maknae who returns home so late and alone blablablabla 😪 She doesn’t even notice WY until WY announces that she’s also there 😡 Then Mum immediately goes into nagging mode, asking her to tell the truth about her whereabouts for the whole day since she overheard MR and SR’s convo, so she knows WY definitely wasn’t with them. WY considers to tell the truth, but WD cuts in and tells Mum that WY was with him. Mum then asks why WY didn’t even answer her call..WD saves WY again by pretending to cough. WY gratefully thanks WD for his help.. But WD threatens her to break up with that pervert or he’d tell mum about her dating. 

Meanwhile, KJ returns home and bombarded by his bffs’ question “DID YOU KISS HER?” LOL. KJ, who’s in the foul mood, hits their heads and yell at them to get lost😂😂😂 Scene shifts to Sunho and Green. Sunho piggybacks drunk Green while recalling the earlier convo about first love. It turns out that Green mentioned Leonardo DiCaprio as her first love lol. Sunho looked unconvinced. They stop for a while and Sunho tries to probe more about her first love.. Green is taken aback but tries to avoid it by ruffling Sunho’s hair jokingly. Sunho sternly asks her not to touch him…then Green starts to whine loudly about her misery


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