Spirit Fingers Chapter 90

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The SF members are drinking together, mentioning how they’ve been holding back on alcohol cuz the maknaes are underage 😁 Pink mentions, “But those youngsters are dating”, earning collective sighs from all single members there 😂😂😂 Blue asks Black about her bf..but she said she just broke up. Pink asks what’s the problem again this time..but she is interrupted by a bar staff who’s asking for Black’s ID card (he must be thinking Black is underage lol). Black gives the staff her ID nonchalantly amidst the members’ laugh. Brown says he’s envious of Black..no one ever asks him for ID card cuz of his old face..even when he was drinking as underage 😂 Black teases him by calling him, “Daddy!”..Brown spills his drink in shock ROFL. 

Meanwhile, WY and KJ faces are sooo close.. WY wonders if KJ is gonna kiss her. “BUT I HAVEN’T PREPARED MY HEAARTT”, she thinks😂 But KJ just asks her to go home since it’s late. WY monologues, “haha he wasn’t going to do it..am I nervous by myself.. Like a fool.. But I was sure he’s gonna do it.. Hul…am I disappointed?!!” 😂😂😂 KJ notices her inner monologue, asking what she’s doing, her face is red too, “why? Did you think I’m I’m going to kiss you?”. WY is flustered and denies, turning away from him “I DIDNT!” HAHAH. KJ laughs..then sighs “I’m going crazy” (he was holding back 😂). On the other side, DaeWoo and SuJae wonders what’s KJ doing now since he’s on a date.. DW wonder if he kisses her..while SuJae keeps muttering how envious he is. TS butts in, saying he’s not sure KJ will kiss her cuz if it we’re him, he’d hold back..since kissing too fast can be seen as easy. DW and SJ suddenly rolls over while screaming, earning a yell from TS haha

Back to the SF members, they talk about their first loves. Brown sighs and says he doesn’t even remember his. While Pink mentions she got a crush with a church oppa and Blue’s was his kindergarten teacher. Mint solemnly admits that hers was a very pretty boy (yet trashy), earning a curious look from Blue. Outside of the room, Black get asked about her number by a guy. Jealously, khaki asks whether she really gives that person her number to that unknown guy. Black sneers, “Before ppl are dating, they dunno each other. Why? R u jealous?”…to which Khaki answers with a straightforward YES. Then he approaches Black while saying, “Sorry. I was just worried.” Black stares at him, straining her neck, “Urgh. True. My neck hurts” 😂😂😂 

-Back to the lovebirds- 

They arrive near WY’s apartment and say (reluctant)  goodbye to each other .. KJ says “Just go~ you don’t wanna separate with me, eh?”…while holding WY’s hands (WY: “LET GO OFF MY HANDS THEN” HAHA). He plays deaf and hugs her, “OK OK let’s stay together” 😂 WY shyly pushes him away. KJ says, “Why..? It’s a FRY hug”……WY corrects him,saying it’s FREE, not FRY and showing him the dictionary definition on her phone 😂😂😂 KJ takes advantage of their close proximity (as usual, in his eyes she becomes extremely pretty ahaha) and kisses her cheek. WY is instantly flustered..while KJ blushes and apologizes, saying he doesn’t intend to 😂😂😂 He then offers WY to hit him for his insolence. But WY says she won’t hit him. So he asks, “You aren’t angry?” WY replies that she isn’t, she’s just surprised. KJ happily says that he also feels the same way..then puts her hand on his chest, “HEAR IT?” …but suddenly they get interrupted by Wooding who calls out, “NOONA?!!” with a stern look -End of Chapter-


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