Spirit Fingers Chapter 89

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Kijeong covers his split-pants with his jacket. Wooyeon asks if he’s OK and he said it’s OK cuz his underwear is cute (wooyeon is like “THAT’S NOT THE POINT” 😂). WY asks why he’s suddenly doing that and he said it’s because “boyfie” (that’s how he calls himself 😂) notices gurlfriend’s long-face and wants to make her laugh #aww. WY is touched and thanks him. KJ suddenly says that mother-in-law would be an obstacle when they want to get married, but assures WY that she doesn’t need to worry cuz “this oppa” (self-proclaimed again 😂) will take care of that. WY was shocked that he suddenly mentions marriage lol. KJ is going all serious, “Why not?! There’s no other woman in my life besides you”…then asks her “you don’t want?u wanna marry me or not??hmmmm???” WY is flustered and luckily they got called by other SF members and she runs away from him 😂😂😂 At dinner, WY notices KJ hasn’t talked at all since then, wondering if he’s hurt/mad because she didn’t answer his question. She intends to feed him shrimp to make amends but suddenly he slips his hand to hers. She is flustered and takes off her hand, then runs away to toilet (and goes “omgomgomg asddffjjkkl” inside the toilet 😂😂😂). KJ waits for her in front of the toilet and shush her when she’s abt to ask why he’s there. On the other hands, the other members are wondering why these two take so long at the toilet. Then realize that those two have run away LOL. They’re at a crowded area where some ppl are dancing and singing. WY goes “omg so cool”, prompting KJ to suddenly dance and sing ((to earn some praises as well 😂😂😂)). Meanwhile, WY mom accidentally sees YeomSe and Mirae strolling and overhears them talking abt WY dating #OHNO 😨 Back to both of them, WY is all 😍😍😍 to dancing KJ haha. He further asks “when else u find me cool” 😂 WY mentions that time he wore hanbok and that time he kindly convinced a grandma to be SF model. KJ is like “Oohh from that time u like me? Sorry cuz this oppa didn’t realize it that time” 😂 -c-


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