Spirit Fingers Chapter 88

#spiritfingers #webtoon #스피릿핑거스 #웹툰 #chapter88 #ifyoudontwannabespoiled #dontscrolldown #dontopentheREADMORE

This chapter is so long..me likey 😂 The theme this week is fairy tale (Black Finger’s costume is ODIL..not Odette tho haha). Kijeong forgets to bring his costume (“I ALREADY PREPARED ALL THO T.T”) and is so dejected. But all sadness gone after Wooyeon says “It’s OK. You’re still the coolest” to which he replies “Really? I’m the coolest, sexiest, best boyfriend EVER you said??!” While Wooyeon is like “I didn’t even say to that extent” 😂😂😂 Anyway both Kijeong and Wooyeon can’t even draw properly for 1 minute session. Wooyeon is busy staring at him and Kijeong is busy doing name-matchmaking (one of them remarks “I’ve never done that since I was in primary school” lol).. They are teased mercilessly by the others haha. The drawing sessions continue happily. When it’s Kijeong’s turn,  Wooyeon moans that her drawing is horrible. Blue hears that and consoles her. They talk animatedly and Kijeong is jealous.. He cries “OMG IT HURTTSSS”, so Wooyeon runs to him worriedly and massages the parts he pointed at. When Kijeong points his lips, his nuna butts in and pulls it out, chiding him not to play around HAHAHAA (Wooyeon also scolds him after). Next is Black Finger’s session. She admits she learnt ballet before. Wooyeon replies that her mom also used to practice it. The members then asks whether Wooyeon also practiced it. She says no..and remarks she doesn’t resemble mom at all. The convo continues around resemblance with each parent, but Wooyeon thinks sadly that she doesn’t find herself resemble either parent.. “If I at least resemble mom, I’d be pretty” #aww. Kijeong notices her expression and tries to lighten up the situation, ending up with his pants torn apart HAHAHAH. Meanwhile, Wooyeon’s mom is seen staring at some ballerina kids longingly… -End-


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