Spirit Fingers Chapter 82

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Chapter opens with a furious MR, “What? No contact? After a back hug?? What’s this? A dine and dash? Or hit and run?!” 😂😂😂 SR confirms it calmly to WY, “Really? He says nothing?” WY recalls that while she was tending his hand, he seems to be wanting to say something but keeps canceling it. MR decides to call DW and asks him to pass the phone to KJ. WY tries to stop MR. But when MR says, “What? Sick? Don’t lie!”, WY instantly grabs the phone and yells, “REALLY? VERY HURT?? TO WHAT EXTENT??!!” 😂😂😂 DW says he’s not that hurting and says he’ll ask KJ to call if he wakes up later. He hangs up and sighs in relief. TS notes that DW lies haha. DW defends himself cuz he doesn’t know what else to say. KJ doesn’t even come to school and pick up his calls. He also notices that WY seems to be on the edge since the police office, “she’s not her old-self” 😂 He then wonders where the hell is KJ, complaining KJ only cares about dating stuffs now. TS says that if sincerity is involved, it’s always scary, “One-sided run only involves you running by yourself. But dating isn’t like that. That kid..maybe this moment is the most sincere/serious time in his life.” DW confuses, “then when he liked her before, it wasn’t sincere?” TS answers that it was also sincere..which confused DW and SJ. But TS just leaves and says kids like them won’t get it LOL.



Scene shifts to a pair of elderly coming to waterfall…only to find KJ is meditating right under it 😂😂😂 He recalls his convo with YR in front of the police station. YR asked him to let her going in alone. KJ didn’t believe her. But she said she wouldn’t appear in front of him again and would stop modelling. She started leaving, but saying her last piece, “But even if I didn’t do this, another woman like me will eventually appear. Can that kid (aka WY) overcome it?” KJ gritted his teeth at the memory, then screams out loud (scaring the crows HAHA).


Next, we see MR receives a call from WY inside a studio. She apologizes for not being able to accompany WY, cuz “This is LegendSul’s first broadcast” 😂 WY says it’s ok. She’s apparently going to find KJ. She’s looking around to find the house and accidentally meet TS (who calls her “Sister in law”😂). WY awkwardly asks him, “H.E.L.L.O I H.E.A.R.D K.I.J.E.O.N.G.I.E I.S S.I.C.K. I.S H.E H.O.M.E?”😂 TS says he is home but his condition is a bit… WY then asks him to just deliver what she brings: meds for bruise, meds for flu, meds for headache, meds if he can’t poop 😂😂😂 TS is taken aback, noticing that DW was right (WY isn’t the old WY). He then ensures her that he’ll deliver it and teases her, “Do you know what going inside a man’s house means?” WY blushes and says she doesn’t think like that at all..FOR REAL 😂 TS laughs and excuses himself. WY suddenly stops him to ask whether he likes MR, since he texts her back and receives her calls despite having a gf. TS says it’s all fan service. WY replies, “Wow YeomSe is correct. YOU’RE A PLAYER.”…stabs right at TS’ heart 😂 She says him being player is his problem, but he warns him not to play with MR’s feeling. TS curtsey and says he won’t. WY says goodbye, “Sorry for saying such things. I’m going now. Please take care of my Kijeongie.”


WY walks away and suddenly feels shy, saying to herself that she decided to come by herself cuz she was soooo worried. Thinking whether KJ’s friend will think she’s weird lol. She regrets she doesn’t get to meet him though, “I wanna see his face even just a while…” She then has this imagination of her and KJ (her: Kijeong-ah, I hv to go now | KJ: *holds her hand* nooo.. Don’t go)…and flailing by herself, “Ah he’s so cute even if I just imagine it” 😂😂😂 She scolds herself for having such imagination, but she imagines the next one right away: a parody of ‘Moonlight Drawn By the Cloud with her as Ra On/Sang Nom and KJ as Crown Prince 😂😂😂😂😂😂 She stops herself and starts to leave when someone suddenly calls her. It’s a very handsome and fit looking ahjussi.

-End of Chapter-


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