Spirit Fingers Chapter 81

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They are finally released by the police. DW looks around for KJ, noting that it’s weird he is so silent…cuz DW definitely told KJ about the police thingy and KJ says he’s coming. MR asks WY if KJ calls her. WY shakes her head. MR then sees SR and her family and raises her hand to greet the Prosecutor. But she’s interrupted by Prosecutor Yeom’s yell. He scolds SR for causing such ruckus and get tangled with police. SR’s mom yells back, asking the father not to blame SR. SR’s father tells to stay out of it, since she’s never present in SR’s life anyway so she knows nothing. Mom then advises SR not to repeat this again since next year she’ll be in 3rd grade and needs to study hard. SR laughs, saying she’s surprised that mum even knows she’ll be in 3rd grade since mum usually doesn’t have any interest in her, “I don’t think you’ll know.” Father scolds her for saying such things to her mother. SR starts ranting scathingly, “I also know that I made a mistake.”..she mentions how useless is the advice/scolding given by Prosecutor-nim (aka his father)-who-went-on-vacation-with-his-lover-but-using-business-trip-as-his-excuse in current situation. “Understand well? Where else you can get a kid who understand without you saying anything? Even without mom and dad who cares and pushes me, I’ve ranked 1 continuously without fail. What’s more I need to understand?” She then turns her back from her parents and runs. Her friends (and DW)  look at her with concern.


Next scene shows us four of them looking at exorbitantly priced menu at a restaurant. SR laughs out loud, saying that they should order the most expensive food with her father’s credit card 😂😂😂😂😂 SR covers her face with the menu book and reads it out..then suddenly her voice starts to break down. She cries and her bffs hug her, “I will never ever get married.” DW cries silently, “Nooo Sera-ya..you should get married” 😂


WY walks home, reflecting about what happens that day. “18 years of my life..many things I don’t know. Yerim, whom I thought was an angel, was wearing a mask. I don’t know that Sera who seems like an adult can cry like a kid. And then…” She recalls what DW says about KJ coming to police. She wonders where he is now cuz he doesn’t even pick her calls. “and then…without knowing..every time I face difficulties, KJ seems to appear [*flashback* he told her that if she didn’t do something wrong, no need to be afraid]… When I encountered the iljins [*flashback* when he hugs her out of worry after the iljins broke her glasses]… When I had a hard time because of mum [*flashback* when he waited for her in sleeping bag lol]… Do I take it for granted cuz I think it was a given?” She looks back, but no one is there. When she continues walking, KJ appears. Luckily WY sees him and chases after him, asking why he didn’t pick up her calls and where has he been, “I’m worr..” Then she notices his bruised hand. She grabs it and instantly fussed over it, “what’s with your hand? Where did you hurt it? Let’s go to hospital!” KJ takes his hand out of her grab. He is angry, “Are you stupid? Who’s worrying about whom? Aren’t you angry with me? It all happens because of me, right?!” He covers his face and sighs, saying he continuously likes her without being aware she’s been disturbed. WY says he’s done nothing wrong and she’s not hurt anyway. KJ replies, “But your heart hurts, doesn’t it?” WY is taken aback. WY persuades him to let her taking a look at his bruised hand. KJ uncovers his face, cutely trying to look tough (WY sees that and thinks he’s very cute lol). She tells him that her heart hurts, but all is well now because KJ comes, “Really. More than that..seeing your hand now, my heart hurts more ㅠㅠㅠ.”, She guides him to find the nearest pharmacy, “You don’t like seeing me hurt, right? So now let’s go to hospital. OK, Kijeong-ah?” While she looks around, suddenly KJ pulls her into a back hug, apologizing to her several times. She is taken aback at first, but in the end, she ruffles his hair and says, “Don’t cry, stupid” (KJ’s ear turns red 😂)

WY: Uhm..if you’re done crying, lemme go

KJ: *hugs even tighter*


-End of Chapter-


2 thoughts on “Spirit Fingers Chapter 81

  1. ifit says:

    Baebluuueeee so sweet. Melihat tanganmu luka buat hatiku lebih sakit. Ciyee ciye perhatian bgt. Tau artinya ternyata lebih baper ya. Pdhl liat naver jga udh dagdigdug seret liatnya. Trnyataaa baeblue bisa ngmng romantis jga

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