Spirit Fingers Chapter 80

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KJ picks every kind of flowers. The seller asks if they’re for his girlfriend. KJ repeatedly says yes, excitedly 😂😂😂 The elderly seller says “then I’ll wrap it up prettily.” After it’s done, KJ runs while thanking the seller, calling her “noona” lol. He then recalls what the pharmacist told him earlier, “What is needed by that friend is love. I don’t know whom she is, but she seems to like you lots.” With his exaggerated imagination, the line is changed to “She must be reallyyy loving you. Surely she’s loving you like crazy..” lolol. KJ repeats this line while prancing around in delight.”Frigging like me~ Whoops my baeblue tells me not to swear.. Don’t swear, idiot,” he even talks to himself 😂😂😂 Just then, he sees Baeblue hurriedly gets on a taxi. He’s waving at her, “Baeblue! Mine! Pretty!!” But WY doesn’t even notice him…he wonders where is she hurriedly going and feels something is wrong. Just then, he receives a call from DW. Hearing the news from DW, he accidentally drops the flower bucket in shock. 

Back to KJ stopping YR who tries to run away. YR denies she’s running away, saying she’s just on her way home. KJ doesn’t buy it, saying that her friends are in the police office now. YR still plays dumb…then KJ’s fist lands just beside her face. 

At the police office, MR shivers after hearing what YR did (purposely asked ppl to bully WY then acted kind by helping her). SR asks, “She’s even going to club meeting today? Did Nam💩 do nothing?” WY recalls that KJ did warn her, but she didn’t believe him. WY trembles, apologizing to KJ in her mind. 

KJ hits the wall just beside YR’s face and angrily asks her to confess. Finally YR admits they’re her friends who bullied WY, “because of you, oppa! You used to hv no interest in women.. That’s why I’m about to give up.. But why suddenly, with such ordinary girl..” KJ loses his temper, menacingly asks her, “Do you know why I dislike people like you? Because you use people’s sincerity… You used DW’s sincere feeling toward you. You used Baeblue’s thankful feeling toward you. Is it fun?! People’s feelings aren’t meant to be played around like trash, you idiot.” YR still feels no remorse. She tells KJ that her feeling toward KJ is also sincere..if KJ is angry about WY, then she’ll apologize. KJ tells her to apologize to WY instead, begs for her forgiveness. YR doesn’t need to apologize to KJ cuz he’s thankful that because of YR, he’s found a reason to be with WY for all his life, “You just made a reason for me to be on her side forever. Thanks, Yerim-ah.” YR is dumbfounded. 

At the police office, the triplets are being picked up by their guardian, but MR says they can’t go yet. The guardian even tries to hit DW…MR and SR try to stop him.. Then SR’s parents suddenly make an entrance. SR’s Dad introduce himself as a prosecutor to the police..while SR’s mom fusses over SR. The iljins are shocked knowing the prosecutor does exist. MR smirks, signaling “You’ll all die” to them 😂😂😂 The guardian tries to run away, admitting that he’s not actually their oppa..but the ppl there try to stop him. At that time, YR enters the station.  The iljins instantly point fingers at her. WY asks YR if everything she heard from the triplets is true and she wants to hear the answer directly from her (Triplet+MR: “WHY U EVEN ASK HER, STUPID” 😂😂😂). YR smirks, “If you know everything why still ask? Until the end you pretend to be kind. How annoying.” MR wanna hit YR for her remark to WY…but WY manages to land a slap first on YR 👊👊👊 WY says it’s for KJ who couldn’t touch women no matter how mad he is (MR squeals in delight, while others are shook lol). WY then tells YR, “I’m not as kind as you think. When you asked me earlier whether I like KJ, I did think how good it is if you’re a bad person. If you never asked me, probably I would never know the answer till the end. Thanks, Yerim-ah.” YR’s eyes widen, cuz WY echoes what KJ told her earlier. It’s like she’s being trapped in a wall where KJ and WY tell each other how thankful each of them feel 😂😂😂 

[EPILOGUE]  Turtle-Wooyeon start to stand, ready to walk/run faster toward Rabbit-Kijeong. 

-End of Chapter-


6 thoughts on “Spirit Fingers Chapter 80

  1. raimuccia says:

    Thank you soooo much, you made my day! 🙂 I was a bit down and reading this made me happy! I really like this story 🙂
    Hope you will post also the next chapters too~

  2. raimuccia says:

    Sorry for the double comment but I just noticed that you have already posted the next chapters but that they are all looked. Would it be possible to have the password? I have been following this weebtoon for some time now and I really like it! ❤ ❤ ❤ They are so cute!! *o* I have already read eveything you posted up to this chapter and I would love to know how the story continue… but I do not know how it works for the password…

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