Spirit Fingers Chapter 79

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At the pharmacy, KJ asks the pharmacist about WY’s symptoms, “she said she isn’t sick..but her face is red and feverish.” The pharmacist correctly guesses that his friend must be a girl, “If that’s the case, then she doesn’t need medicines. What she red is…” 

At the SF meeting, WY reels in the information was just given by MR. She thinks that YR might not be helping her by chance. She’s about to ask YR about that, but she gets interrupted by YR’s speech about her being thankful to WY about KJ bla bla bla 😪. Anyway, WY decides to trust YR for now… 

At the police office, MR thinks that Ahn Yerim sounds familiar..and asks Daewoo if she’s someone he knows. DW laughs awkwardly, denying that he doesn’t know her nor the triplets cuz they all look so similar. DW is in distress, knowing that the iljins must be YR’s friends…and how mad KJ would be if he finds out. MR notices that DW is trembling hard and asks him what’s wrong haha. 

At SF meeting, the members ask why WY suddenly goes in hurry. YR tells them that her friends get into some troubles. Green fumes, wondering if it has anything to do with the triplet iljins they encountered before. Black nonchalantly takes out a voodoo doll from her bag, telling Green not to worry cuz she brings that doll every day. YR starts to shiver from here on lol. She tells the members how she was bullied in middle school (while the boys are admiring the seemingly-authentic doll)…she then says she remembers those bullies’ faces so clearly, what they did to her..how she forgave them but her heart wasn’t at ease..”those kind of ppl..with the power of universe..BE MISERABLE!! BE MISERABLE!! *hammers the nails on the voodoo doll” 😂😂😂 The members are shocked. A hand holds Black’s hand, asking her to stop. It’s Khaki’s hand. He tells her it’s dangerous. The members sigh in relief…until Khaki himself starts hammering the doll on behalf of Black 😂😂😂 The members frantically tries to stop him, while Black reels in the fact that Khaki just speaks informally to her. YR feels that somehow her chest starts hurting lolol. Then she realizes her phone has been ringing and she’s shocked seeing the caller. 

At the police office, the triplets beg the police ahjussi to let them go, blaming DW as the culprit. SR and MR defend DW. DW cries, saying he did no wrong and he’s got no strength lol. MR then scares the iljins, “you’re all done when Prosecutor Yeom arrives!!” The iljins thinks that MR is just bluffing and the prosecutor doesn’t exist. MR silently asks YR if her father will really come lol. SR assures her that he would. At that time, WY arrives at the office. The girls squeal in delight. One of the iljins angrily tells WY that the first time they met and vandalize WY’s face was just for a joke..then it should’ve ended when they met the unnis…admitted that the third time was just because YR ordered them to. MR is like, “they’re at it again.”..SR shuts MR’s mouth while WY asks the iljins sternly, “In details. Tell me everything since the beginning.” 

Meanwhile, YR hides and observes the situation in the police office. She receives a text from one of the iljins that everything is revealed and it’s better for YR to come to the office. YR grumbles about how idiot the iljins are. She’s about to walk away..until a voice stops her, “Hey. Are you running away?” It’s KJ. 

-End of Chapter-


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