Spirit Fingers Chapter 78

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This chapter starts with WY’s imaginary world where her dolls ask her, “do you like me?” She only answers with, “I don’t know.. I like you all.” Then the dolls bombarded her with questions, “Do you dislike me? You must hv disliked me. I wanna die.” She replies “No, I don’t dislike anyone.” She narrates that she’s been like this since she was a kid. She doesn’t like anything in particular nor paying attention to trends…she also doesn’t dislike anything obstinately. Though after meeting SF, she’s sure on what she likes, she still doesn’t find something she particularly dislikes. Seeing her drawing of YR and KJ, she thinks to herself, “I dislike this.”

WY washes her face in the sink, thinking what to do, she brought YR here but she’s now upset because of it. She feels bad about that. She then talks to herself, “Get yourself together, Song Wooyeon! This is croquis meeting, so should work hard on it. Just after she exits the toilet, KJ blocks her way and flicks her forehead. KJ scolds her for acting stony, as if she’s OK. WY is like, “what are you talking about?” KJ goes straight to the point, “do you really feel N. O. T. H. I. N. G seeing the man you like doing couple pose with another woman? Should I just date her right away? So that time you finally feel disappointed?!” WY blushes, she thinks why she becomes like this..and he’s too close 😂 She tries to run away, but he catches her face, “Why is your face so red? Where are you hurting? You’re sweating bullets too!!” He touches his own forehead as comparison, “Woah it’s hot…is it because I flicked your forehead earlier?!” Then he pulls her up bridal style, fussing over bringing her to the hospital. WY blushes even harder lol, “I’m not sick, stupid!!” KJ asks her, “then why?! I’m worried!!” He then touches her head. WY’s heart starts beating hard. She blushes, “I..I also don’t know..” He puts his puppy face, “is it because my bad temper? I’ll handle it, OK? Don’t be sick.” She thinks, “I’m going crazy..why suddenly he looks so cute ㅠ Like a puppy.. Be still, heart. Be still.. I don’t know why is it like this..” She calls him, “Kijeong-ah.. I..” KJ blushes, he thinks “omg she calls my name” (she never calls him his name lol).. But they’re interrupted by YR the b***h 👿👿👿 

YR 🐍 calls WY, telling her that Blue is looking for her. WY readily runs away, thanking YR and leaving KJ. KJ then warns YR not to come again, he only lets her this once. YR smirks, asking does she really bother him. She then lies that she doesn’t come here for KJ, but for WY. Then taunts him by saying that WY doesn’t seem to hv any interest in him..that she seems to like Blue. KJ shoots her a warning look. She ends her provocation by saying that KJ should just admit it. 

Meanwhile, DW is practicing his confession to SR, completed with a decent suit and flower (he says he’s been waiting for her there for 3 hours lol). He then realizes there are ppl fighting nearby. It’s SR! He instantly tries to play hero…but he gets into the wrong fight. It’s actually MR who’s fighting the iljin, not SR lol. SR tries to put them away from each other. Unfortunately, DW gets hit accidentally…that makes MR angrier. 

Back to SF meeting. The members talk about weird meeting between KJ, YR, and WY..it’s basically like: KJ saved YR from gangster, then YR saved WY from iljins. Green then goes on talking about KJ who resembles her, also mentions that KJ never dates anyone (Pink mentions he’s like a little kid). WY thinks to herself, “isn’t KJ used to date YR?” YR tries to distract WY by offering shrimps. WY thinks that it might be a secret he kept from Green. Brown then notices KJ isn’t with them. Blue tells him that KJ went to the pharmacy. WY wonders if he’s that sick…then she excuses herself to receive a call from MR. MR tells her that she’s currently in police office, but tell WY not to worry. She then mentions that triplet iljins insist that they did no wrong, cuz they only did what their leader asked. MR says, “That leader is called Ahn Yerim.” WY’s eyes widen in surprise, at the same time, YR suddenly appears to ask her what she’s doing. 

-End of chapter-


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