Spirit Fingers Chapter 77

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KJ instantly lashes out at YR, asking why she’s here and whether DW tells her his whereabouts again. WY defends YR, saying that she’s her guest today and comes by her invitation. KJ is dumbfounded and asks how and why she knows YR. WY tells him that it was by chance and she helped her. KJ looks totally unconvinced with their meeting being “by chance”. She invites YR to go inside with her, but KJ forbids her, asking her to talk to him first. KJ tells her that YR isn’t the type who meets someone accidentally, let alone helping them. WY says she knows that YR used to be iljin, but she’s changed now. KJ frustratedly says it isn’t like that…and tells her that YR likes him so she comes to find him. She coolly says she knows, to KJ’s surprise. KJ asks and holds her hand, “You know? And you don’t mind?” WY coolly says she doesn’t. KJ lets go off her hand, “Fine then.” 

At the meeting, the members find out three of them know each other. They laugh, saying how small the world is. The session starts and Blue asks Baeblue to do the announcement. Baeblue does it confidently, announcing that the guests should also pick a color. The members praise her and Blue touches her shoulder to congratulate her. KJ eyes it with so much jealousy, “DON’T TOUCH HER SHE’S MINE”😂😂😂 KJ then pretends to be friendly with YR (to make WY jealous), advising her to choose Hot Pink as her color. YR agrees ((though she seems to wonder why KJ is suddenly so friendly lol))..while Pink’s friend chooses Beige. Green starts the sessions by doing this weird greeting and says that someone who laughs will get punished. YR wonders if she’ll really get punished and laughs. Green catches her and is about to punish her but KJ moves forward, saying that she’ll do the punishment on her behalf. WY looks shocked. 

MR meets SR at a convenience store. SR recounts what happened to MR about what happened that day (MR went to see LegendSul, waited for 4 hours only to see the back of his head lol). She asks MR, “Then why did you go?” MR defends herself, saying how would she know that she’s gonna see his back head only ahaha…and goes on spazzing about LegendSul. SR is like, “then you should be thankful your eyes don’t meet his, or else he’ll cut you off right away” MR is angry and says if she tells WY, she won’t be saying such things lol. SR is about to go, but MR clings on her, saying she wanna study together. Unknowingly, someone bumps into her bag. 

Back to SF meeting. The first session has finished and they compare the results excitedly. YR 🐍 is horrified at Pink’s drawing of her…thinking to herself if it’s truly a drawing club..cuz no one seems to draw well, except from Blue. Blue is currently talking to Baeblue about her drawing. Baeblue is using color as advised by Blue. He gives her advice on how to make it better. KJ watches their convo with his eyes on fire, “DON’T SMILE. SHE’S MINE” lmao. Then Green announces it’s time for couple pose. YR unashamedly asks KJ to do it with her. KJ stares at WY, measuring her face, then says yes. WY gulps hard. 

Back to MR. Her chocobar fell out of her bag. The person bumps into her is actually one of the triplet iljins. She doesn’t even apologize and calls MR annoying instead. MR smiles and greets them, “it’s nice to finally see you guys”. The iljins don’t recognize her at all. MR then punches them on behalf of WY. 

-End of Chapter-


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