Spirit Fingers Chapter 76

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They enter the room and greeted by mannequin-like Black. WY greets her, but she sits still. Next, zombie-Khaki is in action. They aren’t scared at first, but when he’s acting up, they scream. Brown(?) comes to their rescue. WY takes a deep breath and bumps into…a joker. They scream in terror. It’s Green cosplaying as Joker and Blue successfully photographs their scared faces 😂😂😂 The members then greet WY and YR..and ask them to hide cuz Pink is coming. WY says excitedly to YR, “isn’t it fun?” YR nods 🐍

The members successfully surprise Pink and her friend. They all talk excitedly about each other’s costume. Pink asks WY what’s her costume today…and she announces its CHUCKY 😁 While YR wears a ghost-bride costume. Ppl praise her being pretty and she thinks “well ofc” 🐍🐍😒😒 …but SF members feel like something is missing and put more makeup on her, so she ends up look scarier with bruises all over LOL. She isn’t happy about it 🐍 Pink’s friend asks them shyly to give her a make over cuz she doesn’t feel her outfit is inadequate. Blue successfully re-does her outfit and WY looks at him proudly. Next, they announce that KJ is on the way, so they should prepare to surprise him. Meanwhile, YR can’t take her eyes off of Green. In the beginning, she asks WY who is the one with green hair. WY tells her that it’s KJ’s noona. YR wonders if it’s the same person who beats her iljin friends. She then approaches Green, asking her to teach her about croquis 🐍🐍🐍

Meanwhile, WY goes to the toilet and ambushed by a vampire, who asks her, “Can I eat you?” 😂 WY stares at vampire-KJ flatly. KJ asks why she isn’t scared. She replies that she’s a chucky..and bit KJ’s hand  then chases KJ around 😂😂😂 They laugh happily after that. WY thanks KJ cuz he makes her laugh and breathe easily. He ruffles her hair, calling her too cute. She asks if he’s insulting her.. He replies that it’s a compliment..then shows her what’s an insult is. WY walks away, “You swear around again.” KJ chases after her, promises that he won’t do it again…”if oppa is not swearing again, what would you gimme?” but WY is still sulking 😂 At that point, YR 🐍 suddenly appears. WY is about to go stealthily..but KJ holds her in his arms while asking, “Ahn Yerim, why are you here?” menacingly. 

-End of Chapter-


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