Spirit Fingers Chapter 100Β 

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MR, SR, and WY walk together. WY cheerfully tells them about KJ. MR whines, “Ppl without boyfie live sorrowful life” (*rolls eyes*). SR retorts that she feels NO sorrow AT ALL πŸ˜‚ WY apologizes for talking too much about KJ. MR asks whether WY so blatantly shows that she likes KJ so much…then goes on lecturing her that in dating, push-and-pull is needed so the another party won’t be sick of the partner. SR scolds MR, telling her not to jinx WY’s r/s. MR retorts that she’s only worried. WY doesn’t hear any of it cuz she receives a text from KJ (they have an appointment to meet). She then excuses herself and promises to meet them at the cram school later on. MR is a bit disappointed. She excuses herself, citing that she’s got somewhere to go. SR offers to go together, but MR refuses “1St rank should go study.” SR wonders why she behaves like that.Β 


WY is running excitedly to KJ, “Kijeong-ah πŸ’œ” She trips herself, but luckily KJ catches her. He asks why she runs hurriedly like that. WY replies candidly that she’s too excited meeting him. KJ instantly blushes hard and turns away from her, thinking “That was dangerous.” WY does a double take. She thinks that something is off about him. She then tries to ask him about his day. He replies her shortly, without looking at her. His short answers worry her, “Look. Isn’t it strange? Kijeongie doesn’t look at my eyes and answers me shortly. Was MR right..he’s sick of me. I even ran to him like that..” KJ notes that she looks down, he asks what’s wrong. She replies truthfully that KJ doesn’t look so happy, despite them meeting without WD’s watching them. KJ instantly denies, telling her that he’s SO DELIGHTED and putting his arm around her shoulder, “I’m really delighted. Now let’s meet hyung-nim to get approval too.” WY wonders who’s that hyung-nim…when KJ realizes that his arm is around her shoulder and freaks out, “WHY DID I DO THAT REALLY!!” πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ He then diverts the convo back to hyung-nim aka WY’s oppa. WY says that he doesn’t need to mind her oppa, cuz he only studies and has no interest in her. KJ asks, “No interest? Do you fight with your oppa?” WY says it’s not that she’s fighting with him, she’s just never been close to him. She laughs awkwardly that she’s not really close with any of her family members…that her family’s relationship is like that..that maybe she’s the strange one. KJ says she’s not strange at all, but even if she’s strange it’s OK, “Just be close to me.” He then tells her not to be upset if there’s something like this or that with her family or friends, “Just think that if no one is close to you, it’s NOT your fault. Got it?” WY looks at him in wonder, “Why does he know my feeling so well? He normally looks so innocent, but this time it feels different.” She thinks he’s like a fairy godmother(?) in fairy tales who turns up when she’s in distress #aww (she imagines her as Cinderella and him as fairy, she asks him why did he treat her so well). She’s so into her imagination and doesn’t realize KJ is calling her, “Why r u staring at oppa like that?” πŸ˜‚ WY suddenly hugs him tightly, to his surprise. WY says that it seems that he’s going to disappear somewhere and hugs him even tighter. He thinks that she’s so cute, saying that he’s not going anywhere and asking her to let go. WY yells that she doesn’t want to (he blushes harder πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚). He then tells her it’s OK if she doesn’t wanna let go, cuz he likes this too LOLOL. WY suddenly realizes what she’s doing and lets go of him, blushing hard πŸ˜‚Β 


KJ arrives home. His three bffs are there, eating ramyun. He suddenly kisses DW on the cheek, freaking DW out LOLOL. KJ defends himself, “Cuz I’m so happy today.”


WY arrives home, thinking that KJ must be thinking she’s Β a pervert due to her hug “how will I face KJ now” LOLOL. She opens the door only to find Mum handing over garbage bag to her and asking her to throw it away. WY defiantly asks why it’s always her who’s doing such chores. WY’s mum replies that she just asks anyone to do so. WY asks, ‘Why it always happens to be ME?” WY’s mum is angry, asking what’s wrong with her lately..why she dares to talk back..she wasn’t like that before..what happens to her at school. WY replies that she did whatever mum told her because she was a coward and terrified of mum, but not anymore. She doesn’t even care if mum doesn’t like her, because she also doesn’t like mum for discriminating her. Mum is like, “FINE. I’m throwing it away myself.” Then WY’s oppa grabs the bag, saying he’ll do that instead cuz he’s going outside anyway. Mum instantly says that he doesn’t need to and that his hands will get dirty 😑😑😑 WY looks at that dejectedly. She narrates that she doesn’t have any reasons to be close to her oppa. In her room, she starts crying remembering what just happens. She starts smiling again when she reads the texts from KJ. He worriedly checks if she’s home safely, saying sorry cuz he couldn’t drop her off (he has part time job). He made a typo in his spelling, WY laughs at that “how many times I should tell him”πŸ˜‚ She notes that her tears has stopped, thanks to KJ. She narrates that she used to cry herself to sleep..but now she’s not afraid anymore, because for her, there’s a warm giant (aka KJ). She drifts to sleep peacefully (imagines that giant-Kijeong kisses her goodnight). KJ texts her, saying good night and “dream of me.”

-End of Chapter-


KJ is jealous of the giant version of him, despite WY’s assurance that it’s another version of him LOL.Β 


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